• Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

    Telecommuting is some form of computer communication between em­ployees' homes and offices. For employees whose jobs involve sitting at a terminal or word processor entering data or typing reports, the location of the computer is of no consequence. If the machine can communicate over tele­phone lines, when the work is completed, employees can dial the office com­puter and transmit the material to their employers. A recent survey in USA Today estimates that there are approximately 8.7 million telecommuters. But although the numbers are rising annually, the trend does not appear to be as significant as predicted when Business Wee,  published "The Portable Execu­tive" as its cover story a few years ago. Why hasn't telecommuting become more popular?

    Clearly, change simply takes time. But in addition, there has been active. resistance on the part of many managers. These executives claim that super‑rising the telecommuters in a large work force scattered across the country would be too difficult, or at least, systems for manager them are not yet developed. there by complicating the manager's responsibilities.

    It is also true that employees who are `given the option of telecommuting are often reluctant to accept the opportunity. Most people feel that they need regular interaction with a group, and many are concerned that they will not have the same consideration for advancement if they are not more visible in the office setting. Some people feel that even when a space in their home is set aside as work area, they never really get away from the office.

    Câu hỏi:

    With which of the following topics is the passage primarily concerned?

    • A. The advantages of telecommuting
    • B. A definition of telecommuting
    • C. An overview of telecommuting
    • D. The failure of telecommuting

    Lời giải tham khảo:

    Đáp án đúng: C


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