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  • I was born and grew up in Hanoi, the capital, dear, the heart of the country. Not because I was born and raised in Hanoi, Hanoi new love to a burning so. It must be said that anyone who came to Hanoi once all want deep attachment to Hanoi like me.

    Hanoi's ancient Thang Long capital has a history of thousands of years of civilization, which has a long tradition of a proud culture. We can say, courtesy of Hanoi stick with years of historical vicissitudes of our Vietnam Fatherland. Right from childhood, An Duong Vuong founded the Au Lac, where it has been chosen to place his capital (Loa). By the time Ngo Quyen, Loa is still confident captain is where "gathering of the country's four". King Ly Cong Uan to date, understanding the sacred position of Hanoi "roll dragon tiger can sit, have the right house north south east west overlooking the river based mountains facilities ..." ( "Screening moved the capital"), the king decided fond of lands from Hoa Lu to this place.

    Through the period of history, the sacred ground of the country has been renamed several times, the last dynasty of Thang Long - Dong Do - Ha Noi. Sticking to the vicissitudes of the history of the country, where the main event took place which promoted life timetable kings Li - Tran - Le, it is here that a meeting took place with the word coral Dien Hong "Mark! Mark! "Police That heroic soldiers of elders Tran, it is here to witness the brilliant development of the Le Dynasty prosperity ... There are periods where the capital but this was not the center of International - culture is not changed. In particular, the culture of Hanoi is a sharp own proud people not only stay but also the land of the pride of the country of Vietnam. Hanoi has many famous villages paper, mosaic, making rolls, vegetable ... Hanoi also famous for its rich culinary capital, diversity and sophistication "Thanh Tri Cake Roll," "Lightning perch dress "," romantic hero "," Noodle "... Especially in the way we live, how to eat, how to speak everyday Hanoi are also extremely elegant:

    "There may also fragrant jasmine

    Though not well Trang An elegant ".

    Socio-economic situation development Hanoi repeatedly extended the administrative boundaries, the historical tradition - culture and incorporate it into rich, richer than up.

    The historical - cultural Hanoi is considered to be witnesses to history - extremely rich culture of Hanoi. Each place names reminiscent of how the historical narrative, how the pride of the land thousands of years of culture. Loa Thanh, Ho Hoan Kiem, Dong Da mound, Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam, the One Pillar Pagoda ... And especially, Hanoi is also known for its unforgettable scenery.

    Visiting Hanoi, we can not ignore the famous landmarks of this land, it is the West Lake. Come to the "small town alley" has become endless inspiration for artists Bui Van Phai. Coming to the streets "in Hanoi season cold rice plants trees leaf yellow red eagle tree lies next to the old town houses several ancient tiled roofs fragrant ..." Or simply come to Hanoi to pay back go under the fragrant flower clusters milk concentration poet Nguyen Phan Hach which has called it "the taste of first love" ...

    And of course, I love Hanoi not only by the famous, beautiful and poetic of here. Simply because I love Hanoi known since childhood. From love for the mother frequency algae, hard, strong father, virile; neighbors open, sincere; for both the trees called wind crunch. And also from love, delight enamored with the game to catch crickets, catching ticks, kite flying forever ... That's it, love Hanoi - love the motherland was growing in me starting for love The most simple things. Hanoi land resembles loved me with joy and pride.

    I am very proud to be the son of Hanoi to everyday admire the beautiful scenery, is immersed in the sky collecting Hanoi, to hear the breath of heaven and earth and especially to live next to the civilized man elegant.

      bởi Nguyễn Quyên 27/02/2019
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