điền vào chỗ trống một mạo từ thích hợp :

bởi Đỗ Hương Giang 26/07/2018

1. She was in...hurry and ate...quick lunch.

2. Sweden is ... European country. It's in...north of Europe.

3. He was appointed....profesor and became....MP in the same year.

4. It was in 1912 that...Titanic sank while crossing....Atlanic.

5. I like watching TV. I have just bought...colo TV set.

Câu trả lời (1)

  • 1. x/a

    2. an/the

    3. x/an

    4. the/the

    5. a

    bởi Lê Nhi 27/07/2018
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  • Đỗ Hương Giang

    1. interesting , suprising , amusing , exciting 

    2. television, expectation, exhibition , explaination 

    3. effective , successful , important , generous

    4. begin , water , open , happen 

    5. finish , occur , provide , supply 

     check đáp án và trọng âm của từng từ cho em với nhé <3

  • Nguyễn Thủy

    Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành những câu sau

    1. His house has been sold ______ $ 1,000,000.

    A. at B. for C. in D. with

    2.Bread is usually ______ wheat.

    A. made of B. made with C. made by D. made from

    3. Peter, can I ______ you a drink?

    A. buy for B. buy to C. buy D. invite

    4. It isn't quite ______ that they will come to our party.

    A. sure B. exact C. certain D. right

    5. ______ goes to the bus; now we will have to walk home.

    A. On time B. At once C. There D. Early
    6. Don't hurry! There is no need ______.

    A. running B. to run C. run D. you run

    7. Please write your answers ______ ink.

    A. in B. with C. of D. by

    8. Peter was not feeling well, so we gave him ______ to do than you.

    A. fewer work B. less work C. little work D. least work

    9. He spent half a year ______ this house.

    A. to build B. building C. built D. on building

    10. Will you ______ the door open?

    A. leave B. allow C. permit D. give

  • Ban Mai

    Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa ko thay đổi

    1. It is high time for us to go home.

    2. You can’t go in to this restaurant without a jacket and tie.

    3. The question was so difficult that no one could answer it.

    4. She hasn’t finished the letter yet.

    5. He isn’t good at English. He can’t get a job.

  • het roi

    Chọn đáp án đúng để hoàn thành bài tập dưới đây:

    English is a very useful language. If we (1)________ English, we can go to any contries we like. We will not find it hard to make people understand (2)_________ we want to say. English also help us to learn all kinds of(3)__________ hundreds of boks are (4)________in English everyday in (5)__________ countries. English has also helped to spread ideasand knowledge (6)__________ all corners of the world. Therefore, the English language has helped to spread better (7)__________ and (8)_________ among the countriesof the world.

    1. A. to know B. know C. knew D. known

    2. A. what B. where C. when D. how

    3. A. subjects B. things C. ideas D. plans

    4. A. write B. wrote C. written D. writing

    5. A. much B. lot of C. many D. a lots of

    6. A. in B. with C. at D. to

    7. A. to understand B. understanding C. understand D. understood

    8. A. friend B. friendly C. friendliness D. friendship

  • thúy ngọc

    Trong những từ dưới đây, hãy điền vào đoạn văn cho thích hợp

    knows – undersanding – things – subjects – written –

    many – to – know – friendship – in - what


    English is a very useful language. If we (1)………………. English , we can go to any countries we like. We will not find it hard to make people understand (2)…………….we want to say. English also helps us to learn all kinds of (3)…………………. Hundred of books are (4)……………. in English every day in (5)………………… countries. English has also helped to spread ideas and knowledge (6)………………. all corners of the world. Therefore, the English language has helped to spread better (7)……………….and (8)…………………among countries of the world.

  • ninh thảo

    this school is only for children their first language is not english

    sai chỗ nào hả mọi người

  • ninh thảo

    Do you really think that candidate is qualify to be president?

  • Phạm Elizabeth

    1. I/you/take/work/avoid/traffic jam.

    2.if he/work/ over time/He earn /much /I

    3 I /clear off/ table /if/ they /eat /dinner.

    4 We /fly / earth /if /it stop/ spin

    5 you/better/listen /cassette player/more often/ if want/ improve/ English

  • Sam sung

    Chia những động từ trong ngoặc sao cho phù hợp với từng dấu hiệu của câu

    1. Some kinds of fruits in Vietnam (export) ..... to Europe every year.

    2. The liquid (heat) ...... to a boiling point.

    3. Nam is very tired now. He (study)...... in his own room since breakfast.

    4. You (hear) ...... from Mai recently?

    5. My father ( not drive) ........ a car since that accident.

  • A La

    Choose the correct word to complete the sentences

    1. He has just got a new job, and he's going to work in China.....(for/since/ago) six years.

    2. It's ten year..........(for/since/ago) we last met.

    3. ...........(for/since/ago) 2000, the team has lost many times.

    4. I haven't had a look at it....(for/since/ago) yesterday.

    5. It's ages......(for/since/ago) we said goodbye.

    6. They sold the palace twenty year.........(for/since/ago).