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  • Ha Long called the sea sings words
    The first moment you touch the sea to the deep sunset. The sun is hidden in the mountains and down the vast oceans. Enjoy the sunset on the sea is a dream of many people, and now is a reality before your eyes. You Bich Hanh wrote.

    Sunset at the beach to take the ship out Titop visit the "garden" of action to fascinating beauty Maze. In the journey to Ti Top island with a rock image "grows" on the water can form a giant thumb. Creator Finger islet placed here seems to want to send a message to the visitors want to talk about the good things in the journey to discover Halong. And the ship will moor here for everyone to relax after a long way.

    Darling, I am being released aboard Bhaya his heart "wood flavor" before Halong fragrant immense. Halong at night is magnificent. My ship anchoring and many other ships are very calm and quiet, but the true light shines from the vessel into the water to form a sparkling city at night on the sea. He heard the sea called affordable words, words sing sea and marine lore to tell me. The legend that you're on your way to experience this place is certainly very great and I will always write the postcards sent to him and the children.

    Tonight, the stars, the stars sparkle to make you feel a deeper closeness to infinity of nature, and human nature. Gentle moonlight, singing endless waves and me waiting for you to bring you salty charm of immense sea, the mysteries that you are exploring in the deep oceans. My soul very serene oceanfront tonight, around the world are watching as you, with you on the plane psychedelic wonderland with moon and stars in the real world of the famous City Lights.

    Space bay with thousands of islands surrounded rolling yacht carrying mask sleeping. I lie listening to the breath of the sea, gently fall asleep feeling of deep relaxation. I promise you will enjoy all the moments here, for both you and the baby section. Brother, dawn woke up, the sun had emerged mountain, the rays sliding through your fingers and the drops of sunshine you pass on your hair, dancing on the smooth melodic wave. This is not the first time watching the sunrise over the sea, do you still have feelings seem strangely fanciful front of sky friendly young love on Halong Bay sunrise.

    Dawn rising, Halong eternal beauty will remain forever fascinated than ever. "Today was a long journey that visitors satisfied to discover," she guides are drunk beautiful start to a new day excursions on the bay. I chose a seat on the balcony let drafts into the hair, sunlight caress the skin and larger eye in all directions. The ship is heading to the Gulf to fishing villages on visitors understand life here. The fishing village gathered on the waters with the support of the 200 species of fish and 400 different molluscs.

    Gently down the stream, the train brought us to visit the peculiarities of Halong Bay with thousands of islands and caves: Ti Top island, dynamic Maze, Thien Cung, Sung Sot cave, Dau Go cave, Bo Nau cave, Trinh Nu ...

    At this time, the ship was headed for the Heavenly Palace, one of the most beautiful caves of Halong Bay. Cave art is a unique and interesting museums is made by nature.

    Thien Cung leave, you feel like you just seen an "art museum" extremely unique, sophisticated, interesting that all the gods at the hands of the Creator made, beyond the intellect and human imagination. I like just to experience the ancient legend of the Dragon King, is satisfied questions about the charming scenery in the heart of action.

    We continue to visit the Sung Sot cave. This is a large cave and the most beautiful of the bay and it is also home to many islands have irregular shaped stones nowhere obtain. Sung Sot Cave Road to slip under the foliage, steep stone steps transplants, tourists just get the pleasure of climbing, the eagerly looked like walking into heaven.

    I lost in the celestial realms pregnant while inside the cave and every scene, all shapes speak here as a lot of sense. The world out of the cave to return to the ship, on the face of them looked regret but can not hide the satisfaction as if everyone has to discover for himself the mystery.

    When the ship returned to shore downstream, each arm raised waving with many promises. She guided the sweet voice introduction to the meaning of the unique island in the bay. Halong travel between islands with thousands of stone, I doubt as to have a fairy-tale world where petrified. The island-like someone is heading to the mainland - than a person; island is like a dragon hovering above the water - Hon Rong; island is like an old man sitting fishing - Hon La Vong; and the other two sails are turning brown muscular waves out to sea - island Sail; and two chickens were hugging each other playing on the waves - Hon Trong Mai; standing between the immense sea water a giant incense burner as something sacrifice of heaven and earth - Hon Lu Huong ... All of them are really, really amazing. Rocks and wonders that unfathomable metamorphosis over time and perspective. At this point we realized that all of them are not inanimate quiet island that are as soulful and lively. The introduction of her as if to dedicate to the heart with the aftertaste of the sea here.

    "When we are in the land where only

    When we go to land the soul "

    (Che Lan Vien)

    I'll bring her soul to give him and the children and I believe that one day is not far, you'd come back with him by themselves can only experience and more than once even though hardly anyone visited also be fully explored mysterious beauty beautiful here. Sea to sing his song endless, as the riders good message. Ha Long is so vast that anyone should make Enchanting and "wallow in nostalgia", remember when not walked away. Life is a journey, see offline Halong sea beckons sings words.

      bởi Hoàng Sinh 28/02/2019
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