ĐẶT CÂU VỚI CÁC CỤM TỪ SAU: Find the film interesting Do the gardening


1. Find the film interesting

2. Do the gardening

3. participate in

4. in order to

5. give my pleasure

6. in her freetime

7. sewing machine

8. spend 1 hour watching TV

9. a few school boy

Lưu ý ạ : Có thể dùng 1 trong 4 thì : hiện tại đơn, hiện tại tiếp diễn, quá khứ đơn, tương lai ( tùy ý ạ, miễn là dùng cả 4 thì trong 9 câu í )


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    1. Find the film interesting

    the children find the film interesting

    2. Do the gardening

    my grandfather always does the gardening every SUnday

    3. participate in

    We participated in the English contest in our school

    4. in order to

    I study hard in order to make my parents happy

    5. give my pleasure

    Walking in the rain gives me pleasure

    6. in her freetime

    she usually listens to music in her freetime

    7. sewing machine

    my aunt used the sewing machine to make this dress

    8. spend 1 hour watching TV

    i spent 1 hour watching TV yesterday

    9. a few school boy

    a few school boys are playing video games in the amusement center

      bởi Lê Thị Mỹ Hạnh 08/06/2019
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    B: Yes, I ..............(be) very busy recently.

    A: Really? Tell me what you ...............(do) since we last .............(see) each other.

    B: Well, I ..............(get) my degree last month and then I........... (move) house

    A: When...................(you/move)?

    B: Last week, but I .......................(not/unpack) everything yet.

    A: I...................(phone) you on Tuesday but there.................(be) no answer.

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    2,We could walk FREE/FREELY around the aircraft

    3,She went to bed LATE/LATELY and she was sleeping BAD/BADLY

    4,The man looked THOUGHTFUL/THOUGHTFULLY around the room

    5,THE YOUNG/THE YOUNG MAN with dark hair in my sister's boyfriend

    6,I'm sure you could with the match if you tried HARD/HARDLY

    7,They performad the experiment SCIENTIFICALLY/SCIENTIFICLY

    8,Mom called and said she'd be home SOON/SOONLY

    9,We became SICK/SICKLY after eating the contaminatied food

    10,I think Egypt is a FASCINATED/FASCINATING country

    11,He drove as FAST/FASTLY as he could to the hospital

    12,I'II HAPPY/HAPPILLY make dinner if you want me to

    13,What is wrong?You look TERRIBLE/TERRIBLY

    14,Is wasn't a serious accident.The car was only SLIGHT/SLIGHTLY damaged

    15,Please keep QUIET/QUIETLY!The baby is sleeping

    16,They HARD/HARDLY know each other

    17,The noise in the school makes learings DIFFICULT/DIFFICULTY

    18,She fell and hurt herself quite BAD/BADLY

    19,Linda like wearing COULOURFUL/COLOURFULLY clothes

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    1. my sisiter was scared when he crossed the rood

    2. they do'nt like going by bike because it 's too hot

    3. minh usually sends one hour on computer games

    4. my mother goes to the market every day

    5. I received a letter from lan last week

    6. the teacher helpe her clo this work

    7. yes , I went to my grand parent's house yesterday

    8. no,I played chess with my father

    9. because he was ill

    10. we didn't go to school by bike because it is too far

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    1,What / happen / there / no energy / earth /.

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  • HE says he........(work) at this school in 2000 . Câu này từ work có chia về qua quá khứ hay giữ nguyên ạ ??

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  • Put the brackets into the correct tense: Present Perfect or Past Simple

    1. I (buy).......a new house last year, but I (not sell)......my old house yet, so at the moment, I have two houses.

    2. When Ann (be).........on her way to the station it (begin)...........to rain. Ann (run)....back to her flat for her umbrella but this (make)..............her late for her train.

    3. She (catch).........the next train but it (not get)............in till 9.00, so she (arrive).....at her office ten minutes late.

    4. Her boss (look).........up as she (come) in. You (be).........late every morning this week, he (growl).........

    5. Ann (go)...........to Canada six month ago. She (work).........in Canada for a while and then (go)...........to the United States.

    6. Mary (find)............a five- pound note while she (walk).....to school yesterday.

    7. When I (get)...........home last night, I (be).............very tired and I (go)...........straight to bed.

    8. It (snow).....hard when I (leav)...............home.

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  • 1. She can't meet us on Saturday. She ..........

    A. will work B. is working C. goes to work D. has worked

    2. I ........... all morning but I haven't finished

    A. worked B. have worked C. were working D. have been working

    3. When I got to the station, Andrew ........., so I didn't see him

    A. left B. was leaving C. had left D. has left

    4. His house is still for sale

    -> Nobody ..................................

    5. We have known each other since 1995

    -> We first ................................

    6. There isn't a baker's in this village any more

    -> There used .............

    7. Jack is not nearly as energetic as he used to be

    -> Jack used ..................

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  • 1. The university isn't close enough for me and Karen to go on foot every morning.

    -> The university is ____________________________________

    2. Bob doesn't like travelling to Sofia by train and Maria doesn't like it, either.

    -> Neither __________________________________________

    3. All the students from our class went on the excursion to Turkey except for Lily.

    -> Lily was __________________________________________

    4. It's is forbidden to use reference books and dictionaries when you sit an exam.

    -> You aren't ___________________________________________

    5. My son always finds it difficult to understand his lessons in Physics and History.

    -> My son always has __________________________________

    6. Joseph has never had a better mobile phone than the one he was given yesterday.

    -> The mobile phone Joseph was given yesterday is _______________________

    7. All my colleages read online newspapers as soon as they arrive at the office.

    -> On _______________________________________

    8. As Lucy's son and daughter get older, they become more absent-minded.

    -> The _____________________________________________

    9. This museum hasn't been visited by many tourists since it was opened a year ago.

    -> Only a __________________________________________

    10. I don't have the slightest idea why Erika and her husband left the party that early.

    -> I have no idea what __________________________________


    . qà?

    . <3 <3 <3 = a + b
    . <3 <3 <3 <3 = <3 anb
    . <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 = bão 7[tb]
    . Sai icon = bùng

    11/12/2018 |   1 Trả lời

  • Chọn đáp án thích hợp để hoàn thành câu:

    1. I think Nam is .... honest boy in our class.

    A. a B. an C. the D.this

    2. Hoa lives with the aunt and uncle but she does her ..... washing.

    A. own B. private C. personal D. proper

    3. The students should pay mỏe ....... in class.

    A. notice B. attention C. care D.part

    4. People are living longer so there are more and more .... elderly people

    A. many B.much C. a lot D. \(\)

    5. Can you ... it on Monday tonight?

    A. come B. makes C. make D. comes

    6. ....... year is a year in which February has 29 days instead of 28.

    A. Rest B. Leap C. Four D. Last

    7. We ...... this film boring.

    A. find B. thinks C. watch D. look

    8. Children take ... in playing computer games in their free time.

    A. please B. pleasant C. pleasing D. pleasure

    9. Are you ready, Nancy? - ..........

    A. Already not B. Quite not C. Yet not D. Not quite

    10. I was 40 kilos last month. Now I'. 42. I ..... weight.

    A. put B. get C. am putting on D. getting on

    31/12/2018 |   3 Trả lời