write a passage ( about 100 words ) to tell about yourself and your activities last summer.

bởi Tram Anh 18/12/2018

write a passage ( about 100 words ) to tell about yourself and your activities last summer.

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  • Đây là mik tự làm bn tham khảo thôi nha, sai bỏ qua cho mik vsleuleu

    My name is Nguyet. I'm 14 years old. I'm from HY province. Last summer I was go to AEON supermaket twice and I was go to HL bay once. Other time, I was go to my teacher' s house to learn the next lesson for a new school year.

    This is my summer

    bởi Nguyễn Thi Anh 18/12/2018
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  • Nguyễn Xuân Ngạn

    III. Give the correct tense form of the verb in the brackets

    1 Euro 2012 (start).....in Ukraine and Poland

    2 My mother (work)...for this company for more than 10 years

    3 when i came,they (talk)...happily about the class meeting

    4 I wish I (have)...time to go on holiday now

    5 one of the things I have.....(bé) noisy children

    IV. Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentences

    1 Minh Hang won the highest prize in a dancing...last week (complete)

    2 If we go on littering, the environment will become...polutted(serious)

    3 Banh chưng is a ....dish dish at tet in Vietnam (tradition)0

    VII. Rewrite the sentences so that it means the same as the first one, beginning with the given words

    1 "Do you live in bac giang city, lien" asked Binh

    ==> Binh asked Lien.......

    2 My grandmother often told us fairy stories when we were small

    ==> My grandmother used

    3 let's go to the water park for a change on the weekend

    ==> I suggest

  • Đào Thị Nhàn

    Choose the best answer by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C or D.

    1. I _________ to see Michael after so many years.

    A- glad was really B- was really glad C- was glad really D- really glad was

    2. There is _________ food left but not enough for everyone.

    A- little B- a little C- few D- a few

    3. The boy ...........on the beach asked me if I liked his kite.

    A- lie B- lay C- laid D- lying

    4. And I'd like a ............of cigarettes, too.

    A- box B- packet C- jar D- case

    5. Did you take enough money with you? – No, I needed .........more than I thought I would.

    A- much B- many C- any D- of

    6. He worked hard __________he could pass the final exam.

    A- so that B- in order to C- so as to D- as result

    7. Let's paint the house __________. It will be much cheaper.

    A- themselves B- ourselves C- myself D- yourself

    8. Choose a correct reply of the following expression: "Do you want this one or that one?"

    A- I'll say it again for you. B- I don't mind. You choose.

    C- Never mind. It doesn't matter. D- Yes? Can I help you?

    9. I have forgotten _________ this machine. Can you show me how?

    A- how to operate B- to operate C- operating D- how operates

    10. We saw the girls _________ football as we drove past the field.

    A- play B- to playing C- to play D- playing

    11. I've............to Paris. I went there in March.

    A- been B- gone C- just D- yet

    12. We would like ............to the president's reception, but we weren't.

    A- having invited B- having been invited C- to have invited D- to have been invited

    13. Wood is used ............making desks and tables.

    A- to B- in C- for D- into

    14. Hoa was extremely ............about the history of China.

    A- knowledgeable B- knowledge

    C- knowledgeability D- knowledgeably

    15. They ............ at the train station at 2 o'clock yesterday.

    A- got B- reached C- traveled D- arrived

  • Xuan Xuan

    1.Fred asked the postman:" Are there any letters for me today?"

    2. " These old buildings might have already disappeared by the time I am back next year" He said

    3. John said," I was just leaving the office when I came face to face with a stranger."

    4. The passenger said to the taxi-driver: "Hurry up!" and he added " I must be at the station on time"
    5. Father said:" The taxi is coming now. Is everyone ready?"
    6. Helen said, " I think I'll have to find a better job. I can't make both ends meet."

    7. He said to hẻ" Why are you so late? I've been waiting for half an hour already."

    chuyển sag câu gián tiếp

  • An Nhiên

    Dịch giùm mk vs !

    Millions of English-Speaking Students Fail to Attend Class in Cameroon

    Millions of school children failed to attend classes in English-speaking areas of Cameroon when the school term began recently. Schools opened after the government released many of the jailed leaders of protests in Cameroon’s English-speaking areas. The protests were called to direct attention to what some people see as the strong influence of the French language in the country. Cameroon has two official languages: French and English. Many English-speakers believe they are discriminated against by those who speak French.

    Schools have been closed in the English-speaking northwest and southwest areas of Cameroon since November. That is when lawyers and teachers called for a strike to stop what they believe is the overuse of the French language. After leaders of the strike were arrested, pressure groups called for their immediate and unconditional release before the new school term. Last week, 55 of the 75 protesters were released, while charges against them were dropped.

  • Hong Van

    Mọi người giúp mình với, mình đang cần gấp,xin cảm ơn ạ

    II/ supply the correct verb tense or form

    1. My family and i (live).......... In this area for over 20 years now

    2. Nothing (do).............about this problem for months

    3. Since television appeared, it (become)..............more and more popular

    4. He (attack)..............by a shark while he was paddling on his surfboard

    5. By tradition, the Ao dai used to (wear).............by both men and women

    6. The children (talk)..............noisily when their teacher got into the classroom

    7. In the 1800s, jeans cloth (make) ..............completely from cotton

    8. The Ao dai (mention)............in many poems for centuries

    9. I would like (treat).............as an adult. I'm no longer a child

    10. (Listen)............ To music is my favorite activity in my free time

  • Nguyễn Hoài Thương

    Viết đoạn văn về con vật nuôi trong nhà của bạn

  • Hy Vũ

    Joe and his fellow mountaineers knew that if they encountered any (1) ….. ............(SEE) hazards it was unlikely that anyone could assist them. The mountain was on an (2) .........…..(INHABIT) island and they were the only people there. Help was a long boat journey away. The mountain had an (3) ….. ......(FAME) reputation and many previous expeditions had been unsuccessful. They had already tried two routes to the summit and found them (5) ….. .... (PASS) Now they were trying the third. Joe had a note, in almost (6) ….......(LEGIBLE) handwriting, from the leader of a previous expedition advising him to try it. The information in the note had proved (7) ….......(VALUE) and they had made good progress at first. For the last two days, however, bad weather had confined them to their tent. It would be (8) …..........(RESPONSE) to climb in such conditions. The climbers had found their equipment reliable but were (9) …......... (SATISFY) with their tent, which leaked badly. They had not (10) …..........(TREAT) it in any way but it was not fit for purpose. Joe suspected the tent material was inflammable because their cooker almost set it on fire. Eventually, the weather improved and the climbers set off once more, (12) …...............(DAUNT) by the challenges ahead of them.

  • ngọc trang


    A B
    1. If you plant more trees,

    A. If you throw all waste into rivers?

    2. What will you do B. remember to turn off all the lights.
    3. If you want to save energy, C. we can pollute the soil.
    4. What will happen D. the air will become fresher.
    5. If we use insect spray, E. if you want to keep environment green?

  • bach hao

    1. chia từ trong ngoặc

    a)You can apply for ............... after five years residency(CITIZEN)

    b)You must fill out this ............. form before tomorrow morning (APPLY)

    c) We can help save natural resources and earn some money for the .............(ORGANIZE)

    d) You look very happy today . Is there anything .............. at school,Mai (INTEREST)

  • Nguyễn Bảo Trâm

    His aunt couldn't get that good job unless she spoke English good