use your own ideas to write a similar paragraph about robots

use your own ideas to write a similar paragraph about robots

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  • On the occasion of my tenth birthday, my dad gave me a great robot.

    This robot looks like a little kid. He was only about two inches tall, he was made of a light hard plastic and light blue.

    The big head like a square box placed on the body, not see the neck makes him look strangely strange! There are two antennae on each side, with two large ears, such as two halves of orange attached to the sides of the head with two very large round screws. My body as well as the rectangular box upright, there are lines decorated decorations look like he wears an armor. Behind the back there was a small hollow of two small batteries, close to the knob knob black switch. Two hands and two feet are also connected by small square boxes and attached to the body by large screws. Thanks to this, the limbs can turn in easy directions.

    I turn on the switch knob, immediately the robot works immediately. From his belly, the shouts emit as his legs begin to move. Legs step by step step by step, his hands waving to the steps. The most funny thing is that the head looks right, then turns to the left as a hunt for the enemy. Going, touching the bottom of the table or the corner of the cabinet, you automatically avoid the other direction. The shouts and footsteps of the uncle led the cockroaches in the corner of the panic fled.

    I love playing with this robot, I see you as a quiet and intelligent little friend.

      bởi Hide On Brush 25/12/2018
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