Write about your best friend

write about your best friend ( số từ ko yêu cầu ) . viết và dịch nha

nhanh 12h mik đi r ( thi HK1 luôn đó giúp vs nha)gianroi

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  • Everyone has their closed friends to share happiness and sadness . So am I . My closest friend is Tan . He is quite a intelligence boy , ease-going,and especially homourous . Thanks to his nice appearance , he has bring a lot of fun to everyone around him not except me . Besides , Tan is also a optimistic boy , he always smile on his face even in most difficult situations . Morever , he learns very well , he is usually on the top of my school , he has now helped many weak friends to be better in their learning . Not only does Tan a excellent student , but he also is a good son in the family . Tan often help his family with housechores and even earn more money by doing half time of jobs . Although he is busy all time , he try to spend as much time as possible sharing happy or sad things with me . As for me , i really happy to be friend with such a wonderful person like Tan . I hope our friendship will be forever .

      bởi Nguyên VI 04/03/2019
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