Hỏi đáp Unit 4 Tiếng Anh lớp 12 phần Vocabulary


Danh sách hỏi đáp (9 câu):

  • Lê Tấn Thanh

    viết đoạn văn tả người bạn thân bằng tiếng anh

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  • Trieu Tien

    VIII.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets

    1.I(not be)________very happy yesterday

    2.I(buy)________a ticket for the football match yesterday

    3.Kate(not know)______about the exam and she did very badly

    4.I went to the shop but I(not have)__________-any money

    5.It(be)____a great film in 2010

    6.I(leave)_________my school bag at school this morning

    7.Our teacher(tell)_______us to be quiet yesterday

    8.The people in the cafe(not be)_________friendly when T was there yesterday

    IX.Make questions and anwers,using the cues given

    1.A:you/be in the bathroom/when/I/phone?

    B:No/not.I/be asleep



    2.A:you/like/the present/I/give/you?




    3.A:Where/you/go on holiday/last year?

    B:We/go/Da Lat.We/have/a great time.



    4.A:How many people/be/the party/last night?

    B:There/be/ten people.It/not be/a good party



    X.Complete the sentences with the past form of the verbs from the box

    ask jump rescue stop try

    close laugh start study walk

    1.The firemen________the woman from the burning house

    2.My father_____Maths at university

    3.The programme was very funny,we____a lot

    4.The teacher_____me lots of questions yesterday

    5.You're late!The lesson______ten minture ago

    6.It was very cold so we_______the window

    7.After thr film,we___home

    8.The cat____up into the tree

    9.I_________to pick the bag up but it was very heavy

    10.We were very tired so we____walking

    XI.Complete thr funny story with the Past Simple of the verbs brackets

    It(1.be)_____Sunday,the day of the big game.The players(2.arrive)____early.They(3.be)___excited.Everyone(4.want)___to play.There(5.be)___lots of people in the stadium.They(6.wave)____and(7.cheer)___when the players(8.walk)____on to the ground.The referee(9.call)_____the captainsnto the middle.The referee(10.ask)____,"Where is the ball?"Nobody(11.answer)_All the players(12.look)___at the ground.There(13.be)___no ball.The referee(14.cancel)___the game

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  • Lan Anh

    choose the correct answer

    1. there_______ a bus station in the city centre, but it has been moved to the suburbs.

    a.used to be b.used to have c.use to have d.were

    2. all of us have to obey______ strictly.

    a.traffic rules b.traffic c.traffic jam d.regular

    3. cyclists and motorists have to wear a_______ when they ride a motorbike.

    a.hard hat b.cap c.mask d.helmet

    4. he forgot to give a_______ before he turned left and got a ticket.

    a.signal b.sign c,light d.hand

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  • Bình Nguyen

    I . Choose the best answer to complete each sentences

    1. Would you like ____ tea?

    A.any B.some C.a D.many

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  • sap sua


    0 This week in Kyoto in Japan the latest conference

    00 on the environment is being taking place. The whole

    1 world is today watching to see what happens

    2 as delegates from more than 165 countries discuss

    3 what measures need not to be taken to reduce the

    4 fumes that do create the Greenhouse Effect. They

    5 are hope to agree on ways of reducing the amount

    6 of carbon dioxide and other gases that we

    7 send into the atmosphere. These gases to act the way a

    8 greenhouse does and, as a result, the Earth is

    9 be getting hotter and hotter all the time. The

    10 temperature it is rising gradually and

    11 in 100 years' time the Earth will be hotter by about 4°C.

    12 The problem is be getting worse as more cars

    13 are make an appearance on our already crowded roads.

    14 The solution in Kyoto is depends on what the United States,

    15 the most powerful nation on Earth, feels is in its interests.




















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  • Lê Chí Thiện

    Hãy dịch đoạn hội thoại sau thành tiếng anh:

    Mùa xuân xôn xao, phơi phới. Những hạt mưa bé nhỏ, mềm mại, rơi mà như nhảy nhót. Hạt nọ tiếp hạt kia đậu xuống lá cây ổi còng mọc lả xuống mặt ao. Mùa đông xám xỉn và khô héo đã qua. Mặt đất đã kiệt sức bừng thức dậy, âu yếm đón lấy những hạt mưa ấm áp, trong lành. Đất trở lại dịu mềm, lại cần mẫn tiếp nhựa cho cây cỏ. Mưa mùa xuân đã mang lại cho chúng cái sức sống ứ đầy, tràn trên những nhánh lá, mầm non. Và cây trả nghĩa cho mưa bằng cả mùa hoa thơm, trái ngọt.

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  • Nguyễn Minh Hải

    Write about your family

    Pleasehelp megianroigianroi

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  • Phan Thị Trinh


    1 cows were eating grass on the meadow.

    2 my cousin will meet you at the station

    3 she is running her own company.

    4 visitors must leave umbrellas and raincoats in the cloakroom.

    5 my mother used to make us clean the house .

    6 john hasn't finished his homework.

    7 they suggeted banning advertisements on tv.

    8 I will shut the door if you like .

    9 we have just seen a horrible accident.

    10 what language do people speak in this country ?

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  • Aser Aser

    Gạch chân vào trọng âm chính trong những từ in nghiêng sau

        My favorite subjects at schoolwere science, especially chemistry and biology. I’ve always been good with numbers, so I was good at mathematics. I didn’t really like social science subjects like sociology and history, and that’s strange because when I went to university I did geography. I didn’t like foreign lan-gauges and literature, but they are core subjects, which are compulsory in the national school-leaving examinations.

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