Write about some activities that robot can do

Hãy đặt 5 câu nói vè hoạt đọng rô bốt làm đc và 5 câu rô bốt ko làm đc

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  • làm đc

    robots can presiding the funeral,Compose,Write novels,Robot fabrication,Customer support staff

    ko làm đc

    robots can't swim, talk, love, feeding children, as a parent

      bởi Tạ Văn Hiếu 25/12/2018
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  • 1 he has lived and worked in France almost_________since 1990(continue)

    2 the staff__________accepted the apology from their boss (ready)

    3 " I've passed all my exams",he annouced with___________(satisfy)

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  • i(meet)her at a party last week. she (become)rich and beautiful

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  • Mai was born in Hue , but now she lives in Ha Noi with her aunt and uncle. She went to Ha Noi two years ago. Now she studies at Quang Trung school. In her new school, she has a lot of friends.

    Yesterday was her thirteenth birthday. She had a small party with her friends. They ate a lot of food and fruits. In the evening Mai had a stomachache, so her aunt very worried. She took Mai to the hospital. The doctor said that Mai ate too much candy and fruit. Today Hoa has to stay at home.


    1. Did Mai have a toothache,


    2Did Mai had a small party with her friends.?


    3. Which school does she go to now ?


    4. What did Mai and her friends eat yesterday ? ......................................................................................................................................

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  • I. Chọnbcâu đúng.

    1Have you finishes...your homework?

    A. Do b.did c.doing d.does

    2. Companies in the world today are trying...the waste.

    A. To recycle b.recycling c.recycle d.recycled

    3What do you think of...abroad?

    A.study b.stidied c.studying d.studies

    4the fund has helped poor children in this region...a better life.

    A.living b.live c.lived d.lives

    II. Tìm lỗi sai và sửa.

    1.this magazine is more expensive as that newspaper.

    III. Complete the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first sentense, using the word given.

    1. It's 2 years sincebi was last in Hanoi.

    = I haven't........

    2 I have never eaten with knives and forks before.

    = It's the first.....

    3 this book is very intersting and so is that one.

    = this book is as....

    4 He last smoked a cigarette 4 days ago.

    = it's 4 days ago since....

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  • Hãy đặt 5 câu nói vè hoạt đọng rô bốt làm đc và 5 câu rô bốt ko làm đc

    hãy viết bằng tiếng anh

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  • 6. The book is packed with useful .....information.............. . (inform)

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  • II. Combine these sentences using: That , which , who , whom or whose:

    1. A woman answered the phone. She told me you was busy.

    2. The bus is always crowded. I take it to school every morning.

    3. They are singing a song. I don't know the song.

    4. A man spoke to me. He was very helpful.

    5. A midwife is a woman. She assists other women in childbirth.

    6. They are the children. Their team won the match.

    7. The house is for sale. It has the green shutters.

    8. My farther bought a motor bike. The motorbike costs 2 thousand dollars.

    9. They are the postcards. I sent them from Australia.

    10. The house has been built in the forest. It doesn't have electricity.

    11. The girl chatted with him yesterday. She arrived here at 6:30.

    12. I'm reading the book. I bought it in London in 1996.

    13. Trang couldn't come to the party. This was perfectly true.

    14. Do you know the girl? Tom is talking to the girl.

    15. Tuan speaks English very well. He comes from Vietnam.

    16. The man invited me to his party. He was really polite.

    17. A lion is an animal. This animal lives in Africa.

    18. I have a class. It begins at 8 am.

    19. A globe is a ball. This ball has a map of the world on it.

    20. The soup was too salty. I had it for lunch.

    21. We are visiting Ha Long. Ha Long is in the north of Vietnam.

    22. My father is an doctor. He has gone to abroad.

    23. Ms Kim Anh will be our History teacher next semester. You talked with her yesterday.

    24. The watch belongs to Lam. It is in the bathroom.

    25. Do you know the new student? I can't remember his name.

    26. Mary is a bit deaf. She didn't hear the phone.

    27*. We'll meet Peter tomorrow. He has 2 brother and one sister.

    28. We are talking to Vietnam. Vietnam has a population of 87 million people.

    29. We are talking to Vietnam. Its population is 87 million people.

    30. I should phone the man. I borrowed his car yesterday.

    31. She can't speak English. It is a disadvantage.

    32. I'm staying with Henry. His father works in a bank.

    33. Do you remember Mrs Lan? She taught us history.

    34. The museum was built in 1805. Our class visited it last weekend.

    35. The man works in the hospital. I told you about him.

    36. Do you like the person? The person sits next to you.

    37. The house costs a lot of money. My father bought it last year.

    38. We are visiting the children. Their parents died in the storm.

    39. My sister is rather childish. She was trained to be a sewer.

    40. Colin told me about his new job. He enjoys it very much.

    41 . We know a lot of people. They live in London.

    42. We know her grandparents. They live in London.

    43. We met some people. Their car had broken down.

    44. We stayed at the Cau Vong hotel. Nam recommended it to us.

    45. Jane works for a company. It makes shoes.

    46. She told me her address. I wrote down it on a piece of paper.

    47. There are some words. They are very difficult to translate.

    48. John is one of my closest friends. I have known him for a very long time.

    49. A pacifist is a person. He believes that all wars are wrong.

    50. What is the name of the man? You borrowed his car.

    51. This watch costs a lot of money. I have lost the watch.

    52. We were given a lot of information. Most of the information was useless.

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  • you can eat as much as you like for 5$ at the new lunch bar

    ->there is no .........

    2 it was his imcompetence which led to their capture

    ->if ........

    3i'm certainly not going to give you any more money

    ->i have no


    i don't think there will be any applicants for this post(likeihood)

    b, it was difficult to susan to believe the goods news(hardly)

    c, you must make allowances for his inexperience(account)

    d, this contract is not binding until we both sign it (bound)

    e, he wasn't to blame for the accident(fault)

    f, you shouldn't take his help for granted(assume )


    i/take/granted/she/take shorthand/

    b, she/furious/he/take/notice/her//

    c, no point/join/club/full of eccentrics/

    d,she/never/fail/word/so far/


    f,her/mortgage/old house//


    h, they/pay/house/monthly installments/


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  • select te synonym of the following bol an unerlined wor in each ....

    1/ we visit shops, offices and places of scenic beauty with the help of computers.
    a. Stay with B. look at C. stop over D/ come to see
    2/ we visit shops, offices and places of scenic beauty with the help of computers.
    A. Houses B. Pubs C. Stores D. inns
    3/ we rea newspapers an magaziness which have been produce on computers
    A. Born B. shaped C. Begun D. manufatured
    4/ What makes computer a miraculous device ?
    A. Strange B. superhuman C. wonderful D. famous
    5/ each time you turn it on with appropriate hardware and software it is capable of doing almost anything you ask
    A. Suitable B. Good C. right D. Important
    6/ it is a calculating machine which speed up calculations it can add subtract multiply and divide with lightning speed an perfect accuracy
    A full B total C capable D extract
    7/ it is a calculating machine which speed up calculations it can add subtract multiply and divide with lightning speed an perfect accuracy
    A precision B goodness C loveliness D wonder
    8/ it is an electric store which manages large collections of data
    A handles B work C drive D pilots
    9/ decided which of the three options bellow is the best title for the passage
    A voices B desires C choices D answers
    10/ ask and answer questions about the uses of modern inventions
    A up to date B new C late D present

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  • Give the correct form of the words in brackets

    1. Nowadays, __beetween people around the world is becoming much more convenient thanks to aid of modem technology(communicate)

    2. An iphone 6 is said to offer a lot of useful __ for learning and entertaining ( apply)

    3. Your ___ which affects your speaking achievement , can be improved by taking advantage of some types of software ( pronounce)

    4. In order to make language learning more ___ you must choose a device which is suitable for your learning style ( effect)

    5. Antarctica is___ ( cold) than Africa

    6. Great Britain is one of the___ (powerful) countries in the world

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  • Error detection

    Teaching is a hard work, but I enjoy it because I love working with children

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  • She will be ... home ... tuesday afternoon

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  • 3.complete each sentece with one of the words in the box : (laptop, hard, downloaded, virusInternet, scanner, websites, floppy, surfing, sòtware, chat forum)

    1. It's so easy to use a .... when you want to send photographs ti friend by email. Its just like using a photocopier

    2. I've lost a lot of data. I wonder if my computer has a ...

    3. I'm always impressed by people who carry their .... on aeroplanes and work on them during the flight

    4. Those ... disks don't store nearly enough information. You really need to use your .... disk for all the data you want to store

    5. If you want some photos of the usa. You could just try .... the web. You'll be amazed hơw many you can find

    6. I belong to a great ....... there are about ten people who are all interested in 1960s music. We email one another almost every day, and can talk live to another

    7. I ... a good program from the internet the other day. Would you like a copy

    8. Do you ever visit any ... for pop stars or film stars? Some of them have photos and music to

    9. ..... is the programs that you put into a computer to make it run

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  • I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the rest.

    1 A. modest B. contest C. suggest D. intestine

    2 A. fortunate B. considerate C. nominate D. passionate

    3 A. movement B. president C. extent D. instrument

    4 A. circulate B. create C. indicate D. appropriate

    5 A. statement B. movement C. evident D. comment

    II. Choose the suitable words to complete the sentences below.

    instrumental sugary household breadwinners smash

    6. Soft drinks, a type of________________ drinks, can cause some diseases related to teeth and bones.

    7. The Chamberlains share ________________ duties equally, so they have few quarrels over these.

    8. Both Mr. and Mrs. Nelson are the ________________ of their family. They both work to support their family financially.

    9. You should try listening to some________________ music before sleep.

    10. His debut album became a ________________ hit in many European countries in 2005.

    III. Complete the sentences with the suitable “-ed”, “-ing” form of the words in brackets.

    11. The book I’m reading is really _______. (Interest)

    12. I’m really ______ in reading this book. (Interest)

    13. The girl was ______ about her coming birthday party. (Excite)

    14. The match we saw on TV last night was very ______. (Excite)

    15. The story I just finished had a very ______ ending. (Surprise)

    16. I was really ______ by the ending of the story. (Surprise)

    17. The characters in the story are _______. (Fascinate)

    18. The child is really ______ by the characters in the story. (Fascinate)

    19. I’m _______. I can’t understand the instructions on this box. (Confuse)

    20. The instructions on the box are _____. (Confuse)

    Help me! Tớ đang cần gấp trưa mai có thể gủi lại đc ko thạk you mọi người nhiều

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