Trắc nghiệm Unit 8 Tiếng Anh lớp 10 mới - Speaking

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    Use An Electronic Dictionary To Improve Your Vocabulary

          A Franklin electronic dictionary is actually a helpful gadget to possess with you all of the time. Any device involving dictionaries is great to use for people who go out of their country on business trips. Tourists would also benefit very much from such a device.

          Moreover, students will also find this gadget helpful especially whenever they are studying an important foreign language in another country. There is also a great diversity of dictionaries that anybody can choose whichever works to them best.

          These dictionaries are also quite easy to use and incorporate various functions. Some of them are main functions, besides translating a foreign word, which would be to provide spelling check-ups, find the meaning and synonyms connected with any particular word as well as provide examples of how a word is used in a sentence. A typical Franklin electronic dictionary is more than that. By entering the meaning of a word of mouth, you would have the ability to pull up many words that you are researching for.

            There is a comprehensive database that comprises about 1,000,000 words and phrase replacements. It also comes with idiomatic expressions, professional medical, technical words or ones very popular for business. It is also ideal for professionals who have to work in a country accompanied by a different language.

          Franklin Electronic Marketers have been among the leading manufacturers regarding handheld electronic inventions. Its main office is situated in Burlington, New Jersey and has been around the business of creating these electronic tools since 1981.

          Some of the original devices that they produced included punctuation correctors, of the fact that first was all the Spelling Ace built in 1986. These devices were a great aid to students all over the globe.

          The company continues to service clients from everywhere. Although they are popular in the world, especially targeting the particular Hispanic market whose native language is Spanish; Franklin’s products are also quite well-known for Asia, particularly Japan. The company aims to address this growing importance of language tools as more people are aiming to learn about new languages.

    With the diversity of this type of dictionaries, we can choose                 .

    • A. the one that has the largest vocabulary
    • B. the one that suits us best
    • C. the one that is portable
    • D. the one that is handy and cheap
  • Câu 2: Mã câu hỏi: 127280

    The electronic dictionary has various functions because it can

    • A. translate foreign words, check spelling, give meanings and synonyms, and the use of them
    • B. explain how a word is employed in a sentence and correct punctuation in sentences
    • C. enter the meaning of a word of mouth and get so many words related
    • D. expand a wide range to suit various people’s preferences
  • Câu 3: Mã câu hỏi: 127281

    The database of the dictionary includes all the following EXCEPT.

    • A. about 1,000,000 words and word and phrase replacements
    • B. idiomatic expressions or ones very popular for business
    • C. technical terms in various fields and internet lingo
    • D. professional medical, technical words
  • Câu 4: Mã câu hỏi: 127282

    The Franklin electronic dictionary are very popular all over the world, especially in                                     .

    • A. Europe and Asia
    • B. South America and Asia
    • C. Burlington, New Jersey
    • D. Japan
  • Câu 5: Mã câu hỏi: 127283

    The word “professionals” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to

    • A. People who are very good at languages
    • B. people who work in foreign countries
    • C. people who often use modern electronic dictionaries
    • D. people with a high level of education and training

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