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Mời gia nhập Biệt đội Ninja247

  • Châu Lê

    Từ đồng nghĩa với explain

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  • Phạm Phương Thảo

    I was  very sd when the vet said he'd have to ........ Gertie,ourlapdog

    a. pull through

    b. wear off 

    c. put down

    d. feel up to

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  • Trinhh Mai

    If we all thought____ imagine how boring the world would be!

    A.alike.   B.like   C.likely    D.liking


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  • Trinhh Mai

    Finally the day came, they left their home and started to___ their dream

    A.have    B.look    C.live    D.get


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  • Trinhh Mai

    Different cultural diversity mixes with the europe american culture to form a meal___ all of the various ingredients are still readily identifiable 

    A. Which.   B. That     C. When.     D. Where

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  • vân anh

    Trong tương lai tôi muốn trở thành một dược sĩ và mở một nhà thuốc nhỏ

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  • Viên Quản Trị

    I hate the way Tony _____ around looking so self-important.





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  • Viên Quản Trị

    It's hard to get back into the _____ of things after a long holiday

    1 pace            2 way           3 rhythm           4 swing

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  • vân anh

    Write about your family tree.

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  • Mai Phạm

    1.  I tried to talk her ________  joining our trip, but she refused.

    A.  on       

    B.  in      

    C.  out of

    D.  into

    2.  ________  advised on what and how to prepare for the interview, he might have got the job.                                    

    A. If he had

    B. Unless he had been

    C. Had he been

    D. Were he to be

               3.  Children should be ________  by their parents on the first day of school.                                                       

    A. accompanied

    B. followed

    C. involved

    D. associated

    4.  In the ________  of proof, the police could not take action against the man.                                 

    A. lack

    B. shortage

    C. absence

    D. want

    5.  My mother often­­­­ ______ our mistakes, whereas my father is very strict and punishes us for even the slightest one.

    A. overlooks

    B. neglects

    C. passes

    D. avoids

    6.  All the way along the winding street ________. 

    A. he came

    B. came he

    C. did he come

    D. comes he

    7. Is there any chance ________  the machineries repaired?

    A. to have

    B. of being

    C. for having

    D. of having

    8.  Scientists ________  a carefully controlled experiment on the mystery virus.

    A. carried over

    B. measured out

    C. carried out

    D. put up

    9.  Jack  ________  yet, otherwise he would have telephoned me.                                                                          

     A. can’t have arrived                        

    B. mustn’t have arrived

     C. needn’t have arrived                    

    D. shouldn’t have arrived

    10.  For lunch, I always have something quick and easy: a sandwich, a salad, toast and the ________.       

    A. same

    B. similar

    C. like

    D. rest

    11. It looked dark and heavy ________  it was going to rain.

    A. unless

    B. as if

    C. although

    D. whereas

    12.  I always get ________  in my stomach before visiting the dentist.                

    A.  butterflies         

    B.  worms            

    C.  crabs

    D.  hedgehogs

    13.  It should be easy for Peter to find more time to spend with his children ________  he no longer has to work in the evenings and on weekends.

     A.  even though         

    B.  but             

    C.  now that          

    D.  due to

    14.  Although he claims to have left his job voluntarily, he was actually ________  for misconduct.

    A.  dismissed          

    B.  released             

    C.  resigned           

    D. dispelled

    15. It is ________  unlikely that the Queen will agree to open the new Town Hall.                                                              

    A. greatly

    B. highly

    C. mainly

    D. largely

    16.  The job requires certain ________. You have to be good at operating computers and dealing with people.

    A. qualifications

    B. knowledge

    C. techniques

    D. skills

    17.  Only ________  research has been carried out in this field.                                               

    A. a few

    B. a little

    C. very little

    D. not much

    18. You have to study hard to ________  your classmates.                                     

    A. keep pace with

    B. get in touch with

    C. catch sight of

    D. look out for

    19. He was the only the student ________  the scholarship

    A. to win

    B. winning

    C. win

    D. who wins

    20. John: “If only I hadn’t lent him all my money”      Peter: “________ ”

    A. I’m afraid you will have to do it.                 B. All right. You will be OK.

    C. Sorry, I have no idea.                                    D. Well, you did, so it’s no use crying over spilt milk.

    21. She was unable to warn her mother that she would be late because the telephone was ________. 

    A. out of work

    B. off work

    C. out of order

    D. off duty

    22.  Mary Smith decided to give up her job for the ________ of the children.

    A. reason

    B. sake

    C. care

    D. concern

    23.  He drives me to the edge because he never stops talking.                                                                                                 

    A. irritates me

    B. frightens me

    C. moves me

    D. steers me

    24. I think we can safely say now that we have got our money back, we are home and dry.

    A. have been successful

    B. have not got wet

    C. have got no water                

    D. have got home dry

    25.  Although we argued with him for a long time, he stood his ground.

     A. wanted to continue

    B. felt sorry for us

     C. changed his decision

    D. refused to change his decision

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  • Mai Phạm

    Every year on 1st January, millions of people decide that they will finally become the wonderful, (0) productive (PRODUCE), healthy, happy person they've always wanted to be. The (1) ________ (COMMIT) that an individual makes, at the beginning of the year, to achieving a (2) ________ (BENEFIT) lifestyle change is called a New Year's resolution.

    In the Western world, popular resolutions include improving one's appearance of physical (3) ________ (FIT), or reducing one's intake of alcohol or cigarettes. Losing weight, by eating more (4) ________ (SENSIBLE) and exercising more, is (5) ________ (POSSIBLE) the most common resolution.

    A student may wish to focus more in class. Other people may make the (6) ________ (DECIDE) to donate money to the poor. Some may want to be more (7) ________ (ECONOMY) with their spending, and there are those who choose to become more (8) ________ (ENVIRONMENT) responsible.

    The trouble is that the (9) ________ (EAGER) to make changes, especially concerning exercise and diet, tends to fade as soon as we come to the (10) ________  (REALISE) that we can't change everything overnight. Many New Year's resolutions are broken long before the end of January.


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