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Talk about your school. ( about 100 words)

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  • I'm going to describe my primary school which is very near my house. It take me about 10 minutes from my home to school and it also next to my high school.
    In Vietnam, we go to primary school at 6 years old and it is the same to me.
    In summer, I could collect a lot of phoenix flowers and push in my note books, and then I gave it to my best friend like a gift. My memory about teachers in that school is unclear now but I still remember my third grade teacher. The reason is she usually wore Ao Dai with a modern collar which could show her neck and a little of her shoulder. And she is the only person who gave me a seat on special class for outstanding student.
    One of important things I love my childhood at that school because I met my ex-best friend from there, we played, we learned, we laughed, we ate together. Besides that, my school used to be a hospital in war, so that we talked about a lot of ghost stories, dared each other and our classmates to go to girl toilet at twilight.

    I can conclude that I love my school because all my special memories was there.

      bởi nguyen trang trang 05/03/2019
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  • My school is called Vinh Thanh secondary school. My school is very clean and beautiful, teachers and students are very innocent, fun, friendly and hospitable.There are seven hundred students and seventy-five teachers. There are 25 rooms in the school. Fifteen rooms are for classes, two room is for the teachers, a special room for the Head Teacher and other room. The results of the school is good. . They are high qualified teacher. They teach us with pleasure. They loves us like their own children. There is a big play ground in front of the school. I love my school very much.


      bởi ミ★Bạch Kudo★彡 22/06/2019
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