tiếng anh unit 11

bởi Tran Xuan ngày 12/02/2018

đổi các câu sau sang thể phủ định và nghi vấn : Nam and Ba like some ice-cream now .

Câu trả lời (5)

  • 1. Nam and Ba don't like ice-cream now.

    2. Are Nam and Ba like ice-cream now?

    bởi Yêu Tiếng Anh ngày 12/02/2018
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  • Nam and Ba aren't like some ice-cream now.

    Are Nam and Ba like some ice-cream?

    đây là thì hiện tại tiếp diễn

    bởi Đào Phương Thảo ngày 18/02/2018
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  • Nam and Ba don't like some ice-cream now

    Do Nam nd Ba like some ice-cream now ?

    bởi Nguyễn Thị Thanh Nhàn ngày 06/03/2018
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  • nam and ba not like some ice-cream now

    bởi Pham Uyen ngày 07/03/2018
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  • -Phủ định: Nam and Ba doesn't like some ice-cream now


    bởi Võ Thị Quỳnh Như ngày 22/04/2018
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    this new home robot has three programmes: it can (1)... the house, it can clean the floor and it can interact (2).... people. Kitty 2012 is fast and intelligent. When we're away, it can listen for certain noises and (3)... signals to our mobile phone if there's trouble or danger. It can move (4)... the house and climb steps to find dirty places and clean the. It has cameras in its eyes so it can watch people and react to them

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    2. Tokyo is............ than London. (big)

    3. Ho Chi Minh city is the ............. city in Vietnam. (big)


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    2. Nam is........ than ba. He is the ........ boy in VietNam (short)

  • you/on Nguyen Hue Street

    he/in a city

    Mr.Nam/in Vietnam

  • James has two________. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he ______ in a hospital. There he looks after sick people. He goes to ______ by car. He starts working at 8 o'clock in the morning and works until thirty ______ five in the afternoon. He works at home on Thursday and Friday, he writes stories for a ______. He lives with somes _____ and in the evening, one of his roomates ____ the meal. At the dinner, they talk about the day.