Unit 7 lớp 12 Speaking - Hội thoại Economic Reforms

Bài học Unit 7 Lớp 12 Economic Reforms phần Speaking hướng dẫn các em nói về dự đoán về sự thay đổi của đất nước khi Đổi Mới.


Tóm tắt bài

1. Unit 7 Lớp 12 Speaking Task 1

Study the pictures and answer the following questions.

(Nghiên cứu các hình và trả lời các câu hỏi sau)

  1. What does each pair of pictures tell you? (Mỗi cặp tranh cho biết điều gì?)
  2. What changes can you see in each pair of pictures? (Em có thể thấy những thay đổi nào trong mỗi cặp tranh?)
  3. What do you think people have done to achieve these changes? (Em nghĩ người ta đã làm gì để đạt được những thay đổi đó?)

Guide to answer

We have two pairs of pictures.

  • The pair of upper pictures tells us about education : two different schools.
    • the one before Doi Moi: small and low thatched-roof houses, no playground.
    • and the one after Doi Moi: tall buildings with a large playground
  • The pair of lower pictures tells about industry or production: two factories.
    • The left picture : the one before Doi Moi shows ihe machines were old and bulky and there were a lot of workers. Much work was done by hand.
    • The right picture : the one after Doi Moi refers to a modern factory with modem machines and few workers because all products are made by assembly-line.
  • They must have taken some renovation measures to achieve these changes.

2. Unit 7 Lớp 12 Speaking Task 2

The country of Fantasia started its overall reforms in the early 1970s. The reform has brought about positive effects in many sectors of the economy, particularly in education, health care and agriculture.

Work in groups. Suggest what the Government and the people of Fantasia have done to improve their economy in these sectors. Use the cues below

(Nước Fantasia đã bắt đầu cuộc cải cách toàn diện vào đầu những năm 1970. Cuộc cải cách đã mang lại hiệu quả tích cực ở nhiều khu vực kinh tế, nhất là trong giáo dục, y tế và nông nghiệp. Làm việc theo nhóm. Đoán xem nhà nước và nhân dân Fantasia đã làm gì để cải cách kinh tế trong những khu vực này.)


  • curriculum and textbooks
  • more schools
  • teaching and learning methods

 Health care:

  • more hospitals
  • more highly qualified doctors
  • more medical equipment and facilities


  • appropriate policies to encourage farmers to work more efficiently
  • new and advantaged farming techniques
  • fercilisers, pesticides, insecticides


  • more equipment and facilities
  • teachers' salaries
  • more scholarships for poor and disadvantaged children


  • doctors' and nurses' salaries
  • sensitivity of doctors and nurses to their professional responsibilities
  • health insurance


  • more dykes and dams, irrigation and drainage systems
  • more advantaged farming facilities and equipment


Guide to answer

Dialogue 1

A. As we have seen, Fantasia has gained a lot of positive effects in its overall reforms since the early 1970.

B. Sure, particulary in education, health care and agriculture.

C. Well. Frist, what measure did it take to improve its education?

D. I think they certainly reformed the overall education system, from the curriculum, textbooks to methods of teaching and learning.

A. And the necessary facilities in education such as schools, teaching aids, etc ...

B. Oh, a more important factor is teachers’ salary: a noticeable pay raise.

C. What about health care? What have they done?

D. First they have built a lot of modem hospitals and moderrnized the old ones with modern equipment or facilities.

A. And the more important thing in the category is they have more highly qualified doctors and nurses.

B. And the sense of responsibility and moral conscience of doctors and nurses is always improved or encouraged

C. In addition, they introduced health insurance policy to help the poor.

A. I sec there are a lot of progress and improvements in agriculture, too.

B. Sure. The government has certainly carried out many renovations in farming techniques as well as introduceđ appropriate policies to encourage fanners to produce.

Dialogue 2:

Group 1: Education

S1: The government of Fantasia has changed the curriculum and textbooks.

S2: They also provided schools with more equipment and facilities.

S3: They build more schools and raised the teachers’ salaries.

S1: It is obvious that they……

Group 2: Health care

S1: Many hospitals have been built as well as the doctors’ and nurses’ salaries have been raised.

S2: Due to the government’s policy, many more highly qualified doctors have worked to improve the people’s health.

Group 3: Agriculture

S1: Fantasia has applied appropriate policy to encourage farmers to work more efficiently, and they have built more dykes and damps, irrigation and drainage systems.

S2: They’ve also applied new and advanced farming techniques, more facilities and equipment.

S3: They use fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides to protect their crops.

3. Unit 7 Lớp 12 Speaking Task 3

Report to the class on the measures the Government and the people of Fantasia have taken to develop their country in education, health care and agriculture.

(Hãy trình bày trước lớp về các biện pháp mà chính phủ và nhân dân Fantasia đã chọn để phát triển nền giáo dục, y tế và nông nghiệp của họ)

  • The Government and the people of Fantasia have taken the important measures to develop their country.
  • First, in education, the government have renovated the curriculum, textbooks and teaching and learning methods. At the same trime, they’ve replaced old and obsolete teaching aids, equipment and facilities. The most important thing seen in education is raising teachers’ teaching skills and the pay raise.
  • In health care, many hospitals have been built or modernized. Doctors and nurses are highly qualified. A remarkable reform is the introducing of health insurance policy to people, which has helped the poor to enjoy die progress of medicine.
  • In agriculture, the Government has carried out appropriate policies to encourage farmers to produce more effectively. They’ve obviously introduced new and modern farming techniques and equipment as well as advanced fanning facilities and fertilizers. They've also built dams and irrigation and drainage systems to help increase the outputs.

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