• Exercise 1: Read the passage carefully and decide whether statements are True, False or No information

    What happens if, or when, robots are more intelligent than us? If we are going to start to see robots running around with personalities equivalent to human beings, in fifteen or twenty years. It is about time that we start thinking about that now. These machines are being developed. What will be the ultimate effect of this? Should they be allowed to make decisions regarding the application of labour force? What form and how intimate should human-robot relationships become? Is it a good or bad thing if robots become our natural successors and we fade into extinction?

    Today's computers operate using transistors, wires and electricity. Future computers might use atoms, fibers and light. A new NASA-developed computing device allows machines to work much like the brain. This technology may allow fast-thinking machines to make decisions based on what they see. A planetary rover might use this technology to avoid obstacles. A spacecraft might use the technology to avoid hazards and identify a pre-selected landing site with very high precision. The device works much like the brain, whose power comes from the complex networks of interconnections called "synapses" between brain cells. Networks of these brain cells, called neurons, allow humans to make instant decisions based on an observed image or scene.

    What might the world be like, if computers with the size of molecules become a reality? There will be the types of computers that may be everywhere, but never be seen. Bio - computers with very small size will target specific areas inside your body. Imagine the ways that billions of tiny, powerful computers will change our society. 

    Câu hỏi:

    In the future, robots will take place of the human labor force.

    • A. True 
    • B. False
    • C. No information
    • D. All are not correct

    Lời giải tham khảo:

    Đáp án đúng: A


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