write a passage about what we should to save energy (trên 70 từ)

write a passage about what we should to save energy (trên 70 từ)

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  • Nowadays, energy is necessary for our life. There are many kind of energy : ocean energy, electric energy, solar energy, wind energy... But energy also limit , so we must save energy. We can make some following ways.
    To save petrol energy, we should:
    + Limit travel by car, motorbike, train...
    You can using bicycles or walk.This not only help you save energy but also avoid traffic jams and can save your money any more.
    - To save electricity energy, we should:
    + Turn off the light , the fans, the air-conditioner, you should close it after using.Avoid ironning close at peak hours...
    + When buying somethings, we should choose devices with costly a low electricity.
    There are many ways to save water:
    + Turn off the faucet after using it
    + Don't let children play with water, if you let chidren play with water , this ill a lot of water.

    - In the kitchen we should save gas energy by many ways:
    + turn off gas after cooking
    + don't use gas too much
    + when the food ripe, we should turn off gas immidiately to save gas.
    - saving energy is our duty.
    If you follow ways above, you can not only save energy but also save money very much and protect the environment.

      bởi Nguyễn Thủy Tiên 27/10/2018
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