Talking sportspeople you like

- Talking sportspeople you like.

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  • In my country, professional sports are a major form of entertainment. Sports people are idolised – especially the soccer players. It’s amazing to see how people treat the sports people, it’s like they can do no wrong…they are treated better than the president of the country – like kings and queens! Professional sportspeople are powerful people in our society . They have a lot of influence…especially over the young people . I guess it’s the same in most countries – the young people want to grow up to be like their sporting hero. In this way, the role of professional sports is an important one – they can have tremendous influence over the younger generation .They can encourage the younger children to get out and be more active…too many young people are sitting at home in front of the TV. Professional sports can motivate othersto get out and participate in sports!It’s also often an opportunity for families to go out together and enjoy the entertainment of professional sports…some families never miss a game!

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  • Choose A, B, C or D for each gap in the following sentences.

    1. _______ make noise. The baby is sleeping ( A. Do / B. Don't / C. Please / D. Can't )

    2. What did you do last weekend?

    I _____ to the zoo with my friends. ( A. have gone / B. have been / C. went / D. go )

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  • 1. I have move this house in 2008

    2. What did you do this morning?

    3. I didn't have any news for him when he left for london 

    4. Were you able todrive a car some years ago?

    5. How was everything when you cooked the dinner ?

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    I. Choose the best answer by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C or D

    1. We always need more players. Why don’t you come ………………?

    A. on                                    B. along                        C. with                         D. after

    2. Will you be home …………..dinner tonight?

    A. to                                    B. for                           C. at                             D. on

    3. Giving a book report before the class is an interesting …………………..

    A. act                                   B. action                       C. activity                     D. deed

    4. Do you go out ………..?

    A. in the afternoon on Fridays                                   B. on Fridays  in the afternoon

    C. on afternoons Friday                                            D. on Friday afternoons

    5. …………….lives in a very big house

    A. A Queen of England                                             B. Queen of England

    C. The Queen of the England                                    D. the Queen of England

    6. On Sunday mornings I stay in bed …………..8 o’clock.

    A. until                                 B. at                             C. from                        D. to

    7. I often ……………in winter.

    A. go playing skiing                                       B. go skiing skiing                                                 D. go to ski

    8. Some young peole are working ……………hospital volunteers.

    A. to be                                B. such as                     C. like                          D. as

    9. We shouldn’t cross the street outside the …………….

    A. pavement             B. foot lane                   C. sidewalk                  D. zebra crossing

    10. They …………..healthy after the summer vacation.

    A. looked                             B. were seeming           C. were looking            D. were appearing

    11. They meet their friends and …………some fun.

    A. take                                 B. have             C. do                           D. enjoy

    12. Yo should pay more …………….in class.

    A. part                                 B. care                         C. notice                      D. attention

    13. He and his friends usually get ……… and talk about their stamps.

    A. together                           B. themselves               C. each other                D. one another

    14. He likes stamps. He is a stamp …………..

    A. collect                              B. collecting                  C. collector                  D. collects

    15. Some students say they are …………have no time for pastime.

    A. hurry                                B. busy             C. full                           D. hard

    16. It’s difficult to cross this street because there is too much ………..

    A. crowd                              B. traffic                       C. people                     D. transport

    17. There aren’t any good movies ………… the moment.

    A. going on                           B. being on                   C. performing               D. showing

    18. Sorry I can’t come but thanks ………….

    A. any ways                         B. any way                   C. anyway                    D. in anyway

    19. Look at ………..girl over there.

    A. one                                  B. this                           C. that                          D. a

    20. Would you like to come to my house for lunch?

    A. Yes, I do                         B. I’d love to                C. Yes, I like                D. OK. I’d like

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