sentence transformation: they were doing the bedroom on friday.

bởi Huong Duong 03/07/2019

sentence transformation

they were doing the bedroom on friday.

they're washing the dishes now.

they will paint the ceiling pink.

martha delivers the letters to their office everyday.

the police have arrested him.

the major will open the new airport next month.

does he do his homework in the evening?

the police are interviewing all the witnesses.

cac ban giup mk nha

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  • sentence transformation

    1.they were doing the bedroom on friday.

    Friday they make the bedroom

    2.they're washing the dishes now.

    Now they are washing dishes

    3.they will paint the ceiling pink.

    They painted the pink ceiling

    4.martha delivers the letters to their office everyday.

    Martha provides daily mail to their office.

    5.the police have arrested him.

    He was arrested by the police

    7.does he do his homework in the evening?

    In the evening he did his homework

    8.the police are interviewing all the witnesses.

    All witnesses are being interviewed by the police

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