Write a passage to decsribe your room

1.Write a passage to decsribe your room.

- what is the favourite room in your house ? ( living room , badroom , dining room , kitchen )

- describe it

- why is it your favourite room ?

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    When finding somewhere to escape from the hustle and bustle of life, my bedroom is always an ideal place. My bedroom is on the second floor. It is not exactly a large room but it is spacious enough to become my private world. It is a fully-furnished room with a single bed on the left and a wardrobe on the right corner. And there stands a wood table with a shelf that contains many interesting books and is decorated with lots of souvenirs and birthday gifts on the left corner. With two small windows on the two sides of the room, I use bright color tone for the wall to make my bedroom airier and warmer. My childhood memories is coupled with every corner of the room. In my deep thoughts, it is not only a place where greets me after strained long hours at work, brings me sweet dreams but also a friend that witnesses maturity in every step of my daily life. My bedroom- a small room but unintentionally becomes a vital piece in my whole life.

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    Everyday after finishing my personal schedule outside, I incontinently come back home to get into my dream world - my room. It is a spacious room right next to the stairs. The thing I like most is the balcony looking over a small garden. The walls are covered with wallpapers in my favorite flowery pattern. On the window there are blinds to prevent light from coming into the room in the early morning. I also put some tiny houseplant in order to purify the atmosphere. A single bed together with a bedside table full of cosmetics is placed in the corner next to the window. On the opposite side stands my little bookshelf full of novels and comic books. There is also vacuum cleaner to keep the room in neat and tidy condition all the time. This room has become my greatest adoration because of the convenience and privacy it brings about.

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