Rewrite the sentence using "wish": I am not lying on a beach in the Caribbean. I wish …………………

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  • I wish ……… I were lying on a beach in the Caribbean………

    Dịch: Tôi ước mình đang nằm trên một bãi biển ở Caribe.

      bởi My Hien 18/03/2022
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  • 1. Their money is wasted.

    2. Wool is given by sheep.

    3. Binner was not served by mother.

    4. This biulding has been built of bricks,stone and cemen.

    5. They are not arrested by the policeman.

    6. The lazy boy was punished by the father.

    7. Coffee has been served to the guests.

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  • 1. The generations (take) ________ over Chuong conical hat making for years.

    2. Tony went to Ha Noi Botanical Graden even though it (rain) ________ heavily.

    3. Millions of foregin tourist (attract) ________ by the traditional carf village each year.

    4. They (set) ________ up the workshop at the end of last month.

    5. Chuong conical hat making (visit) ________ many time.

    6. The new student (be) ________ very shy at the beginning, but then he got on well with everyone.

    7. She (fly) ________ to Ha Noi after having a meeting tomorroe night.

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  • I find it hard to work at home because there are too many distractions

    A. attention

    B. unawareness

    C. unconcern

    D. carelessness

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