Don't sign for the parcel until you have checked that everything is there .

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Don't sign for the parcel until you have checked that every thing is there .

\(\rightarrow\) Make sure that nothing is........................................................................................

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  • Don't sign for the parcel until you have checked that every thing is there .

    →→ Make sure that nothing is.............................................sign for the parcel...........................................

      bởi nguyen thi quynh 03/08/2019
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  • do you have a head______heights?

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  • 1.Ann is very  upset because the local authorities have rejeected her proposals to install solar panels to supply electricity for traffic lights (down)


    2.A comnitte has been established to examine the question(set)


    3.Our class football team lost the match, so we tried to encourage them (up)


    4.''Can i wear jeans at the wedding party?''

     -''Of course not. You'll have to put on smart clothers(up)


    5.Before i come to a decision. I'll have to consider their offer very carefully(over)


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  • 17/ Asian people eat rice. Rice_______in many parts in Asia.

       a. is grown               b. are grown                 c. has grown                 d. have grown

    18/ Nowadays a lot of dangerous work _____by robots.

       a. has been done      b. have been done         c. is done                      d. was done

    19/ Who wrote the story “ Romeo and Juliet ”?  - It____          by Shakespeare, an English writer.

       a. is written             b. was written               c. have been written      d. wrote

    20/ The package containing books and records _____ last week.

      a. is delivered           b. are delivered            c. was delivered           d. were delivered

    21/ I______the letter from him yet.

      a.don’t receive         b. didn’t receive           c. haven’t received       d. won’t receive

    22/ My father_____for the national bank from 1990 to 2003

       a. works                  b .working                    c. has worked                d. worked

    23/ I never go to any foreign country. I ______abroad yet.

       a. don’t go               b. didn’t go                   c. have gone                 d. haven’t gone

    24/ When______? In 1876.

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       c. did the telephone invented                                   d .did the telephone invent

    25/ _________ uncle Ho’s Mausoleum?

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      a. been heard                         b. heard          c. be heard                   d. have heard

    27/ When I _____ in New York last year. I  _____ lost of interesting places.

      a. am / visited                       b. was / visiting             c. am / visiting       d. was / visited

    28/ Most people now______ automatic washing machines for cleaning their clothes.

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    29/ Levi Strauss_____ jeans for workmen.

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    30/ These shoes are made _____ good leather. They are very strong.

       a. from                                b. by                                         c .of                                        d. with

    31/ They have changed the date of the meeting. The date of the meeting_____.

       a. was changed                    b. is changed                c. has been changed      d.changes

    32/ We couldn’t start our journey. All flights _____because of fog.

      a. are delayed                       b. delayed                                 c. has been delayed        d. were delayed

    33/ The material, called jean, was named_____  sailors from Genoa.

      a. as                         b. after                         c. of                                          d. out

    34/ People like wearing jeans because the material doesn’t  wear _____easily.

      a.by                           b. away                        c. of                                          d. out

    35/ I will return your notes as soon as I _____copying them.

       a. finished               b. had finish                              c. finish                        d. will finish

    36/ English ______ all over the work.

      a. speaks                              b. is being spoken                     c. spoke                                  d. is spoken

    37/ Jill  came to the meeting but Charles______                          

     a. isn’t                                   b. hasn’t                                   c. didn’t                                  d. wasn’t

    38/ Our flat is very small. We wish we ­­­­­­­______ more rooms.

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    39/ Tony now rides his bike to school instead of­­­­­­_______ by bus.

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    40/ Jeans have never been ___ fashion because a lot of people are still fond of wearing them.

      a. out                                    b. of                                         c. out of                                  d. on

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