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bởi bui viet ha 18/12/2018 really need is a long holiday.

a.that  b.what  c.which  d.who

2.Claude didn' Canada.

a.lived  b.use to live   c.used to live  d.used to living 

3.I remenber school here.

a.were used to going b.have already gone c.went d.used to go

4.Galileo.....his first telescope in 1690.

a.builds b.built c.has built d.had built the party, we saw Ruth standing alone.

a.Arrived b.We arrived c.Arriving d.We were arriving

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  • Yến Nhi Phạm

    mn có thể cho em gợi ý về topic này kh ạ : some people believe that voluntary work is an excellent way for young people to get work experience. Do u agree? why?

  • lê thị linh

    in case/emergency,electriccity and water/provide/ from other sources


  • Võ Dương

    I. Put each verb in brackets into the correct tense:

    1. As soon as I (hear) _________ from Tom, I'll give you a call.
    2. 1 (not believe) ___________Alice and Jim were engaged until I (see) ____________ the engagement ring.
    3. While I (shop) ___________for a wedding present for Liz and Dave, I'll pick up the gift you (order)____________.
    4. + How long have you been working in this firm? - I (work) ___________ here for five years. When I (work) __________ here for fifteen year, I'll be able to get some pension.
    5. He said he (give) _________ me a ring as soon as he (reach) ___________ Paris.
    6. When we (get) _______ there last night, the tickets (sell) ________ out, so we (have to) ___________ go back home.
    7. I (walk) ___________ along Piccadilly when I (realize)_________ that a man with a black beard, whom I (see) _________ three times already that afternoon, (follow) _________ me.
    8. By the time you come back here ____________ we (finish) ___________ school.
  • Nguyễn Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Linh


    Mr. Smith is .......... English teacher.

    A. our

    B. us

    C. we

    D. you

  • Lê Thị Thanh Trúc

    1. Our children are crazy about Korean singers. ( HEAD ) 

    2. Were you at all worried about telling the truth. ( MISGIVINGS ) 

    3. He was shouting as loud as he could. ( TOP) 

  • bui viet ha

    1.Global communication be/ transform/ the invention/ Internet.

    a.Global communication was transformed the invention of the Internet.

    b.The invention of the internet was transformed the global communication.

    c.Global communication was transformed by the invention of the internet.

    d.Global communication was transformed invention of internet.

  • bui viet ha

    1.What/ use/ fax machine/ for

    a.What are you used fax machine for?

    b.For what machine is used?

    c.What is the use for fax machine?

    d.What is fax machine used for ? school/ pen/ recently/ new road

    a.a new school recently opened in New Road.

    b.A new school has been recently opened in New Road.

    c.a new school has recently opened in New Road.

    d.A new school opened recently in New Road.

    3.I/give away/ my computer/ be /three years old

    a.i give away my computer which was only three years old.

    b.i give away my computer, which was only three years old. computer which i gave away was only three years old. computer, that i gave away was only three years old.

    4.inventions/ like/electric light bulb/ change/ way/people/live.

    a.inventions like the electric light bulb changed the way people lived.

    b.The inventions like the electric light bulb has changed the way that people lived.

    c.The way people lived has been changed by inventions like electric light bulb.

    d.the inventions ike the electric light bulb changed way people had lived.


  • bui viet ha

    1.some of students sitting on the corner of the room (be) girls.

    2.if your coffee has 50% of sugar (be not) tasty.

    3.A flock of bird (move) towards the south nowadays.

    4.none of sugar (be) in the bottle.

    5.Two second (be) important for runners.

    6.It's these students that (be) presented at the meeting.

  • bui viet ha

    1.The picture of the soldiers (bring) back many memories.

    2.i don't like the people who (show) no interest in anything.

  • Darius Dương

    The police have just arrested the robbers.
    They have built a new hospital near the airport