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bởi Linh Linh 06/05/2018

this new home robot has three programmes: it can (1)... the house, it can clean the floor and it can interact (2).... people. Kitty 2012 is fast and intelligent. When we're away, it can listen for certain noises and (3)... signals to our mobile phone if there's trouble or danger. It can move (4)... the house and climb steps to find dirty places and clean the. It has cameras in its eyes so it can watch people and react to them

1.   A.guard     B. wake         C. look        D. prevent

2.   A. to          B. with          C.on 

3.   A. bring      B. pass         C. send       D. take 

4.    A. away     B. above      C.for            D.around

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