snow and rain .... of nature

bởi Trai Nam 05/06/2018

snow and rain .... of nature

A are phenimena     B is phenomena      C is phenomenon    D are phenomenon


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    giải thích

    bởi Trai Nam 03/06/2018 |   6 Trả lời

    điền từ vào chỗ trống thôi không cần giải thích 

    The County Council has decided to give a higher (31)........... to cycling and agreed a new strategy to guide the way ahead in East Sussex 

    Cycling is a (32)....., healthy and environmentally friendly form of transport . It is (33).......... to make it safer , more convenient , and to increase the proportion of journeys made  by bicycle. Cycling is being encouraged both for utility purposes ( such as journeys to work , school and the shops) and for recreation trips for exercise and enjoyment , including longer trips by tour . Recent cycle schemes carried  out in conjunction with District Councils and other bodies  (34)......the Brighton and Hove seafront route and the Cross Levels Ways  cycle route , in Eastbourne 

    Local people will be consulted as the strategy is implemented . The County council will work with local cycling and other groups , and a countrywide  Cycling Forum will be formed to (35)........ that all bodies concerned with cycling are in regular (36)......... The (37)....... of the Cycling strategy are given in a leaflet , and a copy of the  full strategy document can be seen in County Council Public Libraries   

    31  A advantage        B benefit     C priority    D income   

    32  A low-cost     B dangerous       C shortcut     D high-speed  

    33   A  written   B convinced   C spoken     D intended 

    34  A consist     B include    C improve   D participate 

    36   A basis    B touch    C contact     D account 

    37  A rights    B cyclists   C objectives     D vehicles 

  • Trai Nam

    my grandfather retired from work last month . He ..... for the same company for 40 years 

    A  was working 

    B had been working 

    C has worked 

    D had worked 

  • Trai Nam

    if some endangered species .... in zoos , it would help to ensure their future survival 

    A will be kept 

    B are kept 

    C had been kept

    D were kept 

  • Trai Nam

    hoa asked nam .....

    A where he had gone the night before  

    B where had he gone the night before 

    C where he went the night before 

    D where he went last night 

  • Trai Nam

    ....... in large quantities in the Middle East , oil became known as black gold because of the large profit it brought 

    A that when discovered 

    B discovered 

    C discovering 

    D which was discovered 

  • Trai Nam

    i saw him hiding something in a ........ bag

    A small plastic black 

    B black small plastic

    C plastic small black 

    D small black plastic 

  • Trai Nam

    let's go to the library,...?

    A shall we 

    B will we 

    C would we 

    D should we 

  • Trai Nam

    1. You'll probably come ... the  problems of culture shocks when you study abroad.

    A up with 

    B up to

    C down with 

    D up against 

    2. I would have visited you if there ..... quite a lot of people in your house

    A wouldn't be 

    B aren't 

    C weren't 

    D hadn't been

  • Trai Nam

    my teacher is one of the people..........

    A i admire him most 

    B that i admire him most 

    C i admire most 

    D who admireed me most 

  • Trai Nam

    most adjectives can be used to .... a noun 

    A advance   

    B occur 

    C precede 

    D stand