dùng unless để viết lại câu nhé: you don't get there in time if you don't hurry

dùng unless để viết lại câu nhé

1 you don't get there in time if you don't hurry

2 we can't do the job if we don't get help

3 you are allowed into the club only if you are remember

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  • dùng unless để viết lại câu nhé

    1 you don't get there in time if you don't hurry

    =>Unless you hurry,you don't get there in time.

    2 we can't do the job if we don't get help

    =>Unless we get help, we can't do the job

    3 you are allowed into the club only if you are remember

    =>Unless you are member,you aren't allowed into the club

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  • dùng unless để viết lại câu nhé

    1 you don't get there in time if you don't hurry

    2 we can't do the job if we don't get help

    3 you are allowed into the club only if you are remember

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    4. "How do you learn English in your country ?" Peter asked An.

    5. "What time do you go to work, An ?" Liz asked.

    6. "I can't go to the party with you, Paola" John said.

    7. "Don't be late for the exam tomorrow" Mrs Brown told Linda.

    8. "I will phone the Academy of Language tomorrow, Lan" said Nam.

    9. "What do your pupils want to play?" the headmaster said to Mrs.Smith.

    10. "Does your uncle work in Ha Thailand now, Alice ?" Mary asked.

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