Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the other.

bởi Bo Bo 25/07/2018

Chọn từ đọc khác nhất

1.    A. teacher              B. scholarship       C. chair                  D. chess

2.   A. few                    B. dew                   C. new                   D. sew

3.   A. smart                 B. cart                    C. carry                  D. start

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  • Phong Vu

    Give the correct form of the the word in CAPITALS to complete each of the following sentences.

    1. There has been a ..................(CONSIDER) increase in high-rise buildings over the last five years.

    2. We really like the photo ................(EXHIBIT) in the school's 70th anniversary.

    3. Nowadays it is easy to get to the ......................(SUBURB) areas by tram.

    4. Our country became totally..............(DEPEND) in 1975 after decades of fighting for freedom.

    5. We have lived in an ...................(EXTENSION) family for over twenty years.

    6. The number of private cars on the roads has increased...............(DRAMATIC) since 2010.

    7. All of us were ..................(RELIEF) to hear that he had passed the driving test at the fourth attempt.

    8. In my opinion, a good doctor is always ................... (SYMPATHY) to his patients.

    9. We are proud that our country has become one of the world largest..............(EXPORT) rice.

    10. These are the most .............(COMFORT) shoes I have even worn. I like them very much.

  • Thùy Nguyễn

    By using the words in brackets, join each of the following sentences into logicalones. You may need to change some of the words

    1. A student has studied English for a few years. He may have a vocabulary ofthousands of words. (who)

    2. Between formal and colloquial English there is unmarked English. It is neither soliterary and serious as formal English, nor so casual and free as colloquial English.(which)

    3. He bought a jeep. His friend advised him against it. (although)

    4. Good writing requires general and abstract words as well as specific and concreteones. It is the latter that make writing vivid, real and clear. (though)

    5. It was raining hard. They could not work in the fields. (so ... that)

    6. The politician is concerned with successful elections. The statesman is interested inthe future of his people. (whereas)

    7. The results of the experiment were successful. The school refused to give any help.(although)

    8. He chose to study computer science. Computer science has good employmentprospects. (because of)

    9. Mary walked very slowly. She did not catch the train. (if)

    10. He is not coming. The meeting will be put off till next week. (in the event of)

  • Bin Nguyễn

    I.From each numver,pick out the work whose undeerlined part is pronounced

    1.A.continent B.depend C.send D.pretend

    2.A.says B.prays C.plays D.days

    3.A.climate B.pride C.quit D.primary

    4.A.may B.can C.stay D.say

    5.A.boxes B.washes D.goes

  • Tieu Dong

    Part 4: Fill in each of the sentences with correct prepositions.

    51. Hundreds of people died, but thousands were saved because scientists had warned them ______ the eruption.

    52. On Sunday, Ba invited Liz to join his family ________ a day trip to his home village.

    53. Students should aim to become more independent _________ their teachers.

    54. They were not surprised ________ the news because they had heard it from their parents.

    55. I overslept and was late for school because my alarm hadn’t gone __________.

  • Lê Nhi

    Initiative for founding the Red Cross came from the 19th-century Swiss philanthropist jean Henri Dunant. Appalled by the almost complete lack of care for wounded soldiers, (1).............devoted to the aid of the wounded in wartime. Five Swiss citizens formed a committee, (2)............. of the Red Cross (ICRC), and issued a call for an international conference, (3).............and was attended by delegates from 16 nations. Another conference was held in Geneva the following year, and official delegates of 12 nations signed the first Geneva Convention, laying down rules for the treatment of the wounded and for the protection of medical personnel and hospitals. It was also at this meeting (4)..............The principles enunciated in the first Geneva Convention were subsequently revised and amended at conferences held later. In 1977 (5)............. of 1949 to protect all non-combatants in all types of conflicts, international as well as domestic.

    A. that could help the needy and wounded in the battles

    B. he appealed to the leaders of nations to found societies

    C. which later became the International Committee

    D. additional protocols were added to the Geneva Conventions

    E. that the famous symbol of the movement, the white flag bearing a red cross, was adopted

    F. that the noble cause of the organization is known

    G. which was held in Geneva in October 1863

    H. which was signed by almost every representatives