I never (see) her before

Supply the correct verb form: Simple past or Present perfect.

1. I never (see) her before.

2. I (see) her last year.

3. Tom never (be) in Hanoi.

4. I (read) the novel written by Jack London several times before.

5. What you (do) yesterday?

6. You (watch) TV last night?

7. She (be) born in 1980.

8. He (write) a book since last year.

9. Mr. Green (teach) English in this school since he (graduate) from the university in 1986.

10. How long you (learn) English?

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  • Supply the correct verb form: Simple past or Present perfect.

    1. I never (see) her before.

    => I never have seen her before

    2. I (see) her last year.

    => I saw ................

    3. Tom never (be) in Hanoi.

    => Tom never been .......................

    4. I (read) the novel written by Jack London several times before.

    => I have rode ..........................

    5. What you (do) yesterday?

    => did....do

    6. You (watch) TV last night?

    => Did .... watch

    7. She (be) born in 1980.

    => She was born

    8. He (write) a book since last year.

    => He wrote

    9. Mr. Green (teach) English in this school since he (graduate) from the university in 1986.

    => has teached/ gradueate

    10. How long you (learn) English?

    => do....learn

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  • 1. .I (see)........her at the party yesterday.

    2. .Nam (be)..........at home last night

    3. Yesterday (be)........sunday I (visit).....my grandmother

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    5. What ........you (do)..............last night

    6. ............She (meet)...........My Tam last Sunday ?

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    2.We have_________rivers like the Red River and the Mekong River.

    3.The Red River starts in China and_______to the Gulf of Tonkin.

    4.There are no___________in Viet Nam.

    5.Sears Tower,in Chicago USA,is 442 meters________

    6.The Great Wall of China in 9 meters______________

    7.The Nile River is___________than the Amazon River.

    8.The hightest mountain in the___________is Mount Everest.

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  • 1. Quang is lazier than ha ( hard - working)

    2. A city is noisier than a village ( peaceful)

    3. There is a post off ice on one side of my house and a cafe on the other( between)

    4. Please tell me something about your neighbourhood ( can )

    5. Oranges are chepaer than apples ( expensive)

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    4. A.meat B.reading C.bread D.seat

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  • 3.Supply the correct tense of the verb

    1. they ̣(watch)................TV now.

    2. I( not like ).....................spaghetti

    3. He can (ride) ...................the bike

    4. my mother usually( cook) ..............dinner in the evening

    5. there (be) ................two books on the table

    6. what your father (do)........................?

    7. nam (leave) .....................his house at seven o clock

    8. they (walk)...........................to the park on sundays?

    9. his mother( travel) ................to hue by plane

    10. how her parents (go) .............to work?

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