Hỏi đáp Unit 6 Tiếng Anh lớp 12 phần Writing


Danh sách hỏi đáp (27 câu):

  • Bi do

    As far as we know every country has their traditional clothes. Ao Dai is known as traditional Vietnamese clothes especially women. Early versions of the “Ao Dai” date back to 1744 when Lord Vu Vuong of the Nguyen Dynasty decided both men and women should wear an outfit of pants and a gown that buttoned down the front. The word "ao dai" was originally applied to the outfit worn at the court of the Nguyễn Lords at Huế in the 18th century. This outfit evolved into, a five-paneled aristocratic gown worn in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Inspired by Paris fashions, Nguyễn Cát Tường and other artists associated with Hanoi University redesigned the ngũ thân as a modern dress in the 1920s and 1930s.[3] The updated look was promoted by the artists and magazines of (Self-Reliant Literary Group) as a national costume for the modern era. In the 1950s, Saigon designers tightened the fit to produce the version worn by Vietnamese women today.[3] The dress was extremely popular in South Vietnam in the 1960s and early 1970s. On Tết and other occasions, Vietnamese men may wear (brocade robe), a version of the ao dai made of thicker fabric..What wasn’t, until 1930 that “Ao Dai”appear similar to what it looks today. Now, Men wear it less, generally only on ceremonial occasions such as weddings or funerals. During the 1950s two tailors in Saigon started producing “Ao Dai”with raglan sleeves. This creates a diagonal seam running from the collar to the underarm. This style is still preferred today. “Ao Dai”is made individually to fit each customer's shape to create the most flasttering look. Its body-hugging top flows over wide trousers that brush the floor. The pants should reach the soles of the feet and flow along the floor. Splits in the gown extend well above waist height and make it comfortable and easy to move in. Comfortability is always taken into account for fashions and beauty. Tailors must be skills so as to ensure the wearer has freedom of movement. Despite it being a long robe, “Ao Dai” is cool to wear. Synthetic or silk fabrics are best to use being they do not crush and dry quickly. For this reason “Ao Dai” is a practical uniform for daily wear. The color can show the wearer's age and status. Young girls wear pure white, fully-lined outfits symbolizing their purity. Older but unmarried girls move into soft pastel shades. Only married women wear “Ao Dai”in strong, rich colors, usually over white or black pants. “Ao Dai”is rarely seen in places where manual work is practiced. In the nineties the Ao dai become popular again. It has become standard and common attire for female students as well and staff at offices and hotels. Ao dai nowadays is very popular with different designs and colors. “Ao Dai”has become the most preferred dress for formal occasions and traditionally ceremonies. Nowadays, “Ao Dai” has been modified. Its length is cut shorter usually just below the knee. Variations in the neck, between boat and mandarin style, are common. Adventurous alterations such as a low scooped neckline, puffed sleeves or off the shoulder designs are appearing as ladies experiment with fashion. Access to new fabrics have made for some interesting design most visitors to Vietnam admire local tailors' skills when making ao dai. ashion designers want to change the traditional ao dai. Some have printed lines of poetry on the ao dai, so they look modern and very fashionable. Other designers have taken inspiration from Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. They have visited villages and studied traditional designs and symbols such as suns, stars, crosses, and stripes. They have added these patterns to the ao dai, so Vietnamese women can continue to wear the unique dress, which is now both traditional and fashionable.

    Mình gặp vấn đề về bài luận này, các cậu có thể giúp mình không ạ. Cảm ơn ạ

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  • Đan Nguyên

    They have no reasons to complain about our behavior.

    ---->There are no reasons................................

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  • Nguyễn Quang Thanh Tú

    II. Choose the best answer

    1. “Thank you very much for your help, John,” said Daisy.

    a. Daisy thanked John for helping her. b. Daisy told John to help her.

    c. Daisy wanted John to help her and said thanks. d. Daisy would like John to help her.

    2. “It is you that stole my purse,” Mrs. Pike said to the young man.

    a. Mrs. Pike told the young man that it was you that stole her purse. b. Mrs. Pike denied the young man of stealing her purse.

    c. Mrs. Pike accused the young man of stealing her purse.d. Mrs. Pike asked the young man to steal her purse.

    3. “You mustn’t get into the area,” the policeman said.

    a. The policeman stopped them from getting into the area.b. The policeman denied from getting into the area.

    c. The policeman wanted them to get into the area.d. The policeman suggested getting into the area.

    4. “Whose composition haven’t we heard yet?”

    The teacher asked us to tell her .................................

    a. whose composition we haven’t heard yet.b. whose composition we hadn’t heard yet.

    c. whose composition hadn’t we heard yet.d. whose composition we hadn’t heard yet?

    5. “You look beautiful in this dress.”

    Last night she told me..................................................

    a. you look beautiful in that dress.b. you looked beautiful in that dress.

    c. I’ll look beautiful in this dress.d. I looked beautiful in that dress.

    6. “Hi, Bob. Did you take the job?”

    Bob’s friend asked him ...............................................

    a. did he take the job b. whether you took the job.c. if he had taken the job d. had he taken the job.

    7. “How many people are there in your family?”

    The interview asked me ..............................................

    a. how many people there were in your family.b. how many people were there in your family.

    c. how many people were there in my family.d. how many people there were in my family.

    8. “Don’t stay up late. You should go to bed early,” Peter told me.

    a. Peter told me not to stay up late and promised to go to bed earlyb. Peter promised not to stay up late and told me to go to bed early.

    c. Peter told me do not to stay up late and advised me to go to bed early.d. Peter told me not to stay up late and advised me to go to bed early.

    9. “I will bring you some food.” He said to me

    a. He invited me to eat some food b. he offered to bring me some food

    c. He told me to bring some food d. he advise me to bring some food

    10. “Go on, Susan! Apply for the job,” the father said.

    a. The father invited Susan to apply for the job.b. The father denied applying for the job.

    c. The father encouraged Susan to apply for the job.d. The father wanted Susan not to apply for the job.

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  • Choco Choco

    chuyển câu sao cho không đổi nghĩa

    1 Crew:Captain Kirk,wwhich star are we travelling to? (reported speech)


    2 what will happen If the Sun becomes cooler(reported speech)


    3 Mai :what will happen if aliens accupy Earth? (reported speech)


    4 the thick fog prevented me from driving to work(made)

    => the thick fog ...............

    5 people all over the world speak English(spoken)


    6 Nick hasn't been to Vietnam before(time)

    => this is ..............

    7 you must concentrate on your work more(apply)


    8 cars are banned from the city centre(ban)

    =>there...........................in the city centre

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  • Anh Nguyễn

    "Li xi" is an important part in Vietnam’s customs of Tet Festival, especially with children. It is a small amount of money that can bring good fortune to the upcoming year. However, "li xi" is not limited only on the first day, but can even last to the 9th or 10th day of Tet Festival, and given when the adults first met the kids.
    Besides the money, the tiny red envelope also has its own meaning. It represents the secrecy and privacy to avoid comparison as adults want children to regard the money as the gift of New Year, instead of being jealous of receiving less than other kids. The red color, the most popular color appearing in Vietnamese festivals, signifies the prosperity and great luck according to Asian’s beliefs.
    In the morning of the first day of Lunar New Year, children and parents will visit grandparents’ home, wishing for a happy new year and great health, showing respect and gratitude, and giving gifts. After that, it is grandparents and adults’ turn to give children lucky money to welcome their new age.

    1. By whom is the custom loved most?


    2. For how long can the custom be applied?


    3. Why is a red envelope used?


    4. What does the red color signify?


    5. Why do adults give "li xi" to children?

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  • Thiên Mai

    Change all of the adjective clauses to adjective phrases

    1. My father, who is a pilot, often goes abroad

    => My father

    2. We have a few, exercises that we have to do

    => We have

    3. Animals that are born in a zoo generally adjust to captivity better than those that are captured in the wild

    => Animals

    4. She simply loves parties. She's always the first who come and the last who goes

    => She simply

    5. People who thaey are protesting agains pollution have gathered in front of the Town Hall

    => People

    6. A new international airport which will cost 20 billion dollars is planned

    => A new international airport

    7. Your son was the second chils who was kipnapped in this way

    => Your son was

    8. Families who were living in an empty office building

    => Families

    9. Brad was the only person who discovered her secret

    => Brad was the

    10. A chemical company which employed 4,000 people has gone bankrupt

    => A chemical company

    11. A new drug which was developed at an American university may give us eternal youth

    => A new drug

    12. I have some letters that I must write

    => I have

    13. She is the only woman who was appointed to the board

    => She is

    14. Who was the first person who left the office yesterday?

    => Who was

    15. We had a bottle of wine, but we didn't have anything that we could open it with

    => We had

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  • Tieu Dong

    1. The car was too expensive for him to buy
    => He couldn't ....
    2. I didn’t arrived in time to see him.
    => I wasn’t early...
    3. I can meet you if you arrive before eleven.
    => So ...

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  • Lê Vinh

    Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không đổi:

    It is not good if you excercise too hard for too long.

    You shouldn't_____________________________________________________________________

    Giúp với!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!khocroi

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  • Đào Thị Nhàn

    1. We joined ……...on a two day trip to Nha Trang.

    A. with them B. them C.into them D. theirs

    2. She is sitting over there………Minh and Thang.

    A. around B.between C.among D.beside

    3. After two hours walking, they reached ……………a big old tree.

    A.near B.at C.to D. no preposition

    4. She enjoys ………photos when she stays in Dalat.

    A.catching B.taking C.drawing D.writing

    5.We.........we could go to Japan someday.

    A.hope B.want C.suggest D.wish

    6.They live ............afarm 60km outside Ho Chi Minh City.

    A.in B.at C.on D.into

    7.Mr.Parker, a farm...............maize on his farm.

    A.grows B.makes C.keeps D.takes

    8.Peter is.............as Van.

    A.the same old B.as age C.the same age D.older

    9..............Van completes his homework,he helps do homework.

    A.as soon as B.As long as C.as much as D.as well as

    10.He will keep studying............he is exhausted.

    A.till B.when C.until D.as soon as

    11.The three boys often help Mr.Parker..............farm work.

    A.on B.with C.at D.to

    12.They are so nice that Van feels............members of their family.

    A.as B.like C.the same D.similar

    13.It...............them 15 minutes to walk to the nearest post office.

    A.spent B.made C.took D.got

    14.It was hot,..........I tuturned on the air-conditioner.

    A.but B.and C.so D.for

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  • Lê Nhi

    He is much( well)..... today.

    Câu này chia so sánh như nào ạ, e cảm ơn

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  • Thu Hang

    Dịch hộ mình cụm này với: get jealous over stupid things

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  • na na

    1. she's gone to the shops


    2. he's very worried about his exams


    3. i think Emily's a bit tired


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  • Lê Minh Bảo Bảo

    1. Can they control the city traffic?

    -> can the city traffic...........

    2. we couldn't drive fast because the traffic was haavy

    -> since ...........

    3. I'm really sorry I didn't invite her to the party

    -> I really wish .........

    4. the town was nearer than we thought

    => the town wasn't as ........

    5. they won't be able to come on sunday

    -> It will be ........

    6. we spent five hours getting to london

    -> It ......

    7. my brother can't run as fast as he used to

    -> my brother used to ........

    8. I don't come by car because I can't park near my office

    -> If ............

    9. Jane can't cook very well

    -> Jane isn't ...........

    10. If you want to keep fit, you must play spoets

    -> unless .....

    11. my family own a holiday flat and that's why we always go to the same place

    -> if ........................................

    12. I don't answer the phone becayse I didn't know it was you

    -> I would ............................

    13. Jenny was always on the time until she started going out with Adrian

    -> Jenny never used .........................

    14. the dentist will have to take out the infected tooth

    -> the infected tooth ......................

    15. chocolate causes some people come out in sports

    -> chocolate makes ..........................

    16. It's a shame you didn't tell me earlier

    -> I wish ......................

    17. they've been living here for six years now

    -> they moved ..............................

    18. '' you shouldn't spend your weekend in the city''

    -> she advised me ....................

    19. '' can you give me a ride to school ''

    -> he asked his friend .......................

    20. do you have a postman deliver the newspaper every day?

    -> do you have the newspaper .....................

    21. I felt tired after a long trip, so I went to bed early

    -> felling tired ............................

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  • Trần Hoàng Mai

    That's right.It's part of a ______ on living in strange places

    A.series B.collection C.set D.group

    Giúp mk nha,mk cần gấpoaoa

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  • Nguyễn Thanh Hà

    1.cyclist and motorist have to wear a

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  • Đặng Ngọc Trâm

    my school library (17)____very big.There are hundreds of books of all kinds.English book are(18)____the shelve on the right.In fron of them, there are two table for readers and literature books are (19)____ the middle of the room.on the left,tow racks of geography, history and literature books always attract a lot of students.At the back of the library are newspaper and magazines.we(20)____reading books because they are and helpful.

    Question 17 :

    A.be B. is C. am D.are

    Question 18 :

    A. at B. in C. on D.of

    Question 19 :

    A. on B. at C.of D. in

    Question 20 :

    A. like B. go C. talk D. take part in

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  • Choco Choco

    rewrite the following sentences using " unless"

    1. our sources of energy will soon if other are not found


    2. Life on earth will be destroy if nuclear tests do not stop


    3. men will continue to live on food if other types of protein are not found


    4. World population will countinue to rise if we do not try reduce it

    5. aLL OUR beautiful forests will be destoyed if we do nothing to preserve them


    6. Unless it stops raining, we won't go out


    7. Without gravity, water couldn't run down hill

    Water couldn't _____________

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  • Hong Van

    Mấy bạn giúp đỡ bài trắc nghiệm này và bạn giới tu nữa nhé, Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!!!

    1. When I last saw him, he _____ in London.

    A. has lived B. is living C. was living D. has been living

    2. We _______ Dorothy since last Saturday.

    A. don't see B. haven't seen C. didn't see D. hadn't seen

    3. The train ______ half an hour ago.

    A. has been leaving B. left C. has left D. had left

    4. Jack ______ the door.

    A. has just painted B. paint C. will have painted D. painting

    5. My sister ________ for you since yesterday.

    A. is looking B. was looking C. has been looking D. looked

    6. I ______ Texas State University now.

    A. am attending B. attend

    C. was attending D. attended

    7. He has been selling motorbikes ________.

    A. ten years ago B. since ten years

    C. for ten years ago D. for ten years

    8. Christopher Columbus _______ American more than 500 years ago.

    A. discovered B. has discovered

    C. had discovered D. had been discovering

    9. He fell down when he ______ towards the church.

    A. run B. runs C. was running D. had run

    10. We _______ there when our father died.

    A. still lived B. lived still C. was still lived D. was still living

    11. They ______ table tennis when their father comes back home.

    A. will play B. will be playing C. play D. would play

    12. By Christmas, I _______ for Mr. Smith for six years.

    A. will have been working B. will work

    C. have been working D. will be working

    13. I _______ in the room right now.

    A. am being B. was being

    C. have been being D. am

    14. I ______ to New York three times this year.

    A. have been B. was C. were D. had been

    15. I'll come and see you before I _______ for the States.

    A. leave B. will leave C. have left D. shall leave

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  • Trịnh Lan Trinh

    Lan doesn't know many people here.--....................("I wish")

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