• Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers.

    Probably the most famous film commenting on twentieth-century tech-neology is Modem Times, made in 1936. Charlie Chaplin was motivated to make the film by a reporter who, while interviewing him, happened to describe working conditions in industrial Detroit. Chaplin was told that health young farm boys were lured to the city to work on automotive assembly lines. Within  four or five years, these young men's health was destroyed by the stress work in the factories.

    The film opens with a shot of a mass of sheep  making their way crowded ramp. Abruptly the scene shifts to a scene of factory workers job thing one another on their way to a factory. However, the rather bitter criticism in the implied comparison is not sustained. It is replaced by a gentler note of satire. Chaplin prefers to entertain rather than Probably the most famous film commenting on twentieth-century technology is Modern Times, made in 1936. lecture.

    Scenes of factory interiors account for only one third of the footage of Modern Times, but they contain some of the most pointed social commentary as well as the most comic situations. No one who has seen the film can ever forget Chaplin vainly trying to keep pace with the fast-moving conveyor belt almost losing his mind in the process. Another popular scene involves an automatic feeding machine brought to the assembly line so that workers need not interrupt their labor to eat. The feeding machine malfunctions, hurling food at Chaplin who is strapped into his position on the assembly line and can not escape. This serves to illustrate people's utter helplessness in the face of machines that are meant to serve their basic needs.

    Clearly, Modern Times has its faults, but it remains the best film treating technology within a social context. It does not offer a radical social message. but it does accurately reflect the sentiments of many who feel they arc victims of an over-mechanized world.

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    The author's main purpose in writing this passage is to ……………

    • A. criticize the factory system of the 1930s
    • B. review one of Chaplin’s popular films
    • C. explain Chaplin's style of acting
    • D. discuss how film reveals the benefits of technology

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    Đáp án đúng: B


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