Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa đổi: Living in the city is noisier

viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không đổi living in the city is noisier

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  • Living in the city is noisier

    → Life in the city is noisier

      bởi Nguyễn Thùy Dung 05/03/2019
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  • viết lại câu thì hiện tại hoàn thành và quá khứ đơn

    1.he hasn't laughed so much for ages

    ->it is

    2. I haven't enjoyed my self so much for years

    ->it is

    3.the telephone rang for hours

    ->it is hours

    4.I haven't seen him for ages

    ->it is

    5.ly 's father started to stop smoking last year

    ->ly's father

    6.the editor hasn't written to Mai for a month

    ->the editor last

    7.how long have you learned spanish?

    ->how long ago

    26/02/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Chuyển câu trực tiếp gián tiếp

    1, Do they like me?

    2, Where do you live ?

    3, have you got driving licence ?

    Mk ko biết làm câu nghi vấn kiểu này ~T_T~

    05/03/2019 |   1 Trả lời


    1. Yes , it is. It's my bike

    2. I play volleyball with some friend in the garden

    3. No, she dosen't read a book. She writes a letter

    4. Classes start at 7:00

    5. The children have math on Monday

    6. Lien does her homework in the evening

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  • Tìm lỗi sai và sửa

    1. NAM is the more intelligent in his class

    2. Every day, Na ride her bike to school.

    3. How much pictures are there in this text books?

    4. They playing video games at the moment

    5. She has a long black hair and an oval face.

    6. I'm phoning you as soon as I arrive in the city.

    7. Would you like me turn off the computer ?

    8.Ba is good in fixing things.

    9.They won't going to the Time Square to welcome the New Year.

    10. To keep fit and stay healthily, you should exercise regularly.

    11. Ho Chi Minh City is biger than Ha Noi.

    12.My house is near to the police station.

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  • Linh is twelve years old .He is in grade 6. He lives in a house with his mother, father and sister.Their house is next to bookstore. In the neighborhood, there is a restaurant a market and a stadium. Linh's father works in the restaurant . His mother works in the market. linh goes to school at seven in the morning.He has classes from seven thirty to eleven thirty.

    1 how many people are there in linh's house?

    2 what is next to his house?

    3 what time do his classes start?

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  • hãy dùng những từ gợi ý để viết hoàn chỉnh những câu sau: 1. Brother/ live/ small house/ Ho Chi Minh City. //////// 2. Our school/ large/ their/ small //////// 3. There/ there picture/ wall/ Tan's room ////// 4. Mr. Hung/ doctor/ and/ thirty/ old /////// 5. Hoa/ breakfast/ and/ school/ seven o'clock

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  • viet lai cau thi hien tai hoan thanh va qua khu don

    1.I haven't played football since 2000

    ->the last time

    2.I haven't been to HCM city for 2 years

    ->the last time

    3.I've never met such a famous person before

    ->it is the first time

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  • 1. Mai................. orange juice at the moment. (drink)

    2. I................. thirsty now. (be)

    3. My father is going................. Ha Long Bay. (visit)

    4. They................. in the kitchen now. (be)

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  • 1. I'd like................. bananas, please!

    a. any b. some c. many d. much

    2. Lemonade, apple juice and................. are cold drinks.

    a. vegetables b. noodles c. iced tea d. beans

    3. She isn't heavy. She is..................

    a. thin b. fat c. strong d. light

    4. Lan................. aerobic everyday.

    a. does b. plays c. goes d. dances

    5.................. sports do you play?

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    6. We need a tent to go.................

    a. fishing b. swimming c. camping d. jogging

    7. They are going to stay................. their uncle and aunt this summer vacation.

    a. in b. at c. by d. with

    8. What is your nationality? I am.................

    a. Vietnamese b. Vietnam c. England

    9. There are only two................. in my country.

    a. weather b. seasons c. citadel d. cities

    10.................. do you go to school? Every afternoon.

    a. How much b. How often c. How many d. How

    11. What do you often do................. it is hot?

    a. What b. Which c. How d. When

    12. What about.................. tennis this afternoon?

    a. play b. playing c. to play d. plays

    26/02/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • ....you (wait) ..... For her when her plane arrives tonight

    26/02/2019 |   1 Trả lời