Unit 7 lớp 12 Writing - Bài viết Economic Reforms

Bài học Unit 7 Lớp 12 Economic Reforms phần Writing hướng dẫn các em viết báo cáo về sự tăng trưởng kinh tế dựa vào bảng biểu đã cho.


Tóm tắt bài


The table below presents the achievements the Government and the people of Tango have gained in some branches of the economy after two decades of their economic reform. Read the information in the table and do the tasks that follow.

(Bảng dưới đây trình bày thành tựu mà Chính phủ và người dân của đảo Tango đã thu được trong một số lĩnh vực kinh tế sau 2 thập kỷ thực hiện chính sách cải cách kinh tế. Hãy xem thông tin trong bảng và làm bài tập.)

  Before 1980 1980 1990 2000

Agriculture (Nông nghiệp)

-0.5% 3.5% 4.5% 5.4%
Fishery (Thủy sản) -0.4% 3.2% 4.0% 5.0%
Forestry (Lâm nghiệp) -0.2% 2.7% 3.5% 4.5%
Industry (Công nghiệp) -0.6% 2.3% 3.4% 4.5%
Construction (Xây dựng) -0.3% 4.5% 5.3% 6.4%
Export (Xuất khẩu) 0% 3.0% 4.1% 5.3%

1. Unit 7 Lớp 12 Writing Task 1

Answer the following questions

(Trả lời những câu hỏi dưới đây)

1. What was the economic situation in Tango before 1980? (Tình hình kinh tế ở đảo Tango trước năm 1980 ra sao?)

2. What can you say about the economic situation in Tango from 1980 to 2000? (Em có nhận xét gì về tình hình kinh tế ở Tango từ năm 1980 đến năm 2000?)

3. What do you think the Government and the people of Tango have done to achieve these adults? (Em nghĩ Chính phủ và người dân Tango đã làm gì để đạt đươc những kết quả này?)

Guide to answer

1. It was completely under-developed and stagnant. All aspects of the economy was in ruins.

2. It is said that the economic situation in Tango has increasing steadily in every aspect, specially in export, from zero percent in 1980 mounting to 5.3 percent in 2000.

3. It was certain that the Government and Tango's people carried out economic reforms radically.

2. Unit 7 Lớp 12 Writing Task 2

Based on the information given in the table, write a report of 150 words on the economic development of Tango. Your report should include details such as. (Dựa vào thông tin trong bảng, hãy viết báo cáo khoảng 150 từ về sự phát triển kinh tế của Tango. Bản báo cáo nên có những chi tiết sau:)

(i). the economic situation of Tango before 1980

(ii). the measures taken by the Government and the people of Tango to overcome the problems

(iii). the achievements (as presented in the table) they have made as a result of the reform

Guide to answer

Before 1980, it is said the economy of Tango had been in ruins in most areas. Especially people can see no activities of export in the country.In face of this under­developed situation, the Tango Government initiated an overall economic reform policies in the country. In agriculture, ihey iniroduced new and advanced farming techniques, facilities and equipment as well as new seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

In fishery, they improved the new advanced methods of fishing and aquaculture. At the same time, they promoted the export of seafoods.

In forestry, the government encouraged people to plant more forests and woods and conserve them as well.

In industry, they shifted economic priority from heavy indusưy lo economy of production and processing. And to speed this up and promote the export potentials, they opened trade relations with many other countries

By using these measures, the Government and the people of Tango gained great achievements in many areas of their economy. And their economy has steadily incresased since then.

Bài tập minh họa

Practical exercise

Fill in each blank with one approciate word from the box to complete the report.

 laws  agricultural  reforms  adoption  private  abolished  domestic  ownership
  • adoption: sự thông qua
  • abolished: hủy bỏ
  • ownership: quyền sở hữu

The agricultural (1) _______ in Vietnam is one of the redeeming features of the economic reforms. In the year 1981, the government in Vietnam adopted the contracting system pertaining to products. This was followed by the (2)_______ of yet another contracting system pertaining to household. With the introduction of Land Law in the year 1993, all the faulty cooperatives were (3)_______. The farmers enjoyed title rights to the tillable land. They could also decide as to how their (4) _______ land could be best used. The Vietnamese government focussed on research and development in the agricultural sector. (5)________ investment as well as foreign investment has been instrumental in bringing about Vietnam economic reform. The government supports the (6) ______ sector and to this effect the Civil Code has been executed to give recognition to individual (7) ______. Several ordinances as well as (8)_____ have been passed to encourage the same.


1. reforms

2. adoption

3. abolished

4. agricultural

5. domestic

6. private

7. ownership

8. laws

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Writing Unit 7 Lớp 12

Như vậy là các em đã xem qua bài giảng phần Writing Unit 7 Economic Reforms chương trình Tiếng Anh lớp 12 về Cải cách kinh tế. Để nâng cao kỹ năng viết mời các em tham gia thực hành Trắc nghiệm Unit 7 lớp 12 Writing.

  • Câu 1:

    Exercise 2: Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

    Vietnam's economy expanded this year (2007) at the fastest pace since 1996, led by manufacturing and services, after the country (6) _____ the World Trade Organization.

    Gross domestic product (GDP) increased 8.5 percent. Foreign direct (7) ____ jumped to more than $20 billion this year, from $12 billion in 2006. The government is quite (8) _____ to its economic reforms. Industry and construction account (9) _____ almost 42 percent of Vietnam's GDP. Manufacturing grew 12.8 percent, construction increased 12 percent, and the hotel and restaurant (10) _____ expanded 12.7 percent, according to today's release.

    Going forward, Vietnam has a lot of (11) _____ for tourism, which expects Vietnam's economy to expand 8.5 percent in 2008. Vietnam's January (12) _____ to the World Trade Organization released it (13) _____, U.S. quotas on textile exports and detailed market access to be given to overseas companies, helping economic (14) _____. The government is targeting economic expansion of about 9 percent next year. Vietnam is an economy with much development potential and (15) _____ attractive destination for international investors.

    • A. struggled
    • B. organized
    • C. held
    • D. joined
  • Câu 2:

    • A. invest
    • B. investment
    • C. investable
    • D. investor
  • Câu 3:

    • A. committed
    • B. called
    • C. excited
    • D. encouraged

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