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A. They don't live up to their expections

B Simply not the same 

C Hidden Information 

D How to attract video gamers

E A growing market

F The power of effects

G Using the same setting


1- In just a few decades the videogmes industry has become a lot bigger than the film business. In term of turnover, what is rather grandle "interactive entertainment" makes twice as much money as Hollywood cinema. Which of course leaves people in the film business wondering if they can harvest any of this new income. Is there any way of making films more appealing to people who play videogames?

2- Making a film out of a best selling videogame can certainly fuarantee a large audience. The success lies in the use of special effects. New videogames have stunning action sequences that rely on fantasy effects, and now films are being released with similar scenes. Gravity is discarded as heroes leap across huge gaps, while slow motion techniques show bullets moving through the rippling air.

3- A major segment of the videogame market comprises science fiction games and film makers have started to realize thay they could set films in similar sci-fi future worlds. But the diifficulty for the procedures of Hollywood appears to be knowing when to stop. Any attempt to borrow more than the setting from a videogame is probably doomed.

4- There are many examples of successful film videogame combinations. Rather than making a film using characters and stories from a videogame, the trick seems to be to make a film that has a fast moving action sequence and then brin out a videogame bases on that sequence. People who enjoyed the film will probably want to buy the videogame. This clearly created a new market opportunity for the videogame industry

5- Why do game players fell disappointed by films based on their favorite games? One reason is technical. Videogames can show the action from a number of perpectives easily, because everything is computer generated. But filming a sequence from 20 different camreas would cost a fortune, so it simply isn't feeling that the film didn't look as real as the videogame.

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