Write about your dream house

Write about your dream house ( Viết về ngôi nhà mơ ước của bạn ??? ).

Giúp mk vs: My future house will be in the city.It's a luxury apartment..................

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  • - Hello, I'm Nguyen. Now I will tell you about my house in the future. It will be a large and modern house in a big city. In front of my house, there will be a big black gate, a water fountain and a greensward. To the left of my house, there'll be a beautiful flower garden. There will be a garage and some tall trees. Behind my house, there'll be a swimming pool. My house will have 3 floors and 10 rooms : 1 living room, 1 library, 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 1 dining room and 1 entertainment room. In the living room, there will be a big TV, a table, some sofas, a chandelier light, some ornamental plants and some pictures,... In the library, there will be a large bookshelf full of books. In each bedroom, there will be a king-size bed, an air-conditioner, some pillows, some blankets and a closet,... In the kitchen, there will be a stove, some cupboards, a fridge, a microwave, some pots, some pans,... In each bathroom, there will be a toilet, a sink, a mirror, some toothbrushes, some soaps and some towels,... In the dining room, there'll be a big table and some chairs,... In the entertainment room, there will be a computer and a TV. My house will have an elevator to easy to move. In my house, there will be some robots to do the housework for me too. I love my future house and I wish it will come true someday.

    oi! mỏi tay quá đi

      bởi Nguyễn Mạnh 26/02/2019
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  • I live in a house at ____(Bạn tự điền tên đường vào nhé!) street with my family. My house is small but it is very beautiful. It has 3 bed room, one for my parent, one for my sister ( hoặc là brother, tùy bạn chọn thôi) and one for me. The living room is small but it is very nice and the kitchen is very convenient. My house also has a small garden with some trees and flowers that my father is planted. My house isn't large but it very beautiful, and I enjoy it very much. 

    Tôi sống trong một ngôi nhà ở đường ___ với gia đình của tôi. Nhà của tôi thì nhỏ nhưng nó rất đẹp. Nó gồm có 3 phòng ngủ, 1 cho ba mẹ tôi, 1 cho chị tôi ( hoặc anh, em trai) và 1 cho tôi. Phòng khách thì nhỏ nhưng rất đẹp và 1 nhà bếp rất tiện lợi. Nhà tôi còn có 1 cái vườn nhỏ với 1 vài cây và hoa do ba ôi trồng. Nhà tôi không rộng nhưng nó rất đẹp, và tôi thích nó nhiều lắm! 

      bởi ミ★Bạch Kudo★彡 07/07/2019
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