Fill in each blank of the gaps in the passage below with one suitable word

family first festival well fairs have

lucky wishes cooked brightly love crowded

Tet is a national and family (1) _____. It was an occasion for every Vietnamese to (2) ______ a good time while thinking about the last year and the next year. At Tet, spring (3) _____ are organized; streets and public buildings are (4) _____ decorated and almost shops are (5) _____ with people shopping for Tet. At home, everything is tidied; special food is (6) _____ ; offerings of food, fresh water, flowers and betel are made on the (7) _____ altar with burning joss-sticks scenting the air. First-footing is made when the (8) _____ visitor comes, and children are (9) ______ to be given money wrapped in a red envelope. Tet is also a time for peace and (10) ______. During Tet, children often behave (11) _______ and friends, relative and neighbors give each other their best (12) _______ for the new year.

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  • VI. Fill in each blank of the gaps in the passage below with one suitable word

    family first festival well fairs have

    lucky wishes cooked brightly love crowded


    Tet is a national and family (1) _holiday____. It was an occasion for every Vietnamese to (2) _enjoy_____ a good time while thinking about the last year and the next year. At Tet, spring (3) __fairs___ are organized; streets and public buildings are (4) _brightly____ decorated and almost shops are (5) __crowded___ with people shopping for Tet. At home, everything is tidied; special food is (6) __prepared___ ; offerings of food, fresh water, flowers and betel are made on the (7) _family__ altar with burning joss-sticks scenting the air. First-footing is made when the (8) __visitor___ visitor comes, and children are (9) ____lucky__ to be given money wrapped in a red envelope. Tet is also a time for peace and (10) _love____. During Tet, children often behave (11) ___well____ and friends, relative and neighbors give each other their best (12) ____wishes___ for the new year.


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    A. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. (0.25m)

    1. a      b. received.    c. watched.      d. helped 

    B/ Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others. (0.25m)

    1. a. citizenship  .                   b. comfort  

    c. orphanage .                        d. experiment


    Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences.

    1. Bao spends his free time________volunteer work at local orphanage

    a. doing          b. do  .         c. to doing .       d. to do

    2. The sun ______ in the east and______ in the west

    a. goes/ sets                          b. moves/ goes      

    c. rises/ moves .                     d. rises/ sets

    3. Nam_______ draw that picture

    a. herself  .                             b. ourselves.

      c. himself                              d. themselves

    4. Hoa is the same age________Tim 

    a. as           b. like .           c. from            d. with

    5."May I help you?" ->_________________"

    a. What can I do for you?  b. Im afraid Im busy now

    c. How can I help you?      d. Yes. Thaf's very kind of you. here since

    6. They  ________here since 2011

    a. have worked

    7. Tim grew up in Spain, so his________is Spanish.

    a. mother tongue              b. first language 

    c. foreign language           d. A and B

    8. He is_________to ride his bike to school

    a. not enough old             b. enough not old

     c. not old enough            d. enough old

     9. Hoa has studied English__________two years

    a. in b. for c. since d. at

    10. I______play tennis a lot, but I don't play very often now.

    a. used to b. use to c. uses to d. am used to

    IV/ Supply the correct word form. (0,5m)

    1. My grandmother can read ________without glasses. (good)

    2. Youd better do some________ for the final exams. (revise)

    V/ READING (2.0ms)

    A/ Read the letter and choose the best word in the box to fill in the blanks (1.0m)

       (  resources / collect / community / participating )

                 Dear Linh,

                 I am glad to tell you that Im going to have interesting activities. The Y &Y is planning to help the (1)_______ I will participate in its recycling program, we will (2)_______glass, used paper and cans. Then we will send them for recycling.

    I hope I can save natural (3).______ and earn some money for my school Y & Y in these activities. I also think about (4)______ in either planting trees and flowers or helping street children. It is really interesting, isn't it?

    Write to me soon and tell all your news. Love,


    B/ Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions. (1.0m)

                      I have just received a letter from Nam, my elder bother. He is in Hanoi now. He has lived there for three years. My brother is an engineer, and now works for a big foreign company in Hanoi. My brother has already built more than twenty designs the company. He has become famous since his first model was designed. Up to now he has visited several countries in the world.

    1. How long has Nam lived in Hanoi?

    2. What does he do?

    3. What company does he work for?

    4. Has he become famous since his second model was designed?

    IV/Writing (1,5ms)

    A/ Rewrite these sentences, beginning with the word given.(0,5m)

    1. She said to me:"Can you speak more slowly?"

    =>      She asked me_____________

    2. Their mother said to them:"Don't make so much noise"

    =>      Their mother told them___________

    . B/ Complete the sentences based on the given cues. (1.0m)

    1. Nam/live/ here/ for 10 years.

    2. My grandmother/ used/ live/ farm/ when/she/ be/ young girl.

    3. We/ going/ clean/ the beach/ on the weekend.

    4. Bao/ not like/ play/ badminton,/ but/ he/ like/ do/ homework.

                                     THE END

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  • My mom went home late so I......to cook dinner myself

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  • Passive or Active

    1 . People do not use this road very often

    2 . We will grow a lot of trees in the parks

    3 . They are paining the living-room light blue

    4 . People have developed many different paper products

    5 . He asked us many difficult questions

    6 . They must widen the road soon

    7 . She advised me to reuse milk bottles

    8 . My sister cleans these rooms every day

    9 . Wastes from chemical factories have caused a lot of pollution

    10.When does he usually do his homework ?

    11.This tree was plated by my grandfather

    12.The rubbish has not been collected

    13.Is recycled papernbeing used ?

    14.Will a new school be built very soon?

    15.A lot of work is done every day

    16.Many trees are cut down to make paper

    17.Engish is considered the most iinternational language

    18.These doors should be shut before 5pm

    19.Many lakes and rivers have destroyed by pollution from factories

    20.I was given a beautiful glass on my birthday by Hung

    21.They made the fire in the traditionnal way

    22.You must collect four bottles of water

    23.How do people cook this kind of food ?

    24.The chidren are redecorating the living-room

    25.Have you tidied the kichen ?

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  • BT Chia động từ trong ngoặc:

    0.Come in,please.I(wait) for you long

    1.This time next week they(sit) in the train on their way to Paris

    2.I came late to class.When I (enter)the teacher (write)something on the blackboard

    3.There was nobody around.Pete (stand) where she(leave)him

    4.It (rain) hard.We can't do anything until it(stop)

    5.She(get)into her shoes,(put)on the coat and(go)to the door

    6.What tune they(play) when we(come)in

    7.I(think)about you a lot lately and I(come) to conclusion that I (not be) able to live without you

    8.Coming into his room he(find) that someone(break)into

    9.It always rain when they just(clean) the windows

    10.The last time I (see) him,he (wear) a black suit

    11.Last night we(watch)TV when the power(fail)

    12.We (be) in this class for 4 year next September

    13.When we came in,they(prepare)the meal for us

    14.There(be)many changes in our village in the past few year

    15.Think carefully.I'm sure you (remember)his name

    16.They(build) that bridge when I (be) there last year,they (not finish)it yet

    17.The noise from the train(wake) me up last night

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  • I. viết lạ câu :

    1. Lan said " I have to go to the school library now " . Lan ................................................................

    2. Getting to school by bus is not convenient . It ..............................................................

    3. Nobody told me Mary was ill. I.................................................................

    4. I was listening to music when you called me yesterday . What .....................................................

    5 . "Do you enjoy your English class,Nam ? '' . The teacher said ..............................................

    6 . You will be given new information before you live . We ..................................................

    7 . "The shop is closing in half an hour ''. The shopkeeper said ........................................................

    8. Traveling around the world is interresting . It is ...........................................................

    9 . The sun is much hotter than the moon . The moon is not ....................................................

    10 . I want you to help me with the housework . Can .........................................................

    11 . Could I smoke in here ? Do .....................................................

    12. She was so tired that she could not walk any further . She was too ...............................................................

    II. hoàn thanh câu dùng từ gợi ý

    a) He/ hurry / bus stop / order / not / late / school .

    b) I/ pick/ you / 8 pm / tonight ?

    c) I / want / you/ help / fix / computter.

    d) It / not difficult / keep / people / litter .

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  • Viết câu khác sao cho nghĩa ko đổi
    The city is too crowded for me to find him (so)
    các bạn giúp mik voi!!

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  • Arrange the adjectives in brackets in the correct order

    1.Mrs.Thanh has a (black/long/straight) hair. -> Mrs.Thanh has..........

    2.It is a ( wooden / round ) table -> It is......

    3.She is wearing a (green/new/beautiful) dress -> she is........

    4.What a ( sunny/lovely) day! -> .........

    5,My uncle lives in a( old/lovely/smaill) house. -> my uncle........

    6.That girl has ( blue/nice/big) eyes. -> that girl.....

    7.He gave me ( black /leather) gloves -> he

    8. My teacher has a ( round/pink/smaill) face -> my teacher......

    9 . It's a ( small/metal/black) box -> It's......

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  • 23. She asked me_____. A. if I am thirsty B. if I were thirsty C. if was I thirsty D. if was thirsty 24. If Mary doesn’t improve in math, we_____have to find a tutor for her . A. will B. can C. should D. would 25. “Put your book away”, said the teacher. A. The teacher said us put our book away. B. The teacher told us to put our books away. C. The teacher said to us put our books away.D. The teacher told to us to put our books away. 26. “Don’t stay up too late, my son”, he said. A. He told his son not to stay up too late.B. He said to his son not stay up to late. C. He told to his son not to stay up too late. D. He said his son not to stay up too late. 27. He wants to know ________ . A. whether I would come back from school the next day. B. whether I would come back from school tomorrow. C. whether I will come back from school the next day. D. whether I will come back from school tomorrow. 28. The journey to the village is very __________ . A. interested B. interesting C. disinterested D. interest 29. It is an ________day to me at the seaside with my friends. A. enjoyable B. enjoyment C. enjoyably D. enjoy 30. After a long walking, they feel tired and _________. A. hunger B. hungryly C. hungrily D. hungry 31. He is too busy _________ care of her. A. taking B. to take C. took D. taken 32. She ________ a famous singer some years ago. A. is used to be B. is used to being C. used to be D. used to being 10 11. 33. A computer can gather a lot of _________ for many different _________ . A. informations / purpose B. informations / purposes C. information / purposes D. information / purpose 34. The interviewer asked her __________ her name ________ . A. what / was B. if / was C. what / is D. if / is 35. The excited children were looking forward ___________ with the foreign teacher. A. to speak B. spoken C. to speaking D. for speaking 36. He can't earn money_________he has no job. A. unless B. until C. without D. if 37. Let's play video games, _________ ? A. shan't we B. do we C. shall we D. don't we 38. Mr. Pike sold his house, _________he? A. didn't B. could C. did D. couldn't 39. I haven't seen him for 3 years. I_________him 3 years ago. A. saw B. see C. will see D. have seen 40. I ask him_________ A. what name is he B. what his name is C. what is he name D. what is his name 41. I don’t like using the internet because it has some _____ A. benefits B. advantages C. limitations D. disadvantages 42. The ______tell us what is happening in our city, in our country and in the world A. communicationB. advertisements C. media D. forecasts 43. You should watch the news every day. It’s very _____ A. informative B. time-consuming C. costly D. boring 44. No one can ____the advantages of using the computers. They help us do our work quickly and efficiently A. refuse B. deny C. agree D. accept 45. Email can be sent and received at any hour of the day,_____? A. can they B. can’t it C. can it D. can’t they 46. The Kien Thuc Ngay Nay is _____ read by both teenagers and adults A. wide B. widely C. widen D. widing 47. T.V viewer are able _____ questions about the show A. ask B. to ask C. asking D. asked 48. Lan watched T.V lastnight , _____? A. doesn’t she B. did she C. didn’t she D. hasn’t she 49. Nobody does this , ________? A. do they B. does it C. doesn’t he D. don’t they 50. The Internet has _____developed and become a part of our life. A. increase B. increasing C. increasingly D. increased

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  • Put the words in brackets into the right form to complete the sentences.

    1. Some of my________ live in the country. (relate)

    2. Entertainment is difficult to find in the country, __________ in the evening. ( particular )

    3. Natural disasters can ________ destroy a harvest and leave the farmers with little or no money until the following year. ( easy )

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  • Each sentence below has a mistake. Find and correct them.

    1. What are you up at this weekend?
    2. I was wondering if you'd liked to go out for a meal tomorrow.
    3. Have you got any plans about tomorrow afternoon?
    4. I don't really fancy to go bowling.
    5. I'd be down for a barbecue on the beach.
    6. I'm frightened I can't meet you on Sunday.

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  • ''Is it very far from Ben Tre to Hanoi''

    -The tourists asked me

    ''Does it have the most beautiful cave in Vietnam''

    -Mr.Robinson asked Nam

    The boys made a fire by their camp

    -A fire

    Vietnam exports million tons of rice every year

    -Million tons of rice

    ''New pipes are very expensive''

    -He said

    They have just given the children some gifts

    -The children

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  • Ex1:

    1:Let's wait for them here .I;m sure that they will ...soon.

    A:turn off B:turn up C:turn down D:turn over

    2:I took someone else's coat from the restaurant by.....

    A:one's self B:mistake C:error D:hand

    3:He is in a much ....mood than usual.

    A:best B:better C:good D:well

    4:His father was working ...at this desk.

    A:industry B:industrual C:industrious D:industriously

    5:Last sunday was ...that we decided to go on a picnic.

    A:so beautiful a day B:such beautoful a day C:so beautiful day D:such a beautiful day

    6:Living organisms contain more water ...subtance .

    A:than do any other B:other than do they any C:than any other D:does than any other

    7:....he loved her he didn't forgive her for what she had done.

    A:much as B:because C:no matter D:however

    8:'It is all right if i use your bike ?' -'..........'

    A:sure go ahead B:oh forget it C:i don't care D:i accept it

    9:That wasn't a true story he just ....it up.

    A:did B:made C:got D:put

    10:.....happens ,i'll stand by you.

    A:whaterver B:what C:which D:that

    11:Our teacher asks us to write ....compositions every other week .

    A:two-thousand-word B:two -thousands-word C:two-thousand-words D:two -thousands-word

    12:It was ...that he couldn't finish it alone.

    A:a so difficult work B:a so difficult job C:such a difficul job D:such a difficul work

    13:'Are they good pianists?'

    "Maive's a good pianist....."

    A:but somsri isn't too B:and somsr is too C:but somsri isn't either D:and somsri is either


    1:How do you do?

    a:I'd love to that's very kind of you.

    2:How are you?

    b:Yes please thank you .

    3:How's life?

    c:Neither do i.

    4:How's the garden?

    d:It was very enjoyable.

    5:How about going to the movies?

    e:Watching tv in the living room.

    6:How was the movie?

    f:She is very beautiful.

    7:How would you like to have dinner with us?

    g:How do you do?

    8:Would you like a cup of tea?

    h:No thanks i'm not hungry.

    9:Would you like a cake?

    i:Nothing except shopping.

    10:Don't tell anyone about this?

    j:Yes that's a nice idea let's

    11:What does she look like?

    k:No i won't

    12:What does she like doing?

    l:Korean movies.

    13:What is she doing?

    m:Coming along nicely the tulips are just coming out.

    14:What does she like watching?

    n:Very well thank you and you?
    15:I don't play much video game. o:Fine how's life with you

    Ex3:Tìm lỗi sai.

    1:Keep the chesse freshly by wrapping each one individually.

    2:What is the most important thing in really life?

    3:Dalat is know like a city of pines waterfalls and flowers.

    4:The rivers bank was covered by weed.

    5:The harder he tried the worst he danced before the large audience.

    6:A flower growing in the garden is more beautiful than a flower stood in a vase.

    7:A five-thousand-dollar reward were offered for the capture of the escaped criminals.

    8:In the mid-nineteenth century an englishman had someone designed a christmas card

    9:His illness is probably because stress .

    10:Jack asked his boss could he have a day off.

    HELP MEEE...

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  • 1. Many U.S. automobiles --------------- in Detroit,Michigan.

    A. manufacture B. have manufactured C. are manufactured D. are manufacturing

    2. I still can’t believe it! My bicycle ----------- last night.

    A. was stolen B. was stealing C. stolen D. stole

    3. Let’s go ahead and do it now. Nothing ------------ by waiting.

    A. will be accomplished B. accomplished C. has accomplished D. accomplishes

    4.” When ----------? “ - In 1928

    A. penicillin was discovered B. did penicillin discovered C. was penicillin discovered D. did penicillin discover

    5. The rescuers ---------- for their bravery and fortitude in locating the lost mountain climbers.

    A. were praised B. praised C. were praising D. praising

    6. Vitamin C ---------- by the human body. It gets into the bloods stream quickly.

    A. absorbs easily B. is easily absorbing C. is easily absorbed D. absorbed easily

    7. Renoir is one of the most popular French impressionist painters. His paintings ---------- masterpieces all over the world

    . A. had considered B. are considering C. are considered D. consider

    8. We can’t go along here because the road is ---------------.

    A. been repaired B. being repaired C. repaired D. repairing

    9. More than 50 films --------------- in HCMC since June.

    A. were shown B. had been shown C. have been shown D. have shown

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  • 11. Last summer i (visit) .................... Ha Noi

    12.My parents (be) ...................... very tired after the trip

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  • Rewrite these sentences

    1. He is a good singer

    He sings......

    2. They are fast swimmers


    3. They sang very badly last night

    They were........

    4. He is a good student

    He learns.........

    5. He cooks well


    6. They drive very carelessly

    They are.........

    7. He is usually a hard worker


    8. Nga is beautiful dancer


    9. Mr John types slowly


    10. He is a fluent English speak

    He speak............

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  • nêu cấu tạo tính từ ghép - danh từ ghép . mỗi ***** 4 ví dụ

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  • = Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth.
    41.He last ate seafood 3 months ago .= He hasn’t eat seafood for 3 months.
    42. They have not played tennis for 2 weeks = They last time he played tennis was 2 weeks ago.
    43.She last met him last Sunday.= She has not met him last Sunday.
    44. We have not spoken to him since 2012.= We last spoke to him since 2012.
    45. I last went to Da lat in 2010 . = I haven’t went to Da lat since 2010.
    46. Hoa is the tallest student in her class .= Nobody in the class is taller than Hoa.
    47. No one in this city is as rich as Mr Smith .= Mr Smith is the richest in this city.
    48. Peter is the most intelligent student in his class .= No other student in this more intelligent than Peter.
    49. No other river in Viet Nam is as long as The Mekong River .
    = The Mekong River is the longest river in Vietnam.
    50. Ho Chi Minh city is bigger than Da Nang city = Da Nang city is not bigger than Da Nang city.

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  • Complete the sentence with must or have / has to . Sometimes both are possible.

    1. Vietnamese children __________ wear uniform when they go to school.

    2. Last night my sister was ill . We __________ call the doctor.

    3. I have bad toothache . I __________ make an appointment with the dentist.

    4. I don't want to ____________ wait in a queue for ages.

    5. She _____________ work on Saturday morning.

    6. When you come to California, you ____________ come and see us soon.

    7. This is a terrible party . We ___________ go home.

    8. If there are no taxis we'll ____________ walk.

    9. Daniel ___________ go to the bank . Hehasn't any money.

    10. You really ___________ hurry up , Vicky . We don't want to be late.

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  • Chuyển đổi câu :

    1. The superstorm Haiyan destroyed the whole city of Tacloban, Philip

    -> the whole city of Tacloban, Philip........................................the superstorm Haiyan

    2. "Are you going to Jane's party on Saturday night?" Ben asked me

    -> Ben asked me..........................on Saturday night

    3. I turned on the air conditioner because it was hot

    -> It was hot,................................

    4. "I'm ejnoying my vacation here,mum?" Jenny said

    -> Jenny told her mum that.............................................

    5. Hoa's book is interesting and my books are, too

    My book are as............................. Hoa's

    6. I began to study English three years ago

    I have................................for 3 years.

    7. My mother said to me " You can go to the movies with your friend"

    -> My mother said that.............................................

    8. The boy is sorry he's not a doctor

    -> The boy wishes..................... ......................................................

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  • I.Choose the correct answers.

    1. There are some dirty _____ the floor.

    A.in B.with C.on D.for

    2.there aren't any pillows_____the bed

    A.in B.on C.behind D.in fron of

    3.my bedroom is _____the bathroom

    A.under B.on C.in D.next to

    4.I'd_____study hard for the exam

    A.better B.like C.be D.do

    5.there are clothers on the floor - it's ______.

    A.interesting B.mess C.messes D.messy

    6.there____a big fridge____the corner

    A.is-on B.is-in C.are-in D.are-on

    7there are many chairs in the kitchen,_____ there is only one in my bedroom

    A.so B.because C.but D.n

    8.my bedroom is small but it has a______ window

    A.big B.small C.interesting D.old

    9.where_____the living room?

    A.is B.are C.do D.does

    10.where_____the book? Are they________the bookshelf?

    A.is-on B.is-in C.are-in D.are-on

    11._______there any furniture_______your new living room?

    A.is-in B.is-at C.are-in D.are-on

    12.there are a lot of things______n Da Lat

    A.see B.to see C.seeing D.to seeing

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