Bộ 5 đề thi thử vào lớp 10 năm 2021 môn Tiếng Anh Trường THCS Trần Văn Ơn

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Mời các em cùng tham khảo tài liệu Bộ 5 đề thi thử vào lớp 10 năm 2021 môn Tiếng Anh Trường THCS Trần Văn Ơn do Hoc247 tổng hợp và biên soạn. Tài liệu bao gồm các dạng đề khác nhau, tổng hợp các kiến thức đã học. Hi vọng tài liệu này sẽ giúp các em ôn tập thật tốt cho kì thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 sắp tới. Chúc các em học tập tốt!




1. Đề số 1


I. Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words. Write your answer in the space provided. (5 pts)

1. A. associate                         B. sociable                               C. ancient                    D. ancestor

2. A. walked                           B. threatened                          C. passed                     D. forced

3. A. too                                 B. food                                    C. soon                       D. good

4. A. legal                                B. legend                                C. generous                 D. manager

5. A. adventure                      B. future                                 C. mature                    D. figure

II. Pick out the word that differs from the other words in the position of the main stress. Write your answer in the space provided. (5 pts)

6. A. comedy                          B. collection                            C. comical                   D. calculate

7. A. ambitious                        B. memorial                             C. memory                  D. mechanic

8. A. remove                           B. cancel                                 C. copy                        D. answer

9. A. Japanese                        B. engineer                              C. practical                  D. questionnaire

10. A. document                     B. develop                               C. opponent                D. astonish


I. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Write your answer in the space provided. (15 pts)

11. Secondary schools offer a wide ______ of subjects.

A. field                                    B. scope                                  C. list                           D. range

12. When he woke up, he realized that the things he had dreamt about could not ______ have happened.

A. possibly                              B. likely                                               C. certainly                  D. potentially

13. - “Do you think the book is expensive?          - “Yes, it’s not ______ what we paid for it.” 

A. worthy                                B. worth of                             C. worth                      D. valuable

14. To ______ extent did she benefit from her uncle’s will?

A. what                                   B. how                                    C. which                      D. whom

15. The new system didn’t ______ expectations.

A. catch up with                     B. bring about                                     C. come across             D. come up to

16. Before the meeting finished, they had arranged when ______ next.

A. they met                             B. they to meet                       C. to meet                   D. should they meet

17. ______ aren’t effective anymore because insects have become resistant to them.

A. Fertilizers               B. Pesticides                           C. Herbicides              D. Composts

18. When he heard the joke, he burst into loud ______.

A. smile                                   B. laughter                             C. amusement             D. enjoyment

19. The traffic lights ______ to green, and the car drove on.

A. exchanged              B. turned                                 C. removed                 D. shone

20. It is a good idea to be ______ dressed when you go for an interview.

A. finely                                  B. boldly                                 C. smartly                    D. clearly

21. We were so late that we ______ had time to catch the train.

A. nearly                                 B. almost                                 C. hardly                     D. simply

22. They are going to make ______ excursion next month.

A. a two-week                        B. two-weeks                          C. two weeks'             D. a two-week's

23. I haven't had a very ______ week. I seem to have done nothing at all.

A. extensive                B. productive                                      C. enthusiastic             D. economic   

24. The purpose of the survey was to ______ the inspectors with local conditions.

A. inform                                B. acquaint                              C. instruct                   D. notify

25. Do you know the man ______ over there?

A. interviewed                        B. interviewing                                   C. to interview                       D. interviews

II. There is one mistake in each of the following sentences. Find and correct it. (10 pts)

26. Because the torrential rains that had devastated the area, the governor sent the National Guard to assist in the clean-up operation.     Because of

27. One of the most important things in life is a good health.    good health

28. The city has spent a big amount of money on crime prevention.  large/ huge

29. Comparing with other countries, Libya spends a high percentage of income on education. Compared

30. People are now enjoying a higher level of living. standard

31. In the United Kingdom women see their doctor on the average five times a year. on average

32. Although Mark has been cooking for many years, he still doesn’t know to prepare French foods in the traditional manner. know how to prepare

33. When we arrived at the store to purchase the dishwasher advertise in the newspaper, we learned that all the dishwashers had been sold. advertised

34. After rising the flag to commemorate the holiday, the mayor gave a long speech. raising

35. This time tomorrow I will lie on the beach, enjoying the sunshine.  I will be lying

III. Give the correct form of the words in the brackets in each of the following sentences. Write your answer in the space provided. (10 pts)

36. I was annoyed at his (REFUSE)__ refusal _ to co-operate.                                                                            

37. The book doesn’t say much about prices, but it is very (INFORM)_ informative __ about everything else.             

38. The noise (LESS)__ lessened __ as the plane got farther away.

39. He lost in the election because he was a weak and (DECIDE)__ indecisive _ leader.

40. I couldn’t help it. The accident was (AVOID)__ unavoidable _.

41. She was (EXTREME)_ extremely _ knowledgeable about the history of China.                       

42. He was very (SET)__upset__ when his cat was run over.

43. Jackson had another violent (AGREE)_ disagreement __ with the referee.

44. Many people were buried (LIVE)__alive__ after the earthquake.

45. She studied (ECONOMY)_economics__ at university.


I. Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word. Write your answer in the space provided. (10 pts)

        Australia is a big country, but nearly all Australians live near the sea. On hot summer days, you can see thousands of people at the beach. Many beaches have waves (46)_ that/ which __ are very high.

       These large waves are known as surf and the people who ride them are called surfers. Surfing is a skill, and it needs learning. Don’t (47)__ expect _ to be able to surf properly the (48)__first__ time you try. However, by practising a few times you will learn (49)__how_ to do it.

       Surfing is not a new sport. Perhaps its origins need explaining. It started hundreds (50)__of__  years ago in Hawaii. Men swam (51)_out___ to sea to catch fish and found they could come back to land very quickly by riding the waves. These first surfers did not (52)__use__ a board. They were “body surfers”. Many people (53)_ still __  do this type of surfing today.

      After a while people started to use boards and rode the waves by lying, kneeling or standing (54)__on__ them. These first surfboards were made of wood and the water made them rot after a while. Today, surfboards are made of plastic or fibreglass (55)__ instead _.

II. Read the following passage and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each gap. (10 pts)

            What do you do well? What do you enjoy doing? Your answers to these two questions will help you identify your (56)_____. An employer will consider you seriously for a (57)_____ when you can show them that you know who you are, what you can offer and which you have studied. Sometimes it is difficult to know what your weaknesses are. Clearly not everyone is equally good (58)_____ everything. You may need to improve yourself and so (59)_____ courses in that field could turn a weakness into strength.

            You will need to (60)______ some time on your self-assessment. Your honesty and the desire for self-improvement will lead to (61)______ in getting the right job. Explore the following seven areas to start to get to know yourself: your aptitude, your skills, your personality, the level of responsibility you feel comfortable with, your interests and your needs.

            Ask (62)_____ if you have any special talents and if you need to consider your physical health when choosing a job. Be as honest and realistic as you can, and ask for other people's (63)_____ if necessary. Make a list of these things. It is usually a good idea to talk about your aptitudes with teachers, family and friends.

            If you are considering a career that (64)_____ a special talent, such as art, acrobatics, mathematics or music, discuss your aptitudes with (65)_____ expert in that area and discover how they fit the needs of the occupation.

56. A. strong                           B. strength                              C. strengthen               D. strengthened

57. A. position                        B. location                               C. spot                         D. room

58. A. upon                             B. in                                        C. at                            D. for

59. A. meeting                        B. taking                                 C. making                    D. interviewing

60. A. use                                B. make                                   C. lose                         D. spend

61. A. success                                     B. successful                           C. successfully            D. succeed

62. A. you                               B. your                                    C. yours                       D. yourself

63. A. interests                        B. fields                                  C. opinions                  D. attendances

64. A. requires                         B. asks                                     C. tells                         D. urges

65. A. a                                   B. an                                        C. the                          D. this

III. Read the following text and choose the best answer for the questions below. (10 pts)

       May 7th 1840 was the birthday of one of the most famous Russian composers of the nineteenth century: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the son of a mining inspector. Tchaikovsky studied music as a child and later studied composition at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. His greatest period of productivity occurred between 1876 and 1890, during which time he enjoyed patronage of Madame von Meck, a woman he never met, who gave him a yearly living stipend. Madame von Meck later terminated her friendship with Tchaikovsky, as well as his living allowance, when she, herself, was facing financial difficulties. It was during the time of Madame von Meck’s patronage, however, that Tchaikovsky created the music for which he is most famous, including the music for the ballets of “Swan Lake” and “The Sleeping Beauty”. Tchaikovsky’s music, well-known for its rich melodic and sometimes melancholy passages, was one of the first that brought serious dramatic music to dance. Before this, little attention had been given to the music behind the dance. Tchaikovsky died ostensibly of cholera on November 6th 1893, though there are now some scholars who argue that he committed suicide.

66. The best title for this passage could be ______.

A. “The Life and Music of Tchaikovsky”                                          B. “Development of Tchaikovsky’s Music for Ballets”

C. “Tchaikovsky’s Relationship with Madame von Meck”                D. “The Cause of Tchaikovsky’s Death”

67. According to the passage, all of the following describe Madame von Meck EXCEPT ______.

A. she had economic troubles                                     B. she was generous

C. she was never introduced to Tchaikovsky             D. she enjoyed Tchaikovsky’s music

68. According to the passage, Tchaikovsky’s music is most well-known for ______.

A. it’s repetitive and monotonous tones                                 B. the ballet-like quality of music

C. the richness and melodic drama of the music                    D. its lively, capricious melodies

69. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?

A. Tchaikovsky’s influence on ballet music.              B. Tchaikovsky’s unhappiness leading to suicide.

C. The patronage of Madame von Meck.                               D. Tchaikovsky’s productivity in composing.

70. It can be inferred from the passage that _. A. it was not the music behind the dance that made Tchaikovsky famous

B. there is suspicion on the cause of Tchaikovsky’s death

C. Madame von Meck was one of the most famous Russian composers

D. Madame von Meck was one of Tchaikovsky’s girlfriends


I. Finish the second sentence in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. (15 pts)

71. It is extremely difficult for us to make ends meet these days.

     We find it difficult to make ends meet these days

72. Alice and Charles did not decide to move to a bigger house until after the birth of their second child.

     Only when Alice and Charles had their second child, did they decide to move to a bigger house

73. While mending the road, they accidentally blocked our water pipes.

     They accidentally cut off our water supplying while mending the road

74. He brought the umbrella along but it didn't rain.

      He needn't have brought the umbrella along (because it didn't rain anyway).

75. While I strongly disapprove of your behaviour, I will help you this time.     Despite my strong disapproval of your behaviour/ the fact that I strongly disapprove of your behaviour, I will help you this time.

II. Use the word given in brackets and make any necessary additions to write a new sentence in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence. Do NOT change the form of the given word(s). (10 pts)

76. When I was driving, I realized that the car wasn’t working properly.                                         (WRONG)

While I was driving, I realized that there was something wrong with the car

77. Sandra said that she was willing to work late.                                                                             (MIND)

Sandra said that she didn’t mind working late

78. They pretended to be enjoying themselves, but they weren’t really.                                           (AS)

They acted as if they were enjoying themselves, but they weren’t really

79. I can't lift this table on my own.                                                                                       (UNLESS)

I can't lift this table unless you help me/ someone helps me

80. The coins are believed to have been buried for safe-keeping.                                                     (IT)

It is believed that the coins were buried for safe-keeping

2. Đề số 2


I. Complete each of the following sentences with the correct answer (A, B, C or D). (15 pts)

1. The traffic problem has improved _____, out of the blue, really.

            A. gradually                            B. factually                 C. unexpectedly                                  D. respectably

2. This picture book, the few pages _____ are missing, is my favorite.

            A. for which                            B. of that                     C. to which                             D. of which

3. It was felt that he lacked the _______ to pursue a difficult task to very end.

            A. persuasion                          B. commitment                       C. engagement                                    D. obligation

4. Your decision will ______ a great strain on our relationship.

            A. impose                                B. propose                   C. expose                                D. suppose

5. We shouldn’t give the children everything they ask for; they will become completely _____.

            A. spoilt                                  B. wounded                C. damaged                             D. destroyed

6. The completion of the tunnel has been _______ owing to a strike.

            A. held up                               B. held off                  C. held on                               D. held over

7. It is with ________ regret that we have to inform you that your scholarship has been withdrawn.

            A. heavy                                  B. deep                                    C. somber                                D. high

8. _______ of all modern domestic poultry is the red jungle fowl is widely believed.

            A. The ancestor                                   B. The ancestor is        C. How the ancestor               D. That the ancestor

9. Art critics do not all agree on what _______ a painting great.

            A. qualities to make    B. are the qualities for making            C. qualities make                     D. do the qualities that make

10. Farmers supply crops with phosphorus in areas ________ have removed it from the soil.

            A. because of long years of cultivation                      B. where long years of cultivation

            C. with long years of cultivation                                D. by long years of cultivation

11. Sarah congratulated _____ passing my driving test.

            A. me                                      B. for                           C. me on                                  D. on me

12. Had it not been for the intolerable heat in the hall, they _____ much longer.

            A. will stay                              B. would stay              C. would be staying                D. would have stayed

13. I can’t quite _____ out what the sign says.

            A. read                                                B. get                          C. carry                                               D. make

14. One _____ of the scheme is the very high cost.

            A. advantage                           B. shortage                  C. drawback                            D. shortcoming

15. In a new culture, many embarrassing situations occur _____ a misunderstanding.

            A. because of                          B. of                            C. for                                       D. because

II. Choose a word or phrase in each of the following sentences that needs correcting. (10 pts)

1. Paris has been well-known about its famous monuments, beautiful music, and wonderful restaurants for over 100 years.

                                       A                  B                                C                                                                                                D

2. In France people drive on the left, so making sure you go on the right side.

     A                                 B                                            C                                     D

3. Up to now he wrote five novels and over sixteen short stories.

                 A            B                           C                                   D

4. The new bridge makes it possibly to cross the river easily and quickly.

                                      A             B            C                             D

5. If you are working with young children in a primary school, you will find that teaching  lively songs                                                                     

                                    A                                         B                                 C

and rhymes are very popular.


III. Use the correct form of the word in bracket to complete each of the following sentences.  (10 pts)

1. He is unhappy because of his __ deafness __. (deaf)

2. The __drainage__ of the swamps will destroy the mosquitoes’ breeding places. (drain)

3. He has made a great ___contribution__to the development of the country. (contribute)

4. We will hire new staff when the ____necessity___arises. (necessary)

5.  His repeated ___absence___ from school is unacceptable. (absent)

6. The teacher’s words are a great __ encouragement ___ to him. (encourage)

7.  They are very ___supportive___ of one another. (support)

8. Her interests are very __ diverse __. (diversity)

9. I can’t stand his ___rudeness__. (rude)

10. The holiday was beyond all ___ expectations __. (expect)

3. Đề số 3

B. PHONETICS: (5 points)

Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others in the group:

16. A. responsibility                B. originality                           C. accommodation      D. mischievousness

17. A. appliance                      B. conscientious                      C. independent                       D. confidential

18. A. psychology                   B. environmental                     C. impossible               D. photography

19. A. stimulate                       B. maximize                            C. interrupt                  D. register

20. A. appointment                 B. punishment                         C. publicity                 D. efficient


I. Choose the word, phrase or expression which best completes each sentence: (15 points)

21. Tom: “I thought your performance last Sunday was wonderful.”             Laura: “………………………..”

A. Don’t tell a lie. I thought it was terrible.   B. You must be kidding. It was not as good as I had expected.

C. I completely agree with you. It was terrific.          D. No doubt!

22. Boy: “What is your greatest phobia?”            Girl: “………………………..”

A. I'm afraid not.                                            B. Worms, definitely!            

C. Probably people who smoke.                                 D. I haven't made up my mind.

23. Jenny: “Thank you very much for your donation, Mr. Robinson.”                Mr. Robinson: “………………………..”

A. You can say that again.                  B. I see.

C. You are right.                                             D. Delighted I was able to help.

24. I don’t think you have been watering the plants near the gate. The soil is ………………………..

A. as dry as rice                      B. as dry as a tile         C. as dry as a bone      D. as dry as wood

25. Susan was sad because she wasn’t invited to any social events. She felt ………………………..

A. left out                   B. turned out               C. omitted out             D. gone out

26. Most psychologists believe that the basic structure of an individual’s personality is………………………..

A. well established extremely by the age of five                    B. by the age of five it is extremely well established

C. by the age of five and well established extremely D. extremely well established by the age of five

27. In most ………. developed countries, up to 50% of ……..population enters higher education at some time in their lives.

A. Ø / Ø                      B. the / Ø                    C. Ø / the                    D. the / a

28. I wish you ………………….. me a new one instead of having it………………………..as you did.

A. would give / to repair                                             B. gave / to repair       

C. had given / to be repaired                           D. had given / repaired

29. Henry was really a silly boy when we were at high school. I still remember………………………..very stupid questions.

A. him asking             B. him to ask              C. asking him                  D. his being asked           

30. ………………………..the invention of the steam engine, most forms of transport were horse-drawn.

A. With reference       B. Akin                                   C. Prior            to                     D. In addition to

31. No sooner ………………………..to marry Jack ………………………..to have serious doubts.

A. had Carol agreed / than she began             B. Carol has agreed / than she began

C. had Carol agreed / than she begins                        D. had Carol agreed / than she had begun

32. Having been served dinner, ……………………...

A. the problem was discussed by the members of the committee.

B. the committee members discussed the problem. 

C. it was discussed by the committee members the problem.

D. a discussion of the problem was made by the members of the committee.

33. The marathon runner ……………………...for nearly one hour and a half when she ……………………...to the pavement.

A. has been running / collapses                                   B. were running / collapsed

C. had been running / collapsed                                  D. ran / had been collapsing

34. Son: “What is the process of ……………………..., Dad?”

      Father: “Well, it involves the heating of liquid such as milk in order to kill harmful bacteria.”

A. industrialization     B. pasteurization         C. commercialization  D. globalization

35. An artist ……………………...will do his best to express innocence and inexperience in the child’s face.

A. portraying a child   B. who portray a child            C. he portrays a child  D. portrayed a child


B. PHONETICS (5 points) (1 point for each correct answer)

16. D                           17. A                           18. B                           19. C                           20. B  


I. 10 points (1.0 point for each correct answer)

21. B                           22. B                           23. D                           24. C                           25. A

26. D                           27. C                           28. D                           29. A                           30. C

31. A                           32. B                           33. C                           34. B                           35. A

II. 10 points (1.0 point for each correct word)

36. impoverished         37. underestimated     38. multiracial            

39. breathtaking                      40. suspiciously

41. observant               42. fury                                   43. validated              

44. attendance             45. pronouncement

III. 5 points (1.0 point for each correct answer)

46. D                           47. B                           48. C                           49. A                           50. B


I.  10 points (1.0 point for each correct answer)

51. C                           52. A                           53. D                           54. C                           55. B

56. A                           57. D                           58. B                           59. C                           60. D

II. 5 points (1.0 point for each correct answer)

61. D                           62. B                           63. G                           64. A                           65. F

III. 10 points (1.0 points for each correct answer)

66. C                           67. A                           68. C                           69. D                           70. A

71. C                           72. C                           73. B                           74. C                           75. B


I.  5 points ( 0.5 point for each correct answer)

76. Unlike other languages, Esperanto has no irregular verbs.

77. Had Mr. Smith known something / more / a little more / some more about the Internet, he would have invested into some computer companies.

78. The Board of Directors had a long discussion on / about the business, but come to / reached / made no decision.

79. On her arrival at the party, everyone was dancing and singing.

80. Not only does Barbara run a successful company, but she also manages to look after her five children.

81.  If I were you I would spend more time practicing English.

82. The famous actor had very little money when he died, which surprised everyone.

83. The more qualifications you are able to / can amass, the more successful you become / are in the academic field.

84. The woman threatened to shoot the strange man if he did not get out of her house.

85. Man is mainly distinguished from other animals by the power of speech.

4. Đề số 4


I. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. (5 pts)

1. A. resume                B. statistics                  C. position                   D. designer

2. A. criteria                B. initiate                    C. certificate               D. interactive

3. A. ginger                 B. gesture                    C. gymnasium            D. ghost

4. A. teammate            B. reading                   C. seaside                    D. creating

5. A. crooked              B. naked                      C. masked                   D. needed

II. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from the others. (5 pts)

1. A. oceanic               B. argument                C. temperature                        D. valuable

2. A. incredible           B. fortunately              C. astronomy               D. evaporate

3. A. committee          B. expensive                C. guarantee                D. successful

4. A. vocabulary          B. assistance                C. develop                   D. evidence

5. A. applicant             B. recognize                C. yesterday                D. curriculum

section B: Grammar & Vocabulary (40 points)

I. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (10 pts)

1- 2- 3. My father (work) has worked in Canada for the last year, so by the time he (return) returns the month after next, I (not see) won’t (will not)have seen him for fourteen months.

4. We looked out of the window and saw it (rain), so we stayed in. was raining

5. TV chat shows (increase) in number all the time. are increasing

6. The camera (disappear) when we came in. had disappeared

7. The woman (accuse) of the killing said that she was at the cinema at the time. accused

8 - 9. Not until we (arrive) at his house we (discover) that he was on holiday. arrived (had arrived)/ did we discover

10. After (take) to the hospital, the injured victim felt much better yesterday. being taken

II. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. (10 pts)

1. There is a rumour that the National Bank is going to ______ the company I am working for.

            A. take on       B. take out of  C. take off       D. take over

2. It would be lovely if the children could see and, ______, touch the animals.

            A. eventually   B. if possible   C. at last          D. finally

3.  ______ he failed in the entrance exam caused his family much sadness.

            A. Which         B. That            C. The thing    D. What

4. Unless you return money immediately, you will risk being charged ______ theft and getting into serous trouble

            A. on   B. with            C. of    D. for

5. The old woman came in, ______ by a young man.

            A. accompany B. to be accompanied C. accompanying        D. accompanied

6. I’ve applied for the job I saw ______ in the newspaper last month.

            A. advertised  B. advertising  C. be advertised          D. being advertised

7. No, I didn’t know his number; ______ I’d have phoned him.

            A. otherwise    B. so    C. therefore     D. unless

8. ______ the two sisters, Mary is _______.

            A. Of/ the prettier       B. Between/ the prettiest     C. Of/ prettier    D. Between/ the prettier

9. A: Do you think it will rain tonight?      B: ______. I am attending the evening class.

            A. I don’t hope so       B. I hope so     C. I hope not   D. I am not hoping

10. Ninety ______ the maximum length of time allowed for entrance exams to this school.

            A. minute is     B. minutes are C. minute are   D. minutes is

5. Đề số 5


Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the other words in the same group. Write your answer in the numbered box.

1.         A. exposure 2              B. Terminal1                C. utterance1                           D. discipline 1

2.         A. Economy2               B. Elaborate2               C. Assassinate2            D. Fascinate1

3.         A. mountain1              B. sustain2                   C. contain2                  D. retain

4.         A. fulltime2                 B. farmhand1               C. bookshop1               D. tradesman

5.         A. Metropolitan3         B. Entrepreneurial4    C. Hippopotamus3       D. curiosity 

6.         A. company1               B. comfortable            1           C. together2                 D. business

7.         A. Associate2               B. Formal1                   C. Movement1             D. militant

8.         A. Important2              B. Cigarette3               C. Protection2              D. informal

9.         A. introduce3               B. conversation3          C. independent           D. welcome1

10.       A. expect                     B. alone2                      C. liquor1                    D. invite2


I. Choose the best answer to fill in each gap. Write your answer in the numbered box. (1, 5 point).

1.  In the ___of security, personnel must wear their identity badges at all times.

A. requirement                        B. interests                  C. demands                D. assistance

2.  ___ how angry he was he would never resort to violence.

A. No matter               B. No problem                        C. Although                D. Because

3.  We played the game ___ the rules.

            A. on account of         B. ahead of                 C. according to                       D. apart from

4.  ___ to get through to Jackie for days now. Either she’s away or her phone’s out of order.

A. I’ve been trying      B. I had tried              C. I’m trying               D. I tried

5.  This is ___ the most difficult job I have ever tackled.

A. by rights                 B. by all means                        C. by far                      D. by the way

6.  She ___till the early hours listening to pop music.

A. took me up             B. kept me up             C. caught me up          D. held me up

7.  Please don’t ___yourself out. A sandwich will do.

A. let                           B. put                          C. leave                                   D. take

8.  The chairman requested that ___

A. the members studied more carefully the problem.             B. the problem was more carefully studied.

C. with more carefulness the problem could be studied.        D. the members study the problem more carefully.

9.  Smoking is ___ in many companies in our country.

A. permitted                B. taught                     C. banned                   D. stopped

10. After the battle, the ___ soldiers were helped by those who could walk.

A. injured                    B. wounded                C. broken                    D. killed

11. I don’t think this strange new fashion will …………

A. turn up                    B. care for                   C. show off                 D. catch on

12. Their house is ___ near the Cathedral.

A. whereabouts                       B. anywhere                C. somewhere             D. any place

13. This young tree could not have been damaged by accident. I believe it was done ___

A. in fact                     B. on purpose             C. by appointment      D. by plan

14. There was hardly ___ money left in my bank account.

A. more                                   B. no                           C. some                       D. any

15. It is wrongly believed that natural resources will never be used ___.

A. off                          B. out                         C. away                       D. up

II. Give the correct tenses of the verbs in brackets. Write your answer in the box. (1,5 point)

1.  If he _ had not drunk _ (1. not drink) too much last night, he _ would not be _ (2. not - be) tired now.

2.  I’m sure he must __ have been _ (3. be) at home last night because the door was open when I _ came _ (4. come).

3.  At this time next week, they _ will be sitting (5. sit) in the train on their way to Paris.

4.  It’s raining. I would rather you _ closed __ (6. close) the window.

5.  I don’t know what’s the matter with him. He __ has acted/has been acting _ funny since you _ were _ (8. be) away.

6.  On the first of next month, he _ will have been _ (9. be) in prison for five years.

7.  His personal problems seem _ to have been distracting _ (10. distract) him from his work lately.

8.  He suggested that a final decision  _ should be made/be made __ (11. make).

9.  I don’t know why you _ are always making _ (12. always - make) noise in class, Tom.

10. _ did you visit _ (13. you/visit) many museums when you were in Paris?

11. The car looks very clean. _ have you washed __ (14. you/wash) it?

12. My best friend, James, was no longer there. He __ had gone _ (15. go) away.


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