Đặt câu hỏi với What: 1.this/desk ; 2.that/clock ;3.this/ruler

bởi Lan Ha 10/06/2019

mấy bạn ơi mk hỏi tí

đặt câu hỏi vs ''WHAT'' và trả lời theo từ gọi ý:

1.this/desk ; 2.that/clock ;3.this/ruler

4.that/eraser ; 5.this/pencil ; 6.that/board

7.this/door ; 8. that/waste basket

9.this/book ; that/bag

mong các bạn trả nhanh,mk cần gấp trong ngafy19/6/2017 nha

Câu trả lời (1)

  • 1.What is this?

    -This is a desk.

    2.What is that?

    -That is a clock.

    3.What is this?

    -This is a ruler.

    4.What is that?

    -That is an eraser.

    5.What is this?

    -This is an pencil.

    6.What is that?

    -That is a board.

    7.What is this?

    -This is a door.

    8.What is that?

    -That is a waste basket.

    9.What is this?

    -This is a book ;

    What is that?

    -That is a bag.

    bởi Trọng Minh 10/06/2019
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