To attend the course, you first need to pass our (speak) spoken Vietnamese test?

bởi thanh duy 03/06/2019

To attend the course, you first need to pass our (speak) spoken Vietnamese test.

Tại sao lại là spoken ạ??! Cảm ơn nak ~.~!!

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  • ngọc trang

    Chọn đáp án đúng:

    1. They have____books than me.

    A. long B. far C. often D. much

    2. How ____ you go to the cinema?-Once a week

    A. much B. so C.for

  • truc lam

    I. Identify the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the other words :

    1. A.carry B.invent C.appoint D.become

    2. A.sentence B.season C.success D.saucer

    II. Use the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences :

    1. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven ................ of the ancient world ( wonderful )

    2. There is a great .................. between Phuong and her twin sister ( similar )

    3. They live in a ............... area in the north - west of the country ( mountain )

    4. Artists are .................. people ( create )

    5. The students discussed and pointed out what to do to save ................ and water ( electric )

    6. If you are good at English, you could get the ................ from Cambridge Language Center ( scholar )

  • Bo Bo

    fill in each space with a correct preposition

    1.her parents were very proud ...her when she got the scholarship.

    2.This suit different..the one I saw yesterday.

    3.The passage is written...English

    4.VNese women úually wear ao dai ,sometimes work, and specially...special occasions.

    5.They named their daughter...their own styles...clothes...their own lables...them

  • Tram Anh

    Mọi người giúp mình với, mình đang cần gấp, xin cảm ơn ạ

    I. Write A,B,C or D which best completes the sentences

    1. She (works/work/ have worked/ were working) 40 hours a week

    2. If i (were/am/will be/have been) you, i would live on my salary

    3. Unfortunately, they (promised/refused /denied /decided) having stolen my car

    4. While i (am having /was having /had/have) lunch, she opened the door, entered the room and said nothing

    5. Pele used to be one of the greatest soccer players of his (inspiration /generation /compulsion /situation)

    6. She is (introducing /encouraging /designing /mentioning) the children to literature from Asia countries

    7. Mr. Bush we really impressed by our country's economic (generation /fashion /growth /compulsion)

    8. Their father is out of work, so they're going to have to (be saved /spend /modernize/economize) from now on..

    9. My village is (in/on/to/between) the north of Ha Noi capital city

    10. After two hours traveling by bus, we (came/reached /got/went) Da Lat

    11. This film is so interesting that i (have seen/saw/see/has see) it twice

    12. I have a pen pal in Singapore. We (comprise /divide /impress/correspond) with each other at least once a month

    13. They usually take a walk in the park early in the morning to enjoy the (fresh /salty/windy/strong) air there

    14. Children's shoes usually wear (up/on/out /into) very quickly

    15. The picnic last week gave us a lot of (enjoy /enjoyment /enjoyable /enjoyed)

    16. "Jeans" is named (at/for /after /in) Genoa

    17. The material is strong. It does not (take/wear/find /come) out easily

    18. The price (includes /consists /has/comprises) 7 items of jeans

  • Nguyễn Thị Thu Huệ

    Mọi người giúp mình với, mình đang cần gấp, xin cảm ơn ạ

    II/ chọn A,B,C hoặc D

    1. He took (off/on/above /over) his hat and got into the room

    2. "When did you come here?"-"i (have/was/have been /had been) here since August 25"

    3. The shopping center was (crowded /full/busy/hurry) of people on the first day of the sales

    4. Accidents (are often caused /is often caused /often cause /often caused) by carelessness

    5. "Do you know the speaker?"-" he is the (most boring /more boring /most bored /more bored) speaker i have ever known "

    6. It's (convenience /inconvenience /convenient /inconvenient) to call anyone at night

    7. Many designers took (inspired /inspire/inspiration /inspectional) from Vietnam's ethnic minority

    8. I've looked (at/for /up/on) my key but i can't find it anywhere

    9. I wish they (are/were/would be/will be) here next time

    10. Maryam often goes to the (pagoda /church /mosque /temple) to pray because her religion is Islam

    11. The examination will be divided (in/on/into /to) three parts

    12. Let's go to the Temple of Literature. (That's a fine day/that's a good trip/that's a good idea /yes, let)

    13. They play tennis once (each /a/every /most) three weeks

    14. It (spent/made/got/took)them 15 minutes to walk to the nearest post office

    15. He (has been taken /was taken/is taken /took) to the hospital recently

    16. (As soon as /as long as /as much as/as well as) Van completes his homework, he father's success at school

    17. The girl was greatly impressed (of/on/at/by)her father's success at school

    18. It was hot , so i (turn /turns /turned /am turning) on the air-conditioner

    19. We (hurry /hurryingly/hurried /hurriedly) gathered our things and ran to the bus stop

    20. The bus collected us at 5 o'clock (in the early morning /early in the morning /in the morning early /in early the morning)

    21. (So/in conclude /in inclusion /in conclusion), students in secondary schools should wear uniform

    22. She was sick. She cried a lot (at/on/until /during) at night

    23. The book my mother gave me (comprise/consist/comprises/consists) 100 pages

    24. The new camera didn't work, (so/because/then/and) my sister took it back to the shop 2

    25. Liz will show the photos she has taken (from /to/for /with) her parents

    26. Hoa is Buddist. She goes to (mosque /church /temple/pagoda) every month

  • thu trang

    viết từ 40-50 từ về 2 chủ đè sau

    1. do you like school uniform? why or why not

    2. what festival do you like best? why

  • hồng trang

    Complete the letter with the correct form of verbs in the box.

    leave bear apply have be learn move work see live consider

    Dear Sir,

    I’d like (1)_______for the job of shop manager which I (2)_______advertised in the local paper.

    I’m twenty years old. I (3)________in France but my family (4)_______to England when I was twelve and (5)________here ever since. I (6)________school three years ago and since then I (7)________several jobs in shops. Now I (8)________in Halls department store. The manager has said that he (9)_______willing to give me a reference.

    I speak French and English fluently and I (10)_______German since I left school, so I speak some German too.

    I hope you (11)________my application.

    Yours sincerely,

    Louuse Brette

  • Nguyễn Thị Trang

    I.Write the sentences, using the correct form of the words in brackets
    1.Staying up late can cause ____and sleepiness. (tired)
    2.Peter and Mary do not prefer living in____area, (locality)
    3. How much does___affect your body? (obese)
    4. ____ are people who cause pollution to the environment. (pollute)
    5. The___couple loives very healthily with a food diet. (elder)
    6. The doctor will___Tom to discover his illness (examination)
    7. When you___to long, you may get eye regularly? (safety)