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  • 1. If you have no cash, you can charge this dinner of your credit card.   A. Cash.   B. This.   C of.      D. Credit card.              

    2. Neither his parents realized what was happening.    A. Neither his parents.       B. Realized.      C. Was.   D. Happening.  

    3. Do you know that there is a high rate in interest on this loan?      A. Know.   B. Is.     C. In.    D. On this.    

     4. Students suppose to read all the questions carefully  and find out the answers to them.    A. Suppose.   B. All the questions.  C. Out. D. Them.      

      5. With the development of the Internet and the World Wide Web, businessmen do not hardly have as much traveling as they used to.  

    A. Development.  B. Businessmen. C. Hardly have.    D. They used to 

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  • Buckingham Palace ,Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse are the official (1)____of the Sovereign and ,as such ,serve as both home office for the Queen ,whose personal standard flies (2)____Her Majesty is in residence .These buildings are used extensively forr State ceremonies and Official entertaining and are opened tho the (3)____as much as these commitments allow.They are furnished with fine pictures and (4)____of art from the Royal Collection ,which has been assembled over four centuries by successive sovereigns .many of the States Apartments and rooms at the official residences have been in continous use since their conception many of the works of art are (5)____in the rooms for which they were originally (6)____.The official residences are in (7)____ use and the style and manner in which they are (8)____ to visitors reflects their working status.Rooms are kept as close to their normal (9)____ as possible .The  remainder of this income funds the majority of cost of restoring Windsor Castle which was badly (10)_____by fire in November 1992.           (1):    A.venues     B.residences      C.situations      D.ocupation 

           (2):    A.whatever    B.however     C.whoever       D.whenever 

           (3);    A.hamans       B. public         C peoples          D.strangers 

            (4) :   A.paintings      B.statues          C.works          D.jobs 

             (5):    A. created         B.explored       C.produced        D.displayed 

           (6):      A.instructed        B.intended       C.performed      D.guarded 

             (7):     A.local            B.national          C.regular         D.minor 

            (8):      A.designed        B.shown         C.given            Dtaken 

             (9):      A.feature          B.location        C.destination       D.appearance 

            (10):    A.destroyed         B.ruined          C.damaged         D.collapsed



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  • All root vegetables grow underground, and not all vegetables that grow underground are roots.     A. Root vegetables. B. And.     C. That.      D. Roots 

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  • 1. The new system didn't ____expectations.   A. Catch up with. B. Bring about.   C. Come across.  D. Come up with.          

     2. If you want a cheap air ticket you must _____well in advance.  A. Book.     B. Engage.    C. Reserve. D. Buy.  

     3. He asked if we would ___to share the room.  A. Accept.      B. Consider.  C. Agree.    D. Approve      

    4. I wondered whether you would like to _____to the theater tomorrow.       A. Visit.   B. Go away.     C. Go out.  D. Walk out.          

    5 When Ali arrived in London he spent allegedly his time ____and visited all the important museums and buildings.      A. Sight- seeing.       B. Traveling.   C. Looking.      D. Touring.

    6. The children was ____by a lorry on the safety crossing in the Main Street        A. Knocked out.  B. Run across.  C. Run out.        D. Knocked down.                                                                Giúp mk cả câu tìm lỗi sau nữa nhé

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  • 1. We won't know the value of health until we lost it.
                A                           B             C          D

    2. People who are deprived from sleep lose energy and become quick-tempered.
                                    A        B             C                                          D

    3. They have been trained as doctors in the medicine university.
                           A              B             C             D

    4. My uncle was serious ill last summer but fortunately, he's now making a slow but steady recovery.
                                A                                      B                           C                                    D

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  • 1. Secondary schools offer a wide _____of subjects.                 A. Field   B. Scope.     C. List.    D. Range.                  

    2. When he woke up he realized that the things he had dreamt about could not_____have happened.    A.possibly.     B. Likely.        C. Certainly.  D. Potentially.

    3 - Do you think the book is expensive?      -Yes, it 'a not ______what we paid for it."     A. Worthy.       B. Worth of.    C. Worth.  D.valuable.                                              

      4. To _____extent did she benefit from her uncle's will?         A. What.   B. How   C. Which.   D. Whom.                                    

    5. _____aren't effective anymore because insects have become resistant to them.     A. Fertilizers.  B. Pesticides.  C. Herbicides.   D. Composts.                          

    6. When he heard the joke, he burst into loud______.  A. Smile.  B. Laugher.   C. Amusement.          D. Enjoyment.                  

    7. The traffic lights ____to green, the car drove on      A. Exchanged.    B. Turned.   C. Removed.      D. Shone.                          

    8. We were so late that we____had time to catch the train.  A. Nearly.  B. Almost.      C. Hardly.   D. Simply.                              

       9. It is a good idea to be_____dressed when you go for an interview.    A. Finely.       B. Boldly.  C. Smartly. D. Clearly.              

    10. _____I would like to say how pleased I am to be here.    A. Primarily. B. Foremost. C. Earliest.  D. First.                  

     11. The ____charged by the architect for the plans of the new building were unusually high.   A. Hire. B. Price   C. Fees.  D. Sum.                                    

          12. He ____his son of the dangers of driving too fast in his new car. A. Warned. B. Remembered   C. Threatened. D. Concerned.                                  

                                13. They are going to make ____excursion  next month.  A. a two- week. B two- weeks.  C. Two weeks'. D. A two- week's.                          

                        14. The purpose of the survey was to ____ the inspectors with local conditions.      A. Inform.   B. Acquaint.   C. Instruct.  D. Notify.                                                         15. His sister was full of____ for the way in which he had so quickly learned to drive a car.  A. Pride.  B. Admiration.  C. Surprise.     D. Jealousy 

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  • Giúp em ạ!

    bởi Trần Anh ngày 12/10/2017

    25. His ……………….are small and long                                                       foot

    26. The ……………………is unloading the vegetables                                 farm

    27. My brother is a bus…………………………………                                drive

    28. Near my house there is a market. It’s very ……………………                noise

    30. Her ………………..are in the yard. They are playing soccer                    child

    31. There are many………………………….on the street                                tree

    32. There is a…………………………rice paddy near my house                    beauty

    33. Our…………………………..are in the bookstore                                     child

    34. In the ………………….there is a museum, a factory and a stadium     neighbor

    35. The photocopy is between the ……………….and the drugstore.               Bake

    36. He …………………..TV every evening                                                   watch

    37. She is very……………………….                                                            Beauty

    38. Mai’s sister is a……………………..                                                           sing

    39. His ……………………are small and long.                                                 Foot

    40. Is your brother an…………………?                                                            Act

    42. It’s very………………………………in the city                                        noise

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  • They are talking in the next room.

    Em viết lại thành I hear them talk in the next room được không ạ hay phải là talking ạ?

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  • 1. Let 's have a break.- ".......".                      

    A. Sooner.  B. Late.   C. Please.  D. Not now                                                              

    2. Oh, no I hate this weather.                    

    A. I agree.   B. I do, too.   C. So am I.  D. I think so.                                                      

    3. I won't go camping next year.                

    A. Yes, I am.   B. So will I.  C.I won't, either.   D. Neither.                                    

    4. Hi, Tracy, you look tired. "......".                

    A. Really.  B. You think so?   C.No I didn't. D. I'm tired 

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  •  The independent arbitrator managed to ______the confrontation between the union and the employers                             A. Refuse    B. Confuse.   C. Refute.  D. Defuse

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    1. She went to the doctor because she had a backache.
    2. The students are practicing their English at the moment.
    3. He had an appointment at 10.00.
    4. They travelled to the USA by plane last month.
    5. I’d like to see a cowboy movie.
    6. My family usually watches TV in the evening.
    7. They didn’t have a TV because it was too expensive.
    8. We prefer reading and playing chess.
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  • Chọn đáp án đúng

    bởi Ly An ngày 10/10/2017

    1. Tom invited us to come to his party, __________?

          A. hadn't he               B. couldn't he         C. wasn't he            D. didn't he

    2. There was an exciting football match on TV last night, _________?

          A. wasn't it                B. was not there     C. wasn't there        D. was it

    3. - Who teaches you English?     –Mr. Black_________.

          A. is                           B. teaches               C. does                    D. do

    4. I am not too fat, __________?

          A. aren't I                  B. do I                    C. am I                    D. are I

    5. I'm wrong, _________?

          A. am not                  B. aren't I                C. are not                D. amn't

    6. Someone discovered penicillin in 1928, _________?

          A. hadn't he/she         B. didn't he/she       C. didn't someone   D. wasn't he/she

    7. You stayed home last night, _________?

          A. had you                B. would you          C. didn't you           D. did you

    8. The poor don't have many things to eat, _________?

          A. do we                    B. do they               C. do you                D. do I

    9. The teacher asked you if you finished your homework that day, __________?

          A. hadn't he               B. didn't he             C. didn't you           D. hadn't he

    10. You were driving home when you saw Lan, _________?

          A. didn't you             B. weren't you        C. wouldn't you      D. hadn't you

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