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Some sports or activities have traditionally been connected (0) with young people, even though (2)..... isn't always clear why. Skateboarders, for instance, are expected to (3).....teenagers wearing clothes four sizes too big for them. When you come to think of it, there's (4).... practical reason why people over the age of 21 shouldn't take (5)....the sport.
Skateboarding involves a certain amount of falling off the board, (6)..... can of course be painful, but this also applies to other sports like skiing or surfing. Sports should not be restricted (7)....teenages. There is (8)....wrong with a grown-up gliding down the road on his or her broad.
(9)...... the same time, I must confess that I felt a certain sympathy for my niece Emily when her father, (10)....older brother Tom, announced that he was going skateboarding with her. (11)...... the age of 14 you are very conscious of (12)......other people think of you. She knew all her friends would laugh (13)..... her if she arrived for the regular Saturday morning skateboarding sessions in the local park with her dad.
Emily felt (14)....ambarrassment would be more than she could bear, so she kindly asked her father (15)..... he could go skateboarding somewhere else. Tom realised how embarrassed Emily must (16)..... felt and burst out laughing.

Câu trả lời (1)

  • (2) it

    (3) be

    (4) no/little

    (5) up

    (6) which

    (7) to

    (8) nothing

    (9) At

    (10) my

    (11) At

    (12) what

    (13) at

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