Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. ( Reduction Relative Clauses )

Question 1. Half the people _____said they would pay more for environmentally friendly food.


A. polled

B. polling

C. who polled

D. to poll

Question2.                       the door, I saw a luxuriouscar.


A. Opened

B. I opened

C. Opening

D. Upon opened

Question 3. I come fromacity                         _ located in the southern part of thecountry.


A. locate

B. which located

C. locating

D. located

Question4.When                           in a proper way, the Internet is a great way to obtain useful information.


A. use

B. using

C. used

D. to use

Question 5. She’s much intoanovel                              by Han MacTu.


A. write

B. written

C. writing

D. which written

Question 6. He is the only student intheclass                        _ the trickyquestion.


A. answer

B. answered

C. who answer

D. to answer

Question 7. Thetwomen                    _ by the police were releasedtoday.


A. arrested

B. arresting

C. arrest

D. to arrest

Question 8.The house                      _ in red is where Johnlives.


A. paint

B. painted

C. to paint

D. painting

Question9.Although                         about work, he refused the idea of givingup.


A. stress

B. stressing

C. stressed

D. which was stressed

Question 10.The house                          in the storm has now beenrebuilt.


A. destroyed

B. destroying

C. which destroyed

D. that is destroyed

Question11.Once                         into different languages, the novel will gain special attention from potentialreaders.


A. translate

B. translated

C. being translate

D. to translate

Question12.After                         breakfast with her children, she started to prepare forlunch.


A. being had

B. having had

C. have

D. had


Question 13. I have a messagefor people                          by the traffic chaos.

A. to delay

B. who delay

C. delayed

D. delaying

Question 14. Melanie was theonlyperson                           a letter ofthanks.

A. wrote

B. written

C. to write

D. writing

Question 15.If_                    to the zoo, our children will be veryhappy.


A. take

B. to take

C. taking

D. taken

Question 16.Thedrug                      from the bark of the cinchona tree, is native to South America.


A. derived

B. to derive

C. deriving

D. which derived

Question 17.Front-lineworkers_______________ their life to treating the Covid-19 patients need tobe

given much more attention from the public.


A. devote

B. devoting

C. devoted

D. who is devoted

Question 18.If_                      during the pandemic, schools need to be fully prepared for online courses.


A. close

B. closed

C. closing

D. is closed

Question 19. Theonlineconference                        to the reinvestment of profit was disrupted by the systemcrash.


A. relating

B. related

C. to relate

D. which relate

Question20.ThecontractioninChinaisthestarkesteconomicsignofthedamage            by the pandemic.


A. caused

B. causing

C. to cause

D. which caused

Question21.Those                      in taking this online course should contact me at555-4573.


A. interesting

B. who is interested

C. who interested

D. interested

Question 34.Thevirus                        from Wuhan (China) killed millions of people in the world just in fivemonths.


A. emerged

B. emerge

C. which emerging

D. emerging

Question 35.Toxicchemicals                         _ into the seas pose a risk to the publichealth.


A. release

B. released

C. to release

D. which released

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