Viết một đoạn tiểu sử của một người nổi tiếng mà em biết (in English)

Viết một đoạn tiểu sử của một người nổi tiếng mà em biết (in English)

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  • There are many famous people in the world who are in many fields but the person I admire in particular is Barack Obama President. he was born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii. He is the only president who born outside of the contigous 48 states. He became the first president openly express support for gay marriage. He won the presidential election of 2008.

      bởi Chu Xuân 02/05/2019
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  • There are many famous people in the world who are in the entertainment line, science field and so on. The person I admire in particular is actor Tom Hiddleston. He was born in Westminster, London, as the middle child with two sisters.

    Tom Hiddleston is best known for his role as Loki in the films 'Thor', 'The Avengers' and 'Thor: The Dark World'. In 'Thor', Loki was the main antagonist, striving to claim the throne of Asgard and was willing to kill his brother, Thor and father, Odin for it. In the end he failed and was sucked into an abyss and later reappeared in 'The Avengers', seeking to claim the Earth as his own with the help of the Chitauri, an alien race with a massive army but was defeated by the Avengers, comprising Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk and Black Widow. He was later sent into jail by Odin in 'Thor: The Dark World' and later joined forces with Thor to defeat Malekith, leader of the dark elves, only to be seemingly killed by the Kursed. He was later seen impersonating Odin.

    What I like about Tom Hiddleston is that he brings out the character Loki really well. He plays Loki with so much compassion and really brings the character to life from the comics to the big screen. I love the way he acts, taking up each scene with much anticipation and compassion. In 'Thor', he was first seen as a person who will do anything to seize power. The way he acted as Loki in 'The Avengers', bringing out the mad and evil side of Loki, really caught everyone's attention. Throughout the movie, he showed how power-hungry Loki could be and that he would take whatever it took to seize control of the Earth. In 'Thor: The Dark World', he showed that he had a reason to help Thor and that he loved his stepmother, Frigga, deeply. He demonstrated the love when he used magic to smash furniture against the walls when he found out about her death.

      bởi Love Linkin'Park 04/07/2019
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  • Every day I have chance to watch different famous people shine and bring inspiration to others on TV; however, the one that inspires me the most is Taylor Swift. She is a typical example of a strong, intelligent and independent woman. She used to be a small girl who had been bullied throughout the school years. However, she overcame all the difficulties to become one of the most successful singer and composer of America. She challenges herself in different types of music, from Country, Ballad to Pop, and all of her songs carry deep meanings. Most people can find themselves in her lyrics and her melodies. Besides her singing career, she is also a businesswoman who has her own enterprises and brand names. She had tried so hard in her youth to achieve the things that I always dream of; therefore, she is a great symbol that I always look up. Taylor Swift is forever my beloved idol, and her effort is the goal for me to never quit trying.

    Mỗi ngày tôi có cơ hội xem nhiều người nổi tiếng khác nhau tỏa sáng và truyền cảm hứng cho mọi người trên TV; tuy nhiên người truyền cảm hứng nhiều nhất cho tôi là Taylor Swift. Cô ấy là một ví dụ điển hình cho người phụ nữ mạnh mẽ, thông minh và độc lập. Cô ấy từng chỉ là một cô gái nhỏ bị bắt nạt trong suốt những năm học ở trường. Tuy nhiên, cô ấy đã vượt qua qua được mọi khó khăn để trở thành một ca sĩ và nhà sáng tác nhạc thành công nhất nước Mỹ. Cô ấy luôn thách thức bản thân trong những dòng nhạc khác nhau, từ nhạc đồng quê, nhạc nhẹ cho đến nhạc Pop, và mọi bài hát của cô ấy đề mang những ý nghĩa sâu sắc. Hầu hết mọi người đều có thể liên tưởng đến chính bản thân họ qua những ca từ và giai điệu của cô ấy. Bên cạnh sự nghiệp ca hát, Taylor còn là một nữ doanh nhân nắm trong tay những doanh nghiệp và nhãn hàng riêng. Cô ấy đã cố gắng rất nhiều trong những năm tháng tuổi trẻ để đạt được những thứ tôi luôn mơ ước; ví thế cô ấy là một biểu tượng tuyệt vời mà tôi luôn ngưỡng mộ. Taylor Swift mãi mãi là thần tượng mà tôi yêu quý, và nỗ lực của cô ấy là mục tiêu để tôi không bao giờ bỏ cuộc.

      bởi Nguyễn Vũ Ngọc Anh 30/10/2019
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    B.the mountain

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    3.The environmental damage caused by the oil spill will likely last several years.

    4.Lighting accounts for 10 percent to 15 percent of the electric bill.

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    c.had been


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    2.There are a lot of ........... in Ha Long Bay
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  • Sixty percent of wildlife gone since 1970

    Earth is losing wildlife at a faster rate than at any time in history. This is according to the new "Living Planet Report" from the World Wildlife Fund. The report says the global wildlife population shrank by 60 per cent between 1970 and 2014. The WWF warned that: "Earth is losing biodiversity at a rate seen only during mass extinctions." Researchers state that most of the decline in our animal population is because of "exploding human consumption". There are more and more humans on this planet. We are eating more, overfishing, cutting down trees for beef production, consuming more, and using more energy and natural resources. This has resulted in a massive loss of habitat for animals.
    The report estimates that only a quarter of the world's land has been untouched by humans. This means human activity has greatly affected animals on three-quarters of Earth's surface. Researchers tracked more than 4,000 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians. They say the loss of animal life is worst in South and Central America.

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  • The police have just arrested the robbers.
    They have built a new hospital near the airport

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  • 1.The picture of the soldiers (bring) back many memories.

    2.i don't like the people who (show) no interest in anything.

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  • 1.some of students sitting on the corner of the room (be) girls.

    2.if your coffee has 50% of sugar (be not) tasty.

    3.A flock of bird (move) towards the south nowadays.

    4.none of sugar (be) in the bottle.

    5.Two second (be) important for runners.

    6.It's these students that (be) presented at the meeting.

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  • 1.What/ use/ fax machine/ for

    a.What are you used fax machine for?

    b.For what machine is used?

    c.What is the use for fax machine?

    d.What is fax machine used for ?

    2.new school/ pen/ recently/ new road

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    d.the inventions ike the electric light bulb changed way people had lived.


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