Read and guess each person’s hobby.

Exercise 3. Read and guess each person’s hobby.
1. I enjoy going round the shops to look for old bowls. Sometimes I can buy them cheaply in open-air
markets. I have lots of beautiful old bowls at home.
2. I love creating a beautiful vase for myself. I am interested in flowers.
3. My sister is very creative and she owns a lot of colorful pictures.
4. My father and I share the same hobby. At the weekends we go to a lake or river in the suburbs to catch
some fish for dinner.
5. I like being in the kitchen and preparing food for my family.
6. I find this hobby relaxing. I feel much better whenever I raise my voice and make musical sounds.
7. My parents have bought me a new pair of roller skates. I love going to the park to enjoy the activity with
some other teenagers.
8. I love putting up a tent and making a campfire with my friends or family.
9. I find this pastime healthy. I am really excited about putting up lifts with both my hands.
10. I find this activity difficult but relaxing. I am extremely happy whenever I can make a bowl or a vase
with clay


Theo dõi Vi phạm

Trả lời (1)

  • 1. collecting old bowls

    2. arranging flowers

    3. draw pictures

    4. go fishing

    5. cooking

    6. singing

    7. skating

    8. go camping

    9. play game

    10. making pottery

      bởi Tôn Vũ Thục Nghi 30/07/2021
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