Bài tập bổ trợ các thì - ôn tập Tiếng Anh lớp 12

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HỌC247 giới thiệu đến các em nội dung tài liệu về các thì đã học trong chương trình Tiếng Anh lớp 12. 




Supply the correct verb form

1. Be quiet! The baby (sleep).             =>

2. We seldom (eat) before 6:30.          =>

3. Look! The man (run) the train. He (want) to catch it.        =>

4. The sun (set) in the West.   =>

5. It (be) often hot in summer.            =>

6. I (do) an exercise on the present tense at the moment and I (think) that I (know) how to use it now.

7. It (rain) much in summer. It (rain) now.     =>

8. Daisy (cook) some food in the kitchen at present. She always (cook) in the morning.      =>

9. I (see) her last year.             =>

10. What (do) you do yesterday?       =>

11. You (watch) TV last night?          =>

12. She (be) born in 1980.       =>

13. They (pay) a visit to us last summer.         =>

14. He ( start) learning English when he (be) a child. =>

15. She ( spend) five days paiting her house two weeks ago.                        =>

16. Listen! Someone (nock) at the door.        =>

17. Up to the present, we (write) almost every lesson in the book.    =>

18. That house ( belong) to Mr Green.            =>

19. Rivers usually (flow) to the sea.   =>

20. I (move) to Ho Chi Minh city 3 years ago to learn English.         =>

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Choose the best option to finish each sentence

1. She was thoughtfully looking at him while he                    a newspaper.

            A. read                                    B. was reading                        C. has read                  D. has been reading

2. While I                  the floor, Mrs Paker began cooking.

            A. swept                      B. was sweeping         C. has swept                D. has been sweeping

3. I just                       a telegram to say that my poor friend is badly ill again.

            A. had                         B. have had                 C. was having             D. has been having

4. I have lost my key again. I                 things. I lose things too often.

            A. always                    B. am always losing    C. have always lost     D. was always losing

6. I               Ann at her father’s house twenty years ago and                her ever since.

            A. met/ have known    B. was meeting/ knew C. met knew                D.have met/ was working

7.  Higher education in the US              in 1636 when the first colonists                  Harvard College.

            A. has began/ founded                                    B. began/ have founded

            C. began/ founded                                          D. was beginning/ have founded

8. when Jack                  me, I                  a letter.

            A. was phoning/ wrote                                    B. phoned/ has been wrting   

            C.phoned/ was writing                                    D. has phoned/ was writing

9. He will             here till he                everything.

            A. stay/ will do           B. stay/ will not do     C/ will stay/ does        D. will stay/ doesn’t do

10. In case the weather                  good, they               fishing.

            A. is/ go                       B. will be go                C. will be/ will go        D. is/ will go

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