Talk about traffic problems in big cities.

Topic:Talk about traffic problems in big cities.

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  • There is a few traffic

      bởi Nguyễn Hoàng Trung Hiếu 04/05/2019
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  • Nowaday, traffic problem is the biggest problem that many people care about. In VN, I think the city where have the worst traffic is Ha noi.
    The first problem is the traffic jam here. Why? In the rush hours of the day, there're too many people using the road. Last year, in 2013, many bridges was built so it happen less but in order to stop this, a kind of small car should be invented, people should go to works by buses instead of going by motorbikes... 
    The second one, as you know, the roads in VN is not as big and clean as the roads in the big countries. They're narrow, bumpy and some dirty so it’s really hard for the road users to drive safely. I think we should raise money to make the road in VN better and better. 
    But everyone knows that Vietnamese people are not respect and don’t follow the traffic rules. That’s the biggest reason for everything. They wear the helmet that not strong enough to keep they safe if the accident may happen, they ride too fast on the small roads… The traffic will never can be improve if they keep doing this. 
    At the end, I hope the traffic in VN will improve more.

      bởi Chu Xuân 15/05/2019
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  • Những vấn đề về giao thông

    • long delays = my flight/plane was delayed
    • cancellations = my flight was cancelled
    • to lose your luggage
    • to miss your connection
    • to be stuck in traffic-jams / traffic congestion
    • to be held up by roadworks / diversions / accidents
    • to break down = my car broke down
    • bad weather conditions
    • thick fog / icy roads / heavy rain / strong winds / heavy storm

    Những giải pháp khác nhau để giải quyết kẹt xe

    • road access charges in city centres
    • car share schemes / incentives
    • bypasses / ringroads
    • park and ride schemes
    • free rental of city bikes
    • more cycle lanes
    • more frequent buses / extended network of buses
    • cheaper public transport
    • more pedestrianised streets
    • more electric trams
    • more accessible metro system


      bởi Chu Xuân 15/05/2019
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  • accident

      bởi Phan Thái Hòa 23/06/2019
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  • There are many problems in big cities that the people face daily. Among them,traffic jams are one of the big problems. ... Other causes include the dilapidated condition of roads, bad behaviour of drivers and violation of traffic rules. Due to all these reasons, road accidents occur in Karachi on a daily basis.

      bởi Đinh Trí Dũng 06/07/2019
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  • traffic

      bởi Nguyễn Đức Thuận 01/08/2019
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