Hỏi đáp Test Yourself A Unit 1-3 lớp 12 Tiếng Anh lớp 12


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  • Thảo Nguyễn Phương
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  • Nhat nheo

    Why the use of the passive is appropriate in the following sentences. What would be the active equivalent of the passive sentences?

    1, My sweater was made in England

    2, The new highway will be completed sometime next month

    3, Language skills are taught in every school in the country

    4, Beethoven's Seventh Symphony was performed at the concert last night

    5, The World Cup soccer games are being televised all over the world

    6, This composition was written by Ali. That one was written by Yoko.

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  • Bánh Mì

    Choose A , B , C or D
    1, Mrs Hoang work.........bus everyday B.tralvels-by D.travels-on
    2, She.......Ha Long Bay for 3 days last summer
    A.visits B.visit visiting D.visited
    3, Ho Chi Minh city is........than Ha Noi capital
    A.big B.biger C.bigger big as
    4, Summer is..........season in Viet Nam B.hotter C.hottest D.the hottest
    5, They .............this meal three times
    A.try B.are trying C.have tried D.tried

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  • Lê Minh Hải

    I/choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others

    1/ A. computer B. guarantee C. university D. education

    2/A. document B. technology C company D. monitor

    3/A. telephone B.delicious C. equipment D. compuses

    4/A. available B. delicious C. amusing D. entertaining

    5/ A. concern B. access C. impact D. skeptical

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  • hai trieu

    _____________, the disaster would not have happened.

    A/ Had you have obeyed the orders

    B/ You had obeyed the orders

    C/ You obeyed the orders

    D/ Had you obeyed the orders

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  • Mai Trang

    1) He said that he (be).........from england

    2)Nam told me he (go) Hanoi the following day

    3) He asked me that my school's name (be) .....

    4)He told me ( not/talk) class

    chuyển từ tt--)gt

    1)'' Are you fond of watching cartoons ?''

    --) He asked me.......................

    2)''How long are you going to stay here ?''

    --)She asked me .........

    3) ''which school will you go to ?''

    --)He asked me

    4)''Can you pass this letter to Lan ''

    --)She asked me ..........

    5)''Don't be lazy ,Lan''

    --) He told Lan...

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  • Phạm Khánh Ngọc

    Viết lại câu sau cho nhãi không thay đỏi bắt đầu bằng từ cho sẵn:

    1.Those picture are beautiful


    2.Lan is not fond of beer

    ->Lan does not...

    3.Sarah is better at Chemistry than Susan

    ->Susan is not so....

    4.It takes me about two hours each day to do my homework

    ->I spend...

    Các bạn giúp mình với mình đang cần gấp!!!!!Cảm ơn các bạn nhiều nhé!!!!

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  • Nguyễn Hiền

    passive in the present perfect

    1. famous engineers have designed the aircraft

    2.have several people just seen the accident?

    3.the new has surprised me

    4.john has broken my watch

    5have you seen her recently?

    6.he has already seen that film

    7.they have just built a new church

    8nobody has used this house for ages

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  • Mai Hoa

    Put the verb in bracket in the correct form:

    1. My brother usually (go) (fish) iin his free time but at this time he (stay) at home (watch) T.V because it (rain)

    2. Her father (think) moutain climbing (be) more dangerous than skating.

    3. Lan's hobby is (collect) coins. She (have) a big collection of stamps.

    4. My father (start) the hobby five years ago. He enjoys (fix) things arround the house.

    5. What your brother (do) at weekends? He (like) (play) soccer.

    6. We find (arrange) flowers interesting because it (help) us relax.

    7. Mrs Ha (be) interested in (cook). She often (cook) many good foods for her family.

    8. I think in the future, more people (enjoy) (go) out by bicucle.

    9. Because (roller - skate) is not safe, so we (not like) it.

    10. Everyone (love) (talking) with friends? - Yes, (talk) with friends (be) away for relaxing after working hard.

    Giúp mình nhé các bạn.

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  • Ha Ku

    1 , Which time do your classes finish ?


    2 , Our summer vacation last for about three months


    3 , I thinks we have few vacations than . American pupils


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  • ngọc trang

    doi sang dang so nhieu

    it's a small house

    no,it's isn''s small

    that is an eraser

    this is her dress

    is that your stereo

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  • Van Tho

    oh dear! how...our household bills are! we can't pay them

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  • Lê Minh Hải

    1.Correct the mistakes

    -Can you go at my house tommorrow ?

    -I’d like to go there on this Friday.

    -Come here in my class at 8.30

    -Will you come my house tonight ?

    -I’ll arrive to your house at 6 p.m

    -I arrived to there on Saturday

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  • Lê Chí Thiện



    II.WRITE A COMPOSITION ABOUT 100 WORDS ABOUT WHAT YOU USUALLY DO IN YOUR FREE TIME . (don't show your name, your school or your village)


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  • Nguyễn Minh Hải

    Note: You need to write a response to an e-mail that you will read. What your response needs to include is in the directions so make sure you also read the directions carefully.

    Page Industries
    5830 Macmillan Street
    Norfolk, MA 93421

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am writing a letter to your company after having seen the advertisement you guys put out. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone at the telephone number you gave, so I am writing this letter.

    I was wondering how the salary system works there. I want to know how much the wages are, what day of the month we get our paychecks, and how much more we can make on overtime at an hourly rate. I was also wondering if I can do overtime as much as I want.

    I love working and usually I work a lot of overtime hours. I would also like a better explanation about rapid advancement. Thank you so much.

    Yours faithfully,
    Billy Bob
    112 Wish Street Cleo apt. #2
    San Diego, CA 21354

    Direction: As if you were the personnel manager of Page Industries, read the letter and write a suitable response.

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  • cuc trang

    The weather is not beautiful all of the time. Perhaps you can remember a day when bad weather made you afraid. One kind of bad weather that scares many people is called a thunderstorm. This is what happens when there is a thunderstorm. First, you see a sudden flash of bright light. A few seconds later you hear a loud rumbling sound. This quick flash is called lightning and the loud sound is called thunder. Lightning is colorful , but it can cause serious problems. Lightning is electricity that is moving very rapidly. It may be moving between a cloud and the ground, between two clouds, or between two parts of the same cloud. The lightning heats the air around it. This hot air expands, or get bigger, and it causes the air to move in waves. The air waves pass you in a series, one after another. For this reason, you may hear many rumbles and not just one sound.

    ____ 29/ Lightning may move between a cloud and the ground.

    ____ 30/ Thunder is a very bright light in a thunderstorm.

    ____ 31/ When you hear thunder you may hear a series of loud sounds and not one

    big sound. This is because the air waves pass one after another.

    ____ 32/ Lightning always moves rapidly.

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  • Bo Bo

    4. Write a review of your favourite film. Use the information in 3, and the film review on Nick's blog as a model. You may follow the writing plan below. Giúp mk vs mấy b thân yêu ơi, mai phải nộp rồi. Chú ý là k được hép mạng nhé, bài dài tầm 300-350 là ok b, Thanks a lot!!! b nào làm mk tick hết

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  • Lan Anh

    You need to buy this before you get on a plane

    ( t _ _ _ _ _ )

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  • sap sua

    I. Rewrite the following sentences

    1. My father said I could use his car

    => My father allowed

    2. Scientist began to carry out researches on AIDS in 1980

    => Researches on AIDS

    3. That girl is very beautiful

    => How

    4. The last time I wrote to him was in 1996

    => I haven't

    5. It took him onl ten minutes to get there

    => He spent

    6. I didn't meet him yesterday so I couldn't tell him about that

    => If

    7. Could you turn the radio down please?

    => Would you mind

    8. The man was very tired, so he didn't answer my question

    => The man was too

    9. Nobody could move the piano. It was too heavy

    => It was such

    10. You'd better apologize to Sally

    => I advice

    11. The last time I saw her was in 1985

    => I haven't

    12. That meal was excellent

    => How

    13. That factory is producing more and more pollution

    => More and more pollution

    14. We must leave now or we'll miss the train

    => If

    15. She is a faster and more careless driver than I am

    => She drives

    16. How old do you think this building is?

    => When do you think

    17. He is sorry now that he didn't invite Jane to his party

    => He wishes

    18. This furniture is so old that it is not worth keeping

    => This is

    19. We spent five hours getting to London

    => It

    20. When I arrived in London, I wrote a letter home

    => On

    II. Rewrite these sentences as directed in parentheses

    1. All the teachers love him because his behaviour is good

    => Bacause of

    2. He gave up his job because he was ill

    => Because of

    3. Because of the darkness, he couldn't read the letter

    => Because it

    4. Mr. David no longer works here

    => No longer

    5. I didn't have time. I didn't go shopping

    => If

    6. They had converted the major part of the temple into ''Lenin's room''

    => The major part of the temple

    7. I'm sorry that I didn't learnt to type

    => I wish

    8. She has to quit smoking or she will die

    => If

    9. He spent a whole day repairing the radio

    => It took

    10. More newspapers are being sold in this city

    => People

    11. She sings more beautifully than you do

    => You don't

    12. You had to pay the bill before the fifth of the month

    => The bill

    13. The tea was too hot for her to drink

    => The tea was so

    14. If is doesn't rain, they will go for a picnic

    => Unless

    15. The child will die it nobody sends for a doctor

    => Unless

    16. I don't have enough money, so I can't buy a computer

    => If

    17. If you don't rest yourself you will be ill

    => Unless

    18. It was such a crazy story that nobody belive it

    => The story

    19. They had such a good crop that they decided to give a party

    => Their crop

    20. ''How long will it take us to get there?'' she said

    => She wanted to know

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  • Phong Vu

    viết lại câu cùng nghĩa

    1 Do you like enjoy listening to music?

    Are ...........

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  • Phạm Khánh Ngọc

    We can't put......... making a decision any longer. We have to decide now

    A out

    B off

    C over

    D away

    When Carlos was leaving, the whole family went to the airport to see him.

    A. away

    B. off



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  • Hoàng My

    viết 1 bài văn miêu tả 1 môn thể thao bằng tiếng anh.(Dạng đố không nói tên môn thể thao ra)

    Lưu ý:Đừng lên Google dịch

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  • Lê Minh

    I.Change into reported speech

    1. He said:'' I am happy today''

    2. Nina asked me:'' Do you love this dress?''

    3. Tom said to her:'' Turn right, please!''

    4. Sam said:'' I didn't sleep yesterday''

    5. Vicky told me:'' I am writing a letter for you''

    6. Tommy said:'' I have worked for 3 months''

    7. He asked me:'' What did you do yesterday?''

    8. He said;'' I love this hat''

    9. My mother said to me:'' Don't run!''

    10. He asked me:'' What have you got?''

    11. He said to her:'' I will see you on Sunday''

    12. She said:'' I was married in the home of my parents''

    13. Nina said:'' I am in church now''

    14. My mother said to me:'' The dogs of your sister are cute''

    15. He said:'' I play the piano''

    16. My sister said to me:'' Keep silent!''

    17. My teacher asked me:'' What are you going to do on Sunday?''

    18. He said:'' Life is very hard for some people''

    19. Vicky said;'' I am tired now''

    20. ''I went to see him yesterday'' she said

    => She said

    21. ''I don't want to meet him again'' she said

    => She said

    22. ''Can you swim?'' he asked me

    => He asked me

    23. He explained ''I didn't break the vase''

    => He explained

    24. My mother said:'' I am cooking now''

    => My mother said

    25. ''What time does John get up?'' he asked me

    => He wanted to know

    26. ''I like this book'' he said

    => He said

    27. ''How beautiful she is!''

    => He exclaimed

    28. ''Have you ever seen that film?'' he asked me

    => He asked me

    29. ''I went to Do Son last week'' she said

    => She said

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  • Lê Tấn Vũ

    Dùng đúng thì, dạng của động từ trong ngoặc

    Nowadays, a lot of important inventions ( carry out) by scientists ( work) for large industrial firms. However, there ( be) still opporunities for other people ( invent) various things. In Britain, there is a weekly TV program which ( attempt) to show all the devices which people ( invent) recently. The people ( organize) the program receive information about 700 inventions per year. New ideas can ( develop) by private inventors. However, it is important ( consider) these questions: Will it work? Will it ( want)? Is it new?

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  • Lê Thánh Tông

    kết hợp những cặp câu sau dùng hiện tại phân từ hoặc quá khứ phân từ

    The man is standing near the window.He is Nam


    A car was made in Japan.It was very expensive


    The film was shown on TV last night .It won the first prize in the film festival last year


    A man is working in the garden.He is my grand father


    A window was broken in the storm last night .It has been repaired


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