Talk about a famous person

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talk about a famous person


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  • A famous person who I am really interested in is definitely My Tam. She is the best pop singer in Viet Nam who embarked on her singing career in 1999. The Da Nang-born singer has recently become Vietnam’s first-ever artist to be listed on Billboard’s World Albums chart, after releasing her ninth studio album ‘Tam 9’.

    My Tam is my biggest idol because she is a great singer with beautiful voice. Some years ago, I caught a glimpse of her on TV and was immediately hooked by her outstandingperformance. I have became her loyal fan since then. I really like the way she sings and the way she expresses the feeling of the song. To my admiration, she has always worked seriously to give high quality music products.

    My Tam is beloved for her good personality too. She is known to all her fans for her gregariousness and sense of humour. Besides, she has also devoted her time to organizing free concerts for univeristy students nationwide. Together with her fans and friends, she has been doing a lot of charity activities silently to help the poor, the sick and the homeless people.

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  • I would like to tell you about a famous person I admire.

    Tôi muốn kể cho bạn nghe về một người nổi tiếng mà tôi hâm mộ.


    He is a singer.

    Anh ấy là một ca sĩ.


    His name is Quang Dung.

    Tên của anh ấy là Quang Dũng.


    He is handsome.

    Anh ấy đẹp trai.


    He always wears fashionable clothes.

    Anh ấy luôn mặc quần áo hợp thời trang.


    I really like the way he sings and the way he expresses the feelings of the song.

    Tôi thực sự thích cách anh ấy hát và cách anh ấy bày tỏ cảm xúc của bài hát.


    He puts himself in the song he sings.

    Anh ấy đặt mình vào bài hát mà anh ta hát.


    In addition, he takes part in charity organizations to help the poor, the sick and the homeless people in the city.

    Hơn nữa, anh ấy tham gia vào các tổ chức từ thiện để giúp đỡ người nghèo, người ốm và người vô gia cư trong thành phố.


    So, I like him so much that I wish I became a famous singer like him.

    bởi Phạm Phương Thảo 11/01/2019
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  • talk about a famous person


    Nói về một người nổi tiếng

    bởi @%$ Đạo 16/05/2019
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  • The celebrity whom I would like to meet in person is definitely David Bekham. David was a professional English footballer who played for the world’s most renowned football clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid. He was named in the list of 100 greatest living football players of FIFA back in 2004.

    Besides his career as a sportsman, David is also famous for his marriage to Victoria Beckham, an equally successful model, singer and fashion designer, with four children. This has been considered one of the happiest celebrity marriages and partnerships.

    David Beckham is my biggest idol not only because of his legendary football skills but also because he is very modest and kind as a person. He was seen offering a hand to a photographer who fell while trying to photograph him. Also, according to his wife, David Beckham is a devoted husband and father who always puts his family first.

    If I ever had a chance, I would take David Beckham to my favorite restaurants in Hanoi and introduce Vietnamese food to him. Of course I would take pictures with him too, to post on my facebook wall but the most important thing would be for me to talk with him, learn from him and be inspired by this man.

    bởi Chu Xuân 17/05/2019
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  • I'm going to talk about my father because he has been a major influence in my life.

    My father was always a good role model for me as I was growing up. He's hard-working, patient and understanding; he's also got a goodsense of humour and seems to get on well with everybody. Hopefully I've inherited some of these traits.

    I admire my father because I think he brought me and my brothers/sisters up well; he was quite strict but always fair, and he has always been someone I can turn to for advice. I think my father set a good example by working hard and having a positive outlook on life. I remember that he used to leave for work early and come home quite late, but he always made time for me and my brothers/sisters.

    bởi Huất Anh Lộc in hoc247 18/05/2019
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