Bài tập bổ trợ tiếng Anh lớp 7 Học kì 1

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Choose the word or phrase whose underlined part’s pronunciation is different from others:

1. a. middle                              b. mile                         c. kind                         d. time

2. a. books                               b. cats                          c. papers                      d. maps

3. a. everything                        b. both                         c. theater                      d. they

4. a. marbles                            b. classes                     c. teaches                     d. changes

5. a. great                                 b. beautiful                  c. teacher                     d. meat

6. a. wet                                   b. better                       c. rest                           d. pretty

7. a. horrible                            b. hour                         c. house                       d. here

8. a. party                                b. lovely                      c. my                           d. empty

9. a. stove                                b. moment                   c. sometimes                d. close

10. a. study                              b. lunch                                   c. unpopular                d. music

11. a. writes                             b. makes                      c. takes                                    d. drives


I/ Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences:

1. Would you like  __________  to Lan’s house?

a. going                        b. to go                        c. go                             d. to going

2. We learn about different countries and their people in _________ class.

a. Literature                 b. Geography               c. History                     d. Science

3. In physics class the students do some __________

a. example                   b. exercises                  c. experiments             d. entertainment

4. Tuan learns to repair household appliances in _________ class

a. Physics                     b. Electonics                c. Biology                    d. History

5. The boys are playing _________ after school.

a. skipping                   b.  marbles                   c. soccer                      d. maths

6. Mai enjoys _______ tennis.

a. to play                      b. playing                     c. play                 playing

7. Ba often _______ stamp. Maybe he is a stamp collector.

a. collects                     b. sells                         c. buys                         d. draws

8. ________ do you watch T.V.   - I sometimes watch T.V

a. When                       b. How often               c. what time                 d. How far

9. In the USA students ________ school uniform.

a. wear             b. wearing                    c. don't wear                d. not wear

10 You can borrow books from the _______ .

a. bookshop                 b. library                      c. canteen                    d. shoes store

11. Hue lives ..... her aunt and uncle ..... Dalat.

a. at / in                        b. with / at                    c. with / in                    d. at / at

12. What about ……………………. to the movie theater tonight?

a. go                             b. to go                        c. is going                    d. going

13. Would you like _______ a cartoon with us tonight?

a. to watch                   b. watch                       c. watching                  d. watches

14. .His idea is quite different _______ mine.

a. with                          b. of                             c. on                            d. from

15 .Students usually have a____each year.

a. 3-months vacation               b. 3-month vacations  c. 3- month vacation    d. 3- months  vacations

16. Would you like_____ to music?

a. listening                      b. listen                     c. to listen                    d. listens

17. In ____________________, we do some experiments.

a. Math                           b. History                  c. Physics                     d. English

18. Does Nam play soccer_____ recess?

a. in                                b. on                         c. at                              d. with


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