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  • He learns a lot of interesting things from these programmes.
      bởi Võ Kiều Linh 01/04/2023
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  • 1. She always puts a few salt in her suop.

    2. We should collect empty cans and bottles because factories need it to recycle.

    3. Do you know everyone about tom and jerry?

    4. Where is your classrom-it"s on the nineth floor.

    5. Listenning is more interesting than watch him.

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  • 1. beautiful

    2. hot

    3. crazy

    4. slowly

    5. few

    6. little

    7. bad

    8. good

    9. attractive

    10. big

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  • Viet Nam's New Year is known as Tet. It begins between January twenty-first and nineteenth. The exact date changes from year to year. Tet lasts ten days. The first three days are the most important. Vietnamese people believe that what people do during those

    days will influence the whole year. As a result, they make every effort to avoid arguments and smile as much as possible. Vietnamese people believe that the first person through the door on New Year's Day can bring either good or bad luck. Children receive lucky money as they do in other countries.

    1. Tet occurs in late January or early February.

    2. There are two weeks for Lunar New Year.

    3. People should not argue with each other at Tet.

    4. The first visitor on New Year's Day brings good or bad luck.

    5. Only children in Viet Nam get lucky money.

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  • Complete the sentences by using the verbs in brackets and shall/ will or the correct form of be going to:

    Craig: Hey Mark! What (0) are you going to do (you do) during half term?

    Mark: You (7) ___________ (not believe) it but I (8) __________ (visit) Switzerland!

    Craig: Really? That's so exciting! Switzerland is great. I'm sure you (9) _________ (love) it!

    Mark: I think so, too. My family and I (10) __________ (stay)  at a hotel near the Swiss Alps.

    Craig: Wow!

    Mark: Yeah, it's great I (11) __________ (play) in the snow every day. My brother and I (12) __________ also __________ (try) to learn how to ski.

    Craig: You're so lucky. I wish I could go with you.

    Mark: Maybe you ca. (13) __________ (I/ ask) my parents?

    Craig: Definitely!

    Mark: OK then. I (14) __________ (talks) to them tonight.

    Craig: Great!

    Mark: I think we should go to class now or we (15) __________ (be) late.

    Craig: You're right. Let's go!

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  • 1. A. please B. read C. head D. teacher
    2. A. live B. wide C. bicycle D. exciting
    3. A. historic B. expensive C. office D. child

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  • 1: Is he ................................. Viet nam or China?

    A. on B. at C. of D. from

    2: Peter isn’t French. He’s ....................... .

    A. England B. English C. America D. Vietnam

    3: The .................. mountain in the world is Mount Everest.

    A. high B. higher C. highest D. most high

    4: Tokyo is the ................ of Japan.

    A. town B. capital city C. country D. village

    5: There is a lot of ................. in Viet Nam. Our country is very green.

    A. sunny B.desert C. land D. rain

    6: The ................... of Tokyo is 12 million.

    A. people B. population C. Japanese D. person

    7: Sears Tower in Chicago is a very ................... building.

    A. tall B. long C. short D. small

    8: This is my friend, Minh. He’s 1,68 meter ........................ .

    A. short B. tall C. long D. high

    9: Mexico City is the .................. city in the world.

    A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. very big

    10: What is your .................. ? – I’m Vietnamese.

    A. country B.language C. capital D. nationality

    11: This book has 400 pages. It is a ................. book.

    A. thick B. thin C. strong D. longer 290: There isn’t .................. rain in the desert.

    A. many B. much C. very D. a lot

    12: We don’t have ............... deserts in Viet Nam.

    A. a B. an C. any D. much

    13: How............... is the Red River? - It’s 1,200 kilometers long.

    A. tall B. high C. much D. long

    14: How ................ are you going to stay there? - For a week.

    A. many B. much C. long D. high

    15: Lan is going to visit .................. to see the Great Wall.

    A. England B. France C. Canada D. China

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  • 1. How were the furniture arranged?

    2. What do you think about your house? Why?

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  • 1. Where/Ann/usually/go/in the evening? - She/usually/go/to the cinema.

    2. Who/Carol and Bill/visit/on Sundays? - They/visit/their grandparents.

    3. What/David/usually drink/with/his breakfast? - He/usally/drink/coffee.

    4. When/you/watch TV? - I/watch TV/in the evening.

    5. Why/ Rachel/stay/in bed? - She/stay/in bed/because/she/be/sick.

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  • 1. This book is cheaper than my book.

    My book .........

    2. What is the price of the tickets?

    How ..............

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  • 1. A. chin            B. chaos           C. child              D. charge

    2. A. image         B. arcade          C. take              D. awake

    3. A. plays          B. says              C. days              D. stays

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  • 1. "No", I'll not help you

    2. I will become "a doctor" in the future.

    3. When we get to Ha Long Bay, we will "swim in the sea" and explore the caves.

    4. He will be there "in two days".

    5. Her friend will go to Italy "on Christmas".

    6. "Yes", my dad will drive me to school.

    7. "Linda" will take part in the concert on Tuesday.

    8. Tom will buy Mary "a new dress".

    9. Lucy will "cook dinner" tonight.

    10. "No", my sister won't make a cake for me.

    11. I'll play "at the sports ground" in the evening.

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  • 1. I _____ (play) tennis tomorrow.

    2. He (pay) _____, I promise

    3. _____ you (open) the window, please?

    4. It's dark. I (switch on) _____ the light.

    5. I'm afraid I (not/ be) _____ able to come tomorrow.

    6. That suitcase is too heavy. They (help) _____ you.

    7. _____ she (go) to the sea later today? _____ (be) back.

    8. We (not/ finish) _____ our homework in an hour.

    9. I think Tom (not/ pass) _____ the exam.

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