Sometimes she goes ******* and paints a picture

bởi Đan Nguyên 25/09/2018

Sometimes she goes ******* and paints a picture

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  • drawing

    bởi Đức Thuận 25/09/2018
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  • drawing

    bởi văn độ 25/07/2019
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  • Anh Trần

    II.Em hãy điền một từ thích hợp để hoang thành mỗi chỗ tróng trong đoạn văn sau.

    I have a friend.Her name is Lan.She is twelve______(1) old and she's in _____(2) six.She can speak E .She has E _____(3) Monday and Thursday . She can also _____ (4) the piano . In her room _______(5) in a piano and some books . Every day she gets up at six o'clock.She ______(6) breakfast ai half past six and goes to school at a __________(7) to seven .She has her classes_________(8) and o'clock to eleven thirty .Then she comes back_________(9) and has lunch at twelve o'clock .It's three o'clock in the afternoon now and Lan's in her room.She_______(10) playing the piano.

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    She has a round face \(\Rightarrow\) Her face ...............

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    2: Nick s' hobby is collecting glass bottles , he s' a glass bottle ......( collect)

    3: you can use carved eggshell as ..... ( clecorate) in you house

    4: I like reading books because it ........( wide) my knowledge

    5: reading books can also develop our.......( imagine)

  • Co Nan

    do the test below?

    bởi Co Nan 06/09/2019 |   1 Trả lời

    1: Chọn từ có trọng âm khác

    1. A. cartoon B. picnic C. water D. Monday

    2. A. party B. repeat C. birthday D. comics

    3. A. return B. invite C. complete D. festival

    4. A. present B. family C. enjoy D. wonderful

    2: Chọn từ phù hợp điền vào chỗ trống.

    1. He _______ lots of photos at the sports festival.

    2. Did he __________ you to his birthday party?

    3. My father bought some books at the __________________.

    4. My friends gave me some ____________ on my birthday.

    5. Last Sunday, we ________ hide-and-seek at the park.




    book fair


    3: Dịch các câu sau sang tiếng Anh.

    1. Ở bữa tiệc, tôi chơi đàn piano còn Lâm chơi đàn ghi-ta.


    2. Bạn và các bạn của bạn đã làm gì ở hội chợ sách?


    3. Họ đã gặp rất nhiều bạn ở công viên.


    4: Đọc và đánh dấu x vào ô đúng.


    Hi. My name is Tuan. Last Sunday, I went to a sports festival with my friends. We played football and swam there. In the afternoon, we played hide-and-seek at the park. We had a good time!

    Hello. My name is Quynh. Last Sunday was my birthday. In the evening, I invited my friends to my house. We ate, drank, sang, danced and watched cartoons. I really enjoyed it!

    Hi. I’m Phuong. Last Sunday, I didn’t go anywhere. I stayed at home. In the morning, I did my homework. In the evening, I helped my mother cook dinner. We talked happily.




    1. watch cartoons

    2. do homework

    3. play hide-and-seek

    4. have a birthday party

    5. cook dinner

    6. join a sports festival

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    5. _____ TV tonight?

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